The best iPhone13 fast charger we can find

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The best iPhone13 fast charger we can find

2022-05-15 00:02:55 5 ℃

In the past, you can get everything you need to get the new iPhone in the box when buying -power adapter, USB data cable, and a pair of wired Earpod headphones. Unfortunately, those days have been gone. With the release of the iPhone 12 series, everything has changed. This is the first model that does not contain headphones or power adapters in this series, but only equipped with USB-C rotating wire cables. And the latest iPhone 13 models also encountered the same destiny. Lightning cable is still very useful. It can provide the fastest charging speed when pairing with the correct Apple iPhone charger, but you still need a wall adapter to charge from the socket. If you are looking for high -quality chargers, whether you are looking for an iPhone 12 charger or an iPhone 13 charger, this list will guide you to find the iPhone charger that is most suitable for your needs.

Apple's 20-watt USB-C power adapter price is slightly higher than $ 16, which is about $ 13 lower than the 18 -w USB-C power adapter that is too high and discontinued. But in the best iPhone charger, several attractive alternatives can be considered. We have collected some of our favorite Apple device chargers to extend your battery life. Before we start, some fast basic rules:

You need a charger with a USB-C port, or you need a USB-A-TO-USB-C adapter. The price below, you might as well buy a new charger for your Apple products. Chargers supporting USB-C or PD (power supply) can usually charge the device faster than the charger with the USB-A port. The two ports are always better than one, allowing you to charge two mobile phones at the same time, or charge a mobile phone and a wireless headset. To some extent, higher wats are better. But obtaining 18 watts or higher power can allow you to charge tablet computers or even Nintendo Switch. Get 65 watts or more power, you can also charge most newer laptops. Many of these new chargers use a new type of fast semiconductor material called nitride (also known as GAN), which are replacing old and slow silicon chips. The charger with a "GANFAST" charger is three times faster than that of traditional chargers -and their size and weight are only half. They are compatible with all products in today's Apple series, from AirPods and iPhone 12 to large 16 -inch MacBook Pro. However, they may not be the best choice for the old iPhone model. Each charger here can also charge Android phones (as long as you provide compatible charging cables or USB data cables) and Nintendo Switch.