pit!Don't repair the LCD TV, let's pay attention to the pit today

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pit!Don't repair the LCD TV, let's pay attention to the pit today

2022-05-15 00:03:09 5 ℃

Netizens from Taizhou 19th floor post

Don't repair the LCD TV. I step on the pit today, post a post, and count the lessons. Friends do not step on the pit again: I bought a LCD TV, a meter, 43 inches, I bought it in 2018, it has already been bought in 2018. It has already been bought in 2018. It has already been bought in 2018. Presence

At the end of April, the day before, I couldn't turn on the next day. I thought the remote control was not electric (I always thought it was the remote control switch). Can't start it, so I went to the official website of a meter to report it

After the report is repaired, the service point of the service here is unknown. One of them is one of them. If the engineer decides not to repair it, it will need to pay a fee of 50 yuan

Today, the master (engineer) came to the door, checked the screen, pressed the switch, and said that the motherboard was broken. The motherboard was XXX yuan (relatively high, and the new one was not much worse). Talk about it. Just 2 accessories, one is the screen, but the motherboard (everything is integrated on the motherboard), so either changing the motherboard or changing the screen, the price is quite expensive, it is almost the same as buying a new one

I sent it today, I hope the latecomers will not waste these 50 yuan. You can buy 20 meat bags.

Netizens hot comments:

@White_ i i: My 3500 TV, the screen was smashed by the projection cloth, the official repairs the original screen 2800, not necessarily available, wait. After waiting for more than half a month, I was still out of stock, so Taobao found a home repair shop, sent it by itself, and changed the screen 1700.

@Shertone: "The cost of 50 yuan" is a normal repair fee. The time to go back and forth+the labor cost of disassembly detection, otherwise the maintenance personnel must drink Northwest Wind. Since the motherboard is broken, take the motherboard photo, and take the model of the screen. On the Xbao to find a shop, the specific search Xm 43 TV motherboard, the price is generally about 50, usually second -hand disassembly. Well, there is no problem, there is also a key point. When you contact the seller, you must communicate with the seller (the model of the screen), otherwise it will not be used. I just repaired several TVs, my relatives and friends, but the cool 43 of my own family could not do it. The fault was the sudden horizontal beating on the screen. It was a problem with the screen. In short, there is a problem with the circuit board, and the screen problem is thrown directly.

@: I did n’t buy a meter a few days ago when I saw this post. I just bought one a few days ago. The speed of switching is really slow.

@:: 1+1 = 2? LCD TV is the motherboard and the screen. The motherboard is broken. It collects your new money. LCD is more expensive than this. This account does not understand! In fact, the motherboard can Taobao second -hand, cheap to die! Don't be fooled.

@脸 不: Not only TV, most of the home appliances can be used now, it is better to change it as well

@: _: As long as the screen is not bad, it can be repaired. The motherboard is very cheap, there are not a few dollars, buy on Taobao casually, there is no need to buy the official designated. Just match the model. Power board, driver board, screen, and a plastic shell are the TV. If the screen is only broken, it can also be repaired. The LED light bar is worth a few money, but the risk of disassembling the screen is high, so the master will charge more expensive. The landlord is just a pit, don't conclude that you don't want to repair it.