Innovation and research and development of crusher equipment technology

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Innovation and research and development of crusher equipment technology

2022-05-15 06:02:59 7 ℃

As an important product in the crushing equipment, the Hubei crushing function provides us with more gravel aggregate. According to the current analysis of the real estate construction situation in my country, whether it is a road and bridge building or a high -speed rail, sand and gravel aggregate are the foundation. It is also widely used for raw materials. The construction of sand and gravel has attracted particular attention to the nature of sand and gravel products itself. In recent years, the development of my country's economy has continued to increase, narrowing the gap with the level of developed technology and energy levels, fierce market competition, coupled with the use of good technical advantages and pressure brought about by market share, which greatly stimulates the technology of the crusher industry technology The urgent requirement of innovation, accelerate the improved structure within the crusher industry, occupy the highlands of scientific and technological innovation, grasp the right to speak strategic emerging industries, and consciously use high -tech improvement of product performance, innovative research and development to achieve new breakthroughs. After more than 20 years of development, the Hubei crusher industry has made great progress. With the development of the economy and the support of a large number of infrastructure, the overall market of the development of my country's crusher industry in the future is very optimistic.

E -type crusher equipment is mainly used for medium -granularity crushing of various ore and large blocks. It can crush the pressure and resistance of not more than 320MPa. It is divided into two types: rough and fine. The gravel of the highway depends on the milling value, crushing value, broken value, density, and impact value. E -type crusher equipment has a suitable production of gravel particle size, small needle -shaped, less dust, gravel contains less soft stones, and has less weathered rocks. It is an ideal equipment for stone production and sand and gravel production. The advantages of the E -type crusher in the adjustment of the discharge port. It does not need to add and subtract the pads in different crushing processes. It can be completed by adjusting the machinery. The operation is simple and fast.

Since its establishment, Henan Liming Heavy Industry has strictly followed the needs of customers and related policies and measures, and has been committed to the research and development, manufacturing and production of high -performance, low pollution, and low energy -consuming equipment.

1. The installation of the equipment is easier

The E -type crusher has a better balance after optimizing the design. It can use vibration reduction and limit blocks during installation. There is no need for ground foot bolts, and no customized ground bolt holes are required.

2. Optimized bearing design

The production of the same size of the bearing of the Hubei crusher is long, which has a long life, which extends the cycle of replacement bearing

3. The concept of sports design adopted

The sports design adopted by the double -British Hubei crusher improves the speed of the equipment and greatly improves its overload capacity.

4. Adopt a new type of welding casting mode

The E -type crusher uses the front and rear gears to weld the casting mode separately, which improves the performance of the equipment, connected to the overall bearing seat and high -performance side panel, reducing the number of maintenance times and extending the work time.