What is calculation?

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What is calculation?

2022-05-15 06:02:28 7 ℃

Today, let's discuss a question of extensive significance: What is calculation?

To answer this question, let's start with a simple mathematical question: 17 + 25 =?

In the face of such a problem, how do we deal with it?

It is very simple. We only need to add a bit to individual aspects in the brain in accordance with the additional laws of the addition.

This process looks simple and natural.

We call the process of thinking like an integer plus method above.

Now, if the problem becomes complicated, for example, do the four -digit addition, 8196 + 256, how do we do?

Then we may use tools, paper, pen and so on. List the vertical formula on the paper. According to the operating law of the addition, you add, advance, and so on. Obviously, this is a calculation process, because the brain is thinking (the definition calculated above). In this process, not only the brain is involved in calculation, but also paper, pen, hand, etc. Therefore, our definition of calculation is an extension:

The process of solving the problem through the thinking and command of the brain, with the help of specific tools, is called calculation.

The calculated object can be a number or some more complicated issues, such as:

1. How to renovate a city, how to reach each community and make the lowest cost (the shortest total length);

2. Draw a character sketch;

3. My computer is broken, how to fix it;

4. How to place the furniture and items at home can the space be neat and reasonable;

5. Make a plan this year;

6. Mom is unhappy, how can I make her happy;

7. When can the Chinese men's football be able to enter the World Cup.

It can be found that the calculated object can be arbitrary. To achieve these calculations, we need not only the brain, but also the help of other tools.

From the above example, we found that in the process of calculation, the brain played a key role, because in each problem, the brain is directing the entire calculation process.

Now let's think about another question:

If, in some occasions, use machines to replace the brain and direct the "calculation" process, is this "calculation" process?

For example, is it calculated by using a calculator? Yes, the calculator replaces the brain here.

Is it calculated with a computer? Yes, the computer replaces the brain, hand, and so on.

Is it calculated with refrigerator refrigerated food? Yes, there is a chip controlled by controlling temperature in the refrigerator, replacing the brain.

Is aircraft transport passenger calculated? Yes, the control system of the driver and the plane replaces the brain.

Is the excavator construction calculation? Yes, the driver and the excavator control system replaces the brain.

Therefore, we must further expand the calculation:

Under the command of a control system, with the help of specific auxiliary tools, a certain operation process of things is called calculation.

Therefore, we can abstract the calculation process in life (more formalized).

For example, if arithmetic operations can be abstracted as the command of the brain, calculator, computer and other control systems, operate the numbers.

The calculation processing picture can be abstracted as, under the control of computer software, operate the picture.

The refrigerator refrigerated food can be regarded as the operation of the food under the control of the refrigerator chip.

Passengers of aircraft can be regarded as the control of drivers and aircraft control systems.

The construction of the excavator can be regarded as the control of the land under the control of the driver and the excavator control system.

and many more.

Therefore, we can build a calculated model.

It mainly includes three parts: controller, auxiliary tools, and calculation objects.

When we do something, whether we can succeed. For example, the above example 1 is usually done, because there is now mature theory (picture theory) to deal with this problem. Example 3, it is usually possible to do it, because even if I do n’t repair well, I can find a professional to repair it. However, there are some problems that may not be able to do it. For example, for example 7, we will never know if we can go.

We call the expected results as computing, and the theory of studying and calculating issues is called the theory of calculation.

In our lives, more and more machines have replaced manpower to complete calculations. What example can you give?