Use Python to remotely control the Windows server, so easy to use!

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Use Python to remotely control the Windows server, so easy to use!

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在很多企业会使用闲置的 Windows 机器作为临时服务器,有时候我们想远程调用里面的程序或查看日志文件

Windows 内置的服务「 winrm」可以满足我们的需求

它是一种基于标准简单对象访问协议( SOAP )的防火墙友好协议,允许来自不同供应商的硬件和操作系统进行互操作


1. 被控端 windows

这里以 Windows 10 系统机器为例


1-1 启动 winrm 服务

以管理员权限打开 CMD 命令窗口,输入下面命令启动 winrm 服务

# 启动winrm服务


可以快捷键 win+i 进入到网络和 Internet,更改网络配置文件,由公用切换为专用

1-2 检查 winrm 服务监听状态

继续在命令行输入下面命令,查看 winrm 服务的状态

PS: 注意这里的端口号 Port 值后面连接会用到

# 查看winrm服务的状态

winrme winrm/config/listener

# result


Address = *

Transport = HTTP

Port = 5985


Enabled = true

URLPrefix = wsman


ListeningOn = **

1-3 查看 winrm 配置信息(可选)

通过以下命令可以查看 winrm 全部配置信息、client 客户端配置信息、service 服务端配置信息

# all

winrm getwinrm/config

# Client

winrm getwinrm/config/client

# Service

winrm getwinrm/config/service

1-4 配置 winrm client

# 配置winrm client

winrm setwinrm/config/ [email protected]{AllowUnencrypted= "true"}

winrm setwinrm/config/ [email protected]{TrustedHosts= "*"}

winrm setwinrm/config/ client/auth @{Basic= "true"}

1-5 配置 winrm service

在配置完 winrm service 和 winrm client 后,我们通过通过步骤 1-3 查看配置文件,确保配置文件已生效

# 配置winrm service

winrm setwinrm/config/service @{AllowUnencrypted= "true"}

winrm setwinrm/config/service/auth @{Basic= "true"}

2. 控制端

在控制端,比如:Mac OSX、Linux,我们只需要安装「 pywinrm」依赖包即可

# 控制端安装依赖包

pip3install pywinrm

3. 实战一下

做为以上准备后,我们就可以编写代码对 Windows 进行控制了

首先,我们需要 ip 地址、端口号、用户名、密码连接 Windows 被控端

# 连接windows

import winrm


# ip地址:端口号

# winrm server端口号

# auth:用户名和密码

self.session = winrm.Session( "192.168.**.**:5985", auth=( 'username', 'password'), transport= 'ntlm')


这样,我们就可以通过对象的「 run_cmd」和「 run_ps」函数模拟 CMD、PowerShell 输入命令了

这里以查看 Windows 某个硬盘目录下的日志文件为例

# 连接windows




defexec_cmd(self, cmd):



: Param CMD :: Return:

"" "

# Cmd

result = self.Session.run_cmd (cmd)

# Powershell

# result = self.session.run_ps (cmd)

# Return code

# code is 0 for the call successful call

code = result.status_code

# According to the return code, get the response content (bytes)

content = result.std_out ifCode == 0LSeresult.std_err

#Profinned to string (try to decod on UTF8 and GBK)

# result = content.decode ("UTF8")

# result = codecs.decode (content, 'utf-8')


result = Content.decode ("UTF8")


result = content.decode ("gbk")

Print (Result)



# D: /py/log/trade.log

# Windows use Type command to view file content

Result = Self.exec_cmd ('D: & CD Pylog & Trade.log')

# View Results

Print (Result)

4. Summary

In addition to remotely viewing Windows files, you can also perform BAT batch files, or simulate the input of the command line, and perform other show operations according to the return value

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