With hundreds of millions of people grabbing the Internet, is the star chain pioneering or scams, and Musk's ambition is exposed?

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With hundreds of millions of people grabbing the Internet, is the star chain pioneering or scams, and Musk's ambition is exposed?

2022-05-15 06:02:02 5 ℃

Is it reliable to wrap tens of thousands of satellites? Can you connect to the satellite on the Internet with your mobile phone? Is it possible? Is the "Star Chain Plan" a pioneering or scam? Is Musk a hero or a liar? Today, let's talk deeply.

As early as 2015, Musk proposed a five -year plan of the Star Chain, intending to launch 4,425 satellites, so that people all over the world can access the Internet anytime, anywhere. The ground is on the ground. But it was not until 2018 that Musk successfully launched two satellites.

Star chain launch

The five -year plan of the Star Chain is going to fail, and investors and the public are disappointed. How can we save this failed project at this time?

Blowing cow, satellite. The number of 4425 star chain satellites is too small, it sounds magnificent and not shocking, Musk doubles, and the star chain plan to launch 12,000. At this time, ordinary people were excited. Musk was to benefit the whole universe. But investors still do not buy it because they cannot see the possibility of success in this project.

The plan is facing failure again. What should I do at this time?

The eagle sauce military came to send money. The official endorsement not only attracted more investors, but also made Musk double again. 42,000 satellites surrounded the earth plan for officially released, and the militaryization of the star chain satellite also kicked off.

The conflict of Da Maermao this time showed all signs that Musk acts as white gloves of the Eagle sauce military, and Musk is under the star chain plan of the civilian banner, but it is the conspiracy of the Eagle sauce space war!

Plunder of space resources

Musk's 10,000 satellite launch plans have two loopholes! It is really unreliable to realize everyone's access to the Internet.

At present, there are only more than 1,700 satellites provided by the world. Musk wants to launch 42,000 satellites, which is not only costly, but as ambitions are exposed, it is difficult to implement policies. What's more, there are two key technologies of the star chain satellite, so far there is no way to break through. After all, a rocket -making, how big is the technical barriers to do communication technology, you can imagine.

The first technical difficulty of the star chain satellite is not enough. When you go online, you may face the network with hundreds of millions of people. According to the official document of the "Star Chain" plan, the coverage area of ​​a satellite is 3.53 million square kilometers, the country's land area is 9.6 million square kilometers, and the population is more than 1.4 billion. The number of people may also be hundreds of millions.

Theoretically, the bandwidth resources of a satellite are basically fixed, the more the number of users serving, the less the rate of the single user. So, how can everyone surf the Internet at high speed? The correct operation method is to reduce the scope of the site and distribute site resources to less people, and everyone gets more resources.

The second technology of the star chain satellite is difficult to connect. I believe that many people have seen or used the "satellite pot" that accepts the TV signal. It must be placed in an empty and unobstructed position and can be successfully received through the satellite pot.

At the beginning of the Star Chain plan, in order to flicker ordinary people, he directed and performed a farce of a mobile phone to directly connect to the satellite online. Therefore, many people think that their smartphones can access the satellite Wi-Fi in the future.

You must know that ordinary smartphones can only receive signals of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and these signals themselves cannot be passed far, let alone the satellites passed on to space. So you count on the star chain satellite, you can continue to the Internet, and you can also brush the drama in the elevator, which is basically extravagant.

What is even more worrying is that there is a problem with the frequency of the transmitter of the star chain. It completely coincides with the 28GHz frequency of 5G planning in my country. In other words, in the future, 28GHz 5G micro -base stations will be distributed on the streets of our country. If there are satellite forwarders with the same frequency next to it, the signals of 5G micro -based stations will be severely interfered.

Is the "Star Chain" plan a pioneering or scam? Is Musk a hero or a liar?

In recent years, Eagle Sauce has established IT venture capital thinking. Unlike conventional rigorous scientific research, its basic routine is to tell stories, sell feelings, and invest in investment. If you make some results, you will promote it. The purpose is to pull more investment.

No matter which company's propaganda ideas are high enough, large coverage area, and large service users, they often play a feeling card for free information to provide information for remote areas, and then linked to the public to make a lot of money.

Of course, Musk's star chain satellite is not useless, at least it wakes us up.

In December 2018, my country's first domestic satellite mobile communication terminal was issued, breaking the long -term monopoly abroad and basically formed a complete industrial chain.

In 2018, the "Hongyan", "Hongyun" and "Xingyun" project appeared. Among them, the Hongyan plan is highly well -known. It is hosted by the Aerospace Science and Technology Group and built in three phases and launched more than 300 satellites.

Asteroid Defense Plan

In 2018, my country successfully launched the first "Hongyan Constellation".

Although space is large, the fierce competition is not inferior to the ground. The old saying in the communication industry is that the wired is infinite, and the wireless one is limited. The same is true of space, rail resources and spectrum resources are all non -renewable strategic resources. According to international rules, take the first place, there is no post -issuing advantage here.