What should I do with part -time jobs?Internet video Blue Sea Project may be your choice

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What should I do with part -time jobs?Internet video Blue Sea Project may be your choice

2022-05-15 06:02:13 5 ℃

Hello everyone, I am a little leopard, focusing on the sharing of Internet drainage dry goods sideline projects!

There is a little partner who burst a video of 15 million playback volume

Obviously, the volume of this volume is basically 100,000+ income, as long as it is guided in place

Randomly bring the corresponding product, basically you can get thousands of orders.

At present, the commission of the video number is also okay, which can basically reach about 40%. A random product of dozens of dollars, thousands of orders are tens of thousands of income.

And this ... maybe only a video of 30 ~ 50 seconds is needed

Sometimes the Internet is really amazing

How many people have worked for a few years, and the monthly salary can only struggle at the level of over 10,000.

Now, a video, it may be 100,000+ income!

The video number is the blue ocean

This is beyond doubt, the current video number is like the Douyin who just started that year

And there is the blessing of the mother WeChat. In a sense, the video number has the possibility of taking off.

WeChat users have 1 billion, everyone can not brush Douyin, fast hands, today's headlines ...

But no one can refuse WeChat, because this has become a tool for the daily communication of the whole people. How much time we don't call, we are directly WeChat voice or send WeChat. Leave contact information has basically become V.

And what about the video number in the WeChat system?

In any previous platform, the public domain and the private area have a clear division. The platform is definitely a full -effort to the Diversion Civic.

Why? Because we all put the platform traffic and import WeChat

And now? WeChat ~ Video numbers ~ The public account is all one, and there is no such thing as a diversion.

For ordinary people, to newcomers

Is there a chance for the video number? There must be a big chance, but it is estimated that it can really eat this dividend

not much! What is the reason?

Not afraid of fighting everyone, many people don't understand the basic functions of WeChat, let alone the upgraded version of the video.

The video number itself is a short video platform, and then a part of the WeChat system

You want to play the video number, in fact, you are adding the field of short video creation. Of course, you will say that everyone is not all carrying it now, and few people are engaged in real original originality.

Is it simple to move? I don’t understand the short video logic, I don’t know where to start

Two months ago, BB did not understand short videos. Bei Yichen could not edit the technology half a year ago. Later, he learned the Xiaohongshu preschool teacher project, and then followed the teacher to learn simple and entry -level video editing.

Two months ago, paid the video number to bring the goods again

Then I deepened the editing ability again, and for the selection of cargo tracks, as well as keywords and popular words

Conversion rate, guiding discourse, window, live broadcast, product transaction rate ... Once again, deepen understanding.

Opportunities for anyone, equal

But whether you can eat through the opportunity is to depend on personal ability and timing

How many people know that the video number is a bonus, and basically just move other platform videos to come over.

Then make a few more accounts, desperately stack it, and basically get money

What about the track? What about the keywords? What type of playback volume is high? What type of product is easy to sell? How to carry the video?

Some people operate other projects before, and have accumulated; for example, the group of dry e -commerce, the keyword selection of the track and the blue ocean keyword is the ability to eat, so it quickly started. Some people have played the media before. The editing video is captured, and the remaining more areas can be tested.

No matter how bad! Just like Beichen, e -commerce and short videos are not proficient

Bold, pay directly to complete the curve overtaking

So I have always said a word before

Many times we pay for projects. Money returns are only one of the results, and more are learning project processes.

Because many Internet projects are the same, many learning processes and skills use

Can be applied to multiple projects at the same time

An ordinary person can register 5 WeChat signals, and then there are 5 video numbers, 5 numbers at the same time, and a total of 15 videos are released every day. Theoretically, the comprehensive playback volume should be more than 100,000.

According to the transformation rate corresponding to the average playback volume, the income should be more than 500 or more

Of course this is just theory

And actually? The factors that affect the amount of playback are: video originality+track

With someone playing with the little red book kindergarten project, the most basic video editing, many people say it is difficult, not to mention the upgraded version of the handling.

This is why not advocate newcomers, play short videos to bring goods

The entry -level carrier and cargo are enough for many people to have a headache, let alone after the regularization?

The Internet is the same as practicing money

First practice basic skills, the awareness of the newcomer, it is best to start with the basic sub -business project

Then, while learning, earning 300 ~ 500 positive feedback every day, accumulating funds, accumulation technology, and accumulation of industry cognition

Wait until the next time the wind rises, the show is not you?

The current sub -community, including 3 actual combat and long -term sub -business projects, should be the most suitable project on the entire network for newcomers to start learning.

They are all the accumulation of basic skills

For example, leisure fish and book projects involved the basic skills of e-commerce-selection, that is, selecting the track and selection of the blue ocean keywords.

For example, Xiaohongshu Children's Project, which involves the basic media of the media-copywriting, title, and short video editing can have a way to pave the way for you to operate any project in the future.

Still that sentence, the Internet has an opportunity to make money, there is every year

The key question is, what money can I make myself?Being a daydream every year, I want to operate the air outlet project every day; it is better to cultivate basic skills.Waiting for the next year, there may be a chance to fly to the sky!

Remember a word

All Internet projects are inseparable from 2 core basic skills: self -media+selection

I am Zhihu Xiaoban, focusing on the sharing of Internet drainage dry goods sideline projects!Of course, there are more project sharing here, and I will get me for free to get dry goods.