How do novices rely on self -media to support their families?Recommend 2 creative directions to make you quickly make money

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How do novices rely on self -media to support their families?Recommend 2 creative directions to make you quickly make money

2022-05-15 12:02:16 21 ℃

Doing the media is to make money, which is also the main reason why most self -media practitioners choose. Especially in the past two or three years, the influence of the epidemic has made more and more people realize that keeping money bags, open source throttling, and peace of mind. Only being self -media is a must -choose way for your future.

As mentioned earlier, in the future, three kinds of people are the most successful to the media. ① Have professional knowledge and skills. ② Valuable content. ③ There are ideals, ambitions, and preparations. As long as you have the ability to reverse thinking, have the ability to analyze problems, solve problems, or have certain marketing planning capabilities, you will definitely make money.

However, there are only two ways to make money for our novice Xiaobai. ① Advertising traffic is divided. ② Live and cargo. What is the core of obtaining income through these two ways of making money? Of course it is "traffic".

With a large traffic, your articles, videos, and live broadcast rooms have a higher reading and playback volume, and more people pay for the live broadcast room. So as to obtain higher advertising income and commodity commissions.

So, how to get traffic? Where did the traffic come from?

As the saying goes, "wool comes out of the sheep. What does that mean? That is to say, "the amount of traffic is determined by our own works. Published our own talents in the form of graphic, video, audio.

If the work can attract more people to click to watch. This triggers the recommendation mechanism of the platform and push it step by step until no more people click to watch. This is the origin of the platform's recommendation mechanism and "traffic".

On the contrary, without many people click to watch, the work will stay in the first flow pool, and the platform will not be recommended. There is no "traffic 流.

So, what kind of work can let the platform push pole to form explosion models? Of course it is valuable works.

The content includes: interesting, ingredients, explosive points, slot points, controversial points, emotional resonance points, etc. This is the core of value content and the theme skeleton of the work.

Seeing this, friends who have enlightenment and want to make money have realized the importance of creative direction. Tiangui recommends the creative direction of two types of works here to allow everyone to get income quickly. Learn to remember to give Tian Gui a praise!

To put it plainly, it is a work that allows readers and audiences to pass time. Have you found that the reading and playback volume of such works are quite high. For example: singing, dancing, stories, sketches, funny, cute, chess and cards. Also, star gossip, film and television commentary, short parents, mother -in -law relationships, and so on.

These are the contents of the pan -entertainment category. Select a category you are good at, and create works according to the core points of the above values. You can get relatively large traffic. Friends who are more suitable for part -time earning platform advertising.

As long as we start a certain field in this direction, we will continue to output works and continue to deeply cultivate content and optimization skills. Thousands of monthly income are completely possible. Being self -media for novices, enhanced self -confidence in the early stage, is very helpful. The disadvantage is: it is difficult to last and accumulate small. Readers have poor viscosity, after all, they come to see casually, pastime time.

It is the knowledge and skills in various fields. Share your own experience and skills to help user groups improve the content of cognition. Such as: parenting education, food health. Woodworking, hydropower workers, home improvement, dressing, and so on.

The content of such sharing categories requires a certain amount of accumulation in the early stage, and there are many ways to monetize. Common ways to monetize:

① Live selling goods. Provide users with good quality and good products. Selling goods to earn income.

② Payment of knowledge. Provide users with practical value and skills, and rely on user payment to obtain benefits.

③ Content e -commerce. Major platforms have the function of commodity distribution. In the work, the product link or product card is hung in the work. If someone places an order, you can get commissions.

Therefore, there are relatively many income. As long as it is deeply cultivated in a certain field in this kind of direction, the benefits are considerable. Not only can it support the family, in the later period, it is likely to achieve real lying.

The above sharing, I feel that Tian Gui is helpful to you, like a praise, and encourage it! Let's make it together!