In the third quarter, the Siteeweed PICC Regulatory Image Sensor

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In the third quarter, the Siteeweed PICC Regulatory Image Sensor

2022-05-15 12:04:32 24 ℃

[Auto House Information] Recently, CMOS image sensor supplier SmartSens launched two new car -level image sensors -SC2331AT and SC800AT. The new product is equipped with SmartClarity®-2 imaging technology, as well as the self-developed SFCPixel® patented technology and near-infrared sensitivity NIR+technology, with excellent night vision full-color imaging performance.

In addition, as a new product of Automotive Sensor (at) Series series, SC2331AT and SC800AT set high sensitivity, high dynamic range, ultra -low power consumption performance and many other advantageous properties. The needs of mainstream high -quality visual applications.

The two CMOS image sensors released this time use SmartClarity-2 technology, and combined with the unique SFCPixel patented technology of Stewell, which effectively improves the dark imaging performance of the product. Taking SC2331AT as an example, its sensitivity reaches 7100 MV /Lux*s; On the other hand, Stewell's ultra -low noise peripheral reading circuit technology and upgraded color technology enables the two products to have a clear and well -rich full -color full -color imaging effect at night. Taking SC800AT as an example, its reading noise and fixed noise are as low as 0.95e-and 0.18E-, which can output real and delicate image details to achieve excellent night full-color images.

In addition, advanced infrared sensitivity NIR+technology brings higher quantum efficiency to SC800AT, so that it can achieve better low -illuminating shooting effects. Both products can capture high -definition video images in dark light, so that the car vision system can quickly and accurately understand and distinguish pedestrians and other obstacles, thereby improving the reliability of intelligent sensing technology of vehicle cameras. (Compiled/car home Zhang Xuelian)