Hold the chassis!To realize the dual -screen office dream to buy another display screen is enough

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Hold the chassis!To realize the dual -screen office dream to buy another display screen is enough

2022-05-15 18:05:08 24 ℃

I believe that carrying the chassis and dual -screen office are both white -collar users' dreaming of office configuration. The reason why you can't make up your mind is two: one: Double display+chassis investment costs are a bit high, even if you submit office funds for application expenses application applications It is also difficult to get approved; the second: the dual display and the chassis can not be placed on the table, and forcibly put down other office equipment?

Now the gospel is really coming. The PRO business series from MSI ushered in an office weapon, taking into account the dream function of "carrying up" and the front -line dual -screen. In addition, the MSI provided the PRO business series for six years. Worry -free goalkeeper after -sales service has completely solved all the worries!

MSI PRO-AP241 is a typical AIO integrated business computer. The attachments that MSI is configured to it is also very real. A high-definition custom-made camera with wheat is undoubtedly tailor-made for remote video conferences and online teaching. One Put the external PFC power supply and the bracket and base with a metal skeleton.

Thanks to the configuration of a 24 -inch IPS LCD panel, the thickness of the Pro AP241 is perfectly controlled. The ultra -thin deity is carrying a slightly curved "back basket". The middle is a circular bracket connection structure. Each side of the sides is on each side. There is a rhombus honeycomb, which is obviously the lower right side of the sound of the sound device is the Power key and the screen OSD settings. On the right side of the whole machine is a pair of USB2.0 interfaces, and other IO interfaces are arranged down in the middle of the bottom surface.

It is very simple to open the "back basket". Remove one screw each of the four corners and push it up to remove it. The premise is to remove the deity from the display bracket first. Because AP241 uses IPS direct screen panel, facing downward faces downwards It is best to use a cotton cloth when placing it. At least it must check that there is no foreign body on the desktop. It is a pity if it causes the screen to damage the screen.

After winning the back basket, you can see that the entire core structure of the AP241 is at a glance. A large metal partition in the middle is a structured piece of a fixed bracket. You can also see the load -bearing structure of the two metal horizontal frames to form AP241. On the right is the LCD drive board and the 2.5 -inch hard disk extension, the right side is the CPU quiet turbine fan and the reserved heat pipe heat dissipation position, and the bottom is a small speaker with a delicate workmanship on the left and right.

Remove a large metal partition a traditional computer motherboard. The MicroitX architecture is very compact. The 17 × 17 area is concentrated with the CPU socket, bridge chip, 2280/60 m.2 solid -state groove, two DDR4 laptops There is also an Intel AX201 WiFi6 wireless network card.

The full name of the Pro AP241 is Pro AP241 11M. As the name suggests, it is the Intel 11thCore team. We guess this motherboard should be the H510i WiFi version, but there are not many dare to make AIOs into replaceable CPUs, so Pro AP241 leaves us for us to stay for us The impression is very deep. You must know that the value of the 11th generation i9-11900K is not too high, but we still recommend using the i5-11400 of less than a thousand yuan for H510I motherboards. The cost performance is high and the performance is sufficient.

There is also a small object similar to a laptop radiator in the attachment. After selecting the CPU on the CPU slot, take it out and install it on the CPU slot. The heat sink, the heat tube extends to the heat dissipation fin, and the heat dissipation fin is just facing the air outlet of the turbine heat sink fan, forming an efficient CPU heat dissipation small cycle.

After installing the hardware you need, let the AP241 stand well, and then fix the custom camera in the attachment to start a pleasant office life! Does this look like a sense of return? I remember the computer screen used in Internet cafes and netizens video chat a long time ago.

MSI also provides PRO-AP241 with black and white theme color. White is naturally considered for female users who love beauty.

And with the AIO all-in-one machine such as Pro-AP241, choose an external display that you like and place it on the desk naturally and save space. If you want to completely solve the desktop problem, you can go to e-commerce and chop a dual display bracket. Solved completely. This display bracket not only has different styles and very mature, and supports random angles. It just reminds that the HDMI cable between AP241 and the display is also connected. Don't be too stingy!