Foreign media: Huawei is "agreed"

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Foreign media: Huawei is "agreed"

2022-05-15 18:03:57 20 ℃

Internet technology companies have suspended services or shipments in Russia, such as Intel, Dell, Microsoft, Apple, and Oracle.

Even in terms of 5G networks, Ericsson, Nokia, etc. have announced that they have stopped shipping to it, which means that the construction of some local 5G networks will be suspended.

After all, in terms of 5G network construction, Russian operators have cooperated with Ericsson and other cooperation. Ericsson's suspension of shipments will naturally affect the construction of the operator's 5G network.

You know, four companies around the world can independently undertake 5G networks, which are Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, and Nokia, Ericsson, Nokia and others suspended to Russia, which means that the last choice of Russian operators has only Huahuang.

But what I didn't expect was that suddenly a news came from Ukraine. The local media posted a picture containing many companies, saying that these companies had suspended services or shipments in the Russian market.

In the face of such news, it really surprised domestic netizens. After all, there is no news that Huawei has suspended services in Russia to provide services or stop shipping to Russia.

In addition, there are no news from Huawei officials and social channels, and there is no suspension of news such as Russia.

In other words, the news of the "Huawei suspension of service in Russia" has confirmed from many aspects such as Huawei officials and social channels that this is a rumor.

In this regard, some foreign media said that Huawei was "agreed", which means that Huawei did not do this at all, but forcibly making rumors and adding it. Of course, foreign media said so that three strong evidence also gave.


Huawei has been increasing investment in Russia.

After Huawei and Russia have always had a deep cooperative relationship. After the rules such as chips were modified, Huawei relocated some R & D centers to Russia and made it clear that it would increase its investment in Russia.

For example, Huawei has improved the salary and other levels of local scientific researchers, and took out $ 10 million to develop the local mobile service ecosystem.

Huawei provides $ 7.8 million to promote 5G technology in Russia, and also provides Russia with over 10,000 5G professionals.

Even in terms of 5G network construction, Huawei and Russian local operators have a wide range of cooperation.

Second, Huawei



Waiting for equipment does not contain beauty technology.

Microsoft, Ericsson, Sony and other manufacturers have stopped providing services in Russia or suspended to ship, and also includes Ericsson, Nokia and other companies. This is because they have adopted related beauty technologies and have to do so.

However, Huawei is different. After the rules such as chips are modified, Huawei realizes that 5G modules and other products do not contain US dollar devices, and realize shipments to the world.

Subsequently, Huawei's mobile phones, PC and other devices also beautified, replaced with domestic and other components, such as Huawei Mate40 series and Huawei P50 series basically achieved comprehensive localization.

Even in system and mobile ecological services, Huawei no longer uses US technology, but has fully adopted self -developed Harmonyos and HMS services.

In other words, Huawei has achieved de -beautification in terms of chips, systems, and ecological services. Its long -arm policy cannot restrict Huawei, and Huawei cannot stop shipping. Otherwise, Huawei will not have today's situation.

At last,



No Huawei, no Huawei does not choose the world.

After the rules such as chips have been modified, operators in some countries and regions have abandoned Huawei 5G equipment and technology. Despite this, Huawei is still continuously exported 5G to the world.

For example, operators may not be unable to use Huawei 5G equipment and technology. Huawei has launched 5GTOB business and no longer limits 5G to operators. Instead, enterprises, factories, smart cities, remote control, etc.

In other words, as long as you need 5G, Huawei 5G will appear, and Huawei will not throw any market regardless of the market. Even if the market does not choose Huawei, Huawei will try as much as possible


Let it choose Huawei 5G.

That's why foreign media said that Huawei was "agreed", and it was a matter of nothing. What do you think of this, welcome to leave a message, like, and share.