I have a fire at home and office. I have a business. One month's income has passed three months

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I have a fire at home and office. I have a business. One month's income has passed three months

2022-05-15 18:02:42 22 ℃

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Author | Li Qiuhan Wang Minwan, Zou Shuai Tang Yahua

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Today, have you been working at home?

Under the prevention and control of the epidemic, some cities start the home office model. Home was originally a place to rest, and now it has also become a place for work. Over time, the worker also started to pay attention to the comfort of the office and life at home. Buying new seats, adding small appliances, and preparing equipment for home fitness ... Previous survey reports showed that under the influence of home office, people hope that office space will have the office space for having the office space. In the elements, 21%of people mentioned that convenient and intelligent office equipment support.

The business driven by the "home" is far more than office equipment. Eye protection products, online fitness, health care, and mental healing have also risen significantly.

Deep -burning and 5 practitioners in the above industries talked about their stories. Some of them are entrepreneurs in office brands. Recently, the number of consultations in office chairs and lifting tables has significantly increased, and the unit price is more than 2,000 yuan. Some are art healers. Some are people in the workplace. After the studio of the studio developed the health tea business, they earned the previous 3 months of income; some were fitness coaches, opening fitness classes online, and they were more busy and busy. In the environment of children's homes, the offline shops of eye screen learning machines have grown rapidly.

The following is their story.

From several to dozens a day, people who come to consult an office chair have increased

Wang Ke | 37 -year -old Beijing Sibo Space SUPERSPACE founder

Our company used to do a B -end business and serve the company in the office building. However, because of the epidemic, the decoration and office supplies procurement business of writing buildings is almost suspended. I did n’t put my energy on e -commerce before, and this year we started to share good things that will be used in the office scene on the social media platform. I hope to have influence on to C and then drive to B business.

Unexpectedly, to C's demand is very prosperous, especially at home office, business has been obviously driven. For many people, the home has been resting space before, and usually does not care whether there is a desk or an office chair in the family. Now, office workers also need a comfortable office environment at home.

A few days ago, I posted a video of how to make the office environment more comfortable at home on Xiaohongshu. I introduced our three types of products from a professional perspective. I have gained more than 200 likes. After only a few months of accounts, fans rose from 50 to 500.

Everyone consulted the chair most, followed by the lifting table, and the price was above 2,000 yuan.

In fact, personal purchasing power is much higher than the company. Generally, ordinary companies buy chairs, consider costs, and prices are hundreds of yuan. The unit price of individuals that we have recently contacted on Douyin and Xiaohongshu are about two or three thousand yuan, and even higher. Some ergonomic chairs are very popular.

In the past, there were only a few of them to consult office products. After recently at home office, dozens of people can be consulted a day. Although we can't compare with our To B business now, this makes me realize that to C is something that can be done.

However, in terms of transformation, the order has not significantly higher, and it is still in the grass planting stage. I think it may be because we have not done much e -commerce. In other brands, everyone can directly place an order on the link of the small yellow car. We have not opened it yet. We have to transfer to WeChat to talk about one -to -one. The transformation efficiency is affected.

I used to think that e -commerce and offline were two -cooked things. In the first year of the epidemic in 2020, I randomly shared some products on Douyin. There are users in the Northeast and Guangzhou who took the initiative to find me to buy things. But by 2021, our TO B project was running normally. Without time and energy to make e -commerce, we put it on hold. By 2022, due to the epidemic, we planned to do it again.

Some friends who do office brands on Taobao have also talked in private, and their orders have recently risen. In the past, people didn't care about the chair. As long as they could settle in the office. As the use time became longer, it could not satisfy the state of everyone at home. There is a change in the concept of consumption.

In the past, e -commerce has done nothing, this time I really have to do it well.

Eye screen learning machines are popular, and the company has opened more than 20 offline stores in three months

Liu Fan | 33 -year -old Beijing Eye Protection Learning Machine Brand Regional Store Head of Stores

I have been engaged in the educational hardware industry for about three years. I have observed that since 2020, the repeated epidemic has led children to take online classes at home. It takes a long time and concentratedly to face the electronic product screen, which has caused parents' concerns: First, the screen of mobile phones and tablets is too small. Staring for a long time will affect the vision; the second is that mobile phones and tablets can download entertainment apps like Douyin and Kuaishou. It is difficult for children to resist these products and may affect learning.

Coupled with the introduction of the "double reduction" policy last year, children can no longer take the same training courses as usual. Many parents will find online learning resources for their own own learning resources. The demand for learning machines equipped with learning resources is also increasing.

Under such circumstances, the eye protection learning machine market is getting hotter. Our company was originally aimed at the B -end intelligent education hardware products. Seeing that the market demand for eye protection learning machines increased, a C -end product was launched last year. A lot of learning resources have been built -in. After launching last year, the sales volume is good. This year, the channels expanded from online to offline and began to deploy offline physical stores. From February, it opened the first store in Wangjing, Beijing to now. There are more than 20 offline stores in Beijing.

I also switched from online channels to the regional head of offline channels this year. I am responsible for the operation of 7 offline stores. There are more things to communicate with offline physical stores than online, such as store supply and staff communication. Work status is busy than before.

Since April, even if many physical stores have not been able to operate normally due to the Beijing epidemic, we can feel the rise in user demand. There are not a few people who contact us through various channels such as short video platforms and friends recommendation every day. I may receive a consultation call anytime, anywhere.

Our eye -protection learning machine products are between 3500 yuan and 5,000 yuan. This is not particularly expensive for many families in Beijing, and there will be no pressure when placing an order. Last month, there were at least hundreds of eye protection learning machines shipped in Beijing. Among them, offline stores play an important role in physical display, user experience and consultation.

As the person in charge of the store area, as the store's operations have entered the right track and sales have increased, my income is also increasing, and it has increased by about 30%compared to the past.

In the past few months, I also communicated with the friends store around our store and found that the sales of various eye protection learning machines have increased, and some can increase by about 30%-40%year-on-year from last year.

I think that the epidemic has accelerated the user's awareness of the eye protection learning machine. Even if the impact of the epidemic slowly dissipates, the user's cognition and usage habits of the eye protection learning machine have been deeply rooted. In the future It should be getting bigger and bigger.

After pioneering the health tea business, I earned the previous 3 months of income

Zhou Jing | 32 -year -old employee

In September last year, I joined a handmade Handmade Ejiao Studio. This line is made more and more, and the income is directly related to how much products are sold. Therefore, we must not only make Ejiao cakes, but also have to send advertisements to sell products in the circle of friends.

After the whole year last year, the business was tepid. My monthly sales were less than 20 boxes, and the income was floating from 5,000 to 10,000 yuan. Most of them are girls who buy Ejiao cakes, and it is not a necessity. I have mobilized the people around me to buy it. Many people have no longer placing an order after buying it once or twice.

In early March, I chatted with my colleagues in the studio. Everyone mentioned that people around me began to pay attention to health. Some customers at home would consult them and have there any things that can be soaked. As soon as we discuss, we can develop some health tea after finishing Ejiao, and try to sell it.

In order to make Ejiao cakes before, we will add a little rose, hawthorn, wolfberry, etc. Later, I found that some recipes of health tea can also be added. My colleagues and I began to use these raw materials to deploy different flavors of health tea. Of course, there are also teachers in the childcare industry.

In March, we launched two health tea, which began to test only the small and small scale of the guests who bought Ejiao cakes, or simply gave a small bag to the guests. It was not until they feedback that the taste was good, and we felt a little bit in our hearts.

Earlier, our studio has opened the Xiaohongshu and Douyin account, which will release the process of making Ejiao cake everyday. Later, it will also record trivial matters of health tea. When I started to share the Ejiao cake, Xiaohongshu fans were only two or three hundred. After sharing health tea in March, the fans increased faster. Now the fans have exceeded thousands. Fans who praise products under the comments will also actively contact them as potential customers.

The problem we face now is that the epidemic affects delivery. Some foreign guests think that they do n’t ship for a long time, and they are not willing to wait. On the whole, we have pioneered many customers, but the income has not improved significantly.

We are also trying a way to put more energy on customers in the same city. We did not deliver before. Now as long as the customers in the same city place an order, we will send them a courier as soon as possible, and even get out of get off work by ourselves. The owner of the studio also cooperates with some small companies, and they are willing to purchase some home health products for employees.

As far as I am concerned, the income in April is equivalent to the total income in the previous three months. One is because the health tea has led to some customers. The second is that health tea is not as short as the shelf life of Ejiao cakes. After making it, it can be stored. If someone places an order, it is good to put a bag. It is also convenient to work overtime. I believe that when the courier recovers later, our business will be better.

Opening a fitness class online, more tired and busy, but received a number of new customers

Iri | 27 -year -old Shanghai Fitness Coach

I have been at home for more than 50 days, and offline work has been suspended at the same time.

At the beginning, I still had a little joy, thinking that I could finally rest for a while without working, but it didn't take long for me to dilute my joy. For the work that depends on offline, even if the epidemic is stopped, you have to find a way to engage in online.

I have a group of 300 people, all of my members of my class. After the epidemic, everyone was closed at home. We often chat. Everyone wants me to start class. I think that they can make money and live up to everyone's expectations. Some of the actual situation and imagination, I didn't expect to be busy and tired online. There are atmosphere, audio, and lighting blessings in the offline class, and the daily class content is similar. You need to prepare lessons but do not take too much time, but you need to take four or five lessons a day. I only last a day on the weekend, but I have prepared lessons at other times, and the process of class is more troublesome than offline.

Among the 300 people, there are about twenty old members who come to my class almost every day. In addition, there are some new members that will also be stable. Now my online classes are basically full, and more than the next time, there are more when they are full. There is a chain reaction behind the full staff. When the course shows the number of appointments, there are more people in the appointment, because many members like to stare at the fast -man courses to grab.

The online class is full, and the income will be better. Although it is not much more than the offline class, what else do I need to bicycle?

Now it seems that because of our early home, I started class early, so I accumulated a group of users in advance. This is a little different from offline. Online users are currently relatively limited, and they come from many cities. Let them know their courses in advance. It is also the first to accumulate a wave of customers.

There are also Shanghai members in these people, and they may also come and go online after the class. In short, the online class made me have money to make money during the epidemic, and I also developed the customers behind.

There are also some gains in the improvement of self -ability. The coach needs to continue to learn and improve. Usually, if you are too busy offline, you can't get too much time to charge. The online class is conducted through video calls. Everyone is at home. There is no professional equipment such as offline. I first need to design the equipment to make everyone safe and effectively complete the training. I also need to design a different action routine every day. After all The online form is single, and the same content is even more boring every day.

During this time, I also watched a lot of information and videos. In addition to class preparation every day, I think these are also long -term value.

The home affects the emotions, and there are 20 or thirty people to consult with me every day

Hundred years old | 25 years old+ Shanghai art healing artist

Art healing artist was first developed abroad. Most of the psychological counseling was chat dialogue. Art healing was more presented and solved in non -language ways. For example, when I am offline, I will help customers to relieve the tension of physical muscles. When people relax, they will indirectly show their own dilemma through painting and physical exercise. After the incident itself, only from the "self", the visitors were relieved and regained reason. Diagnosis and treatment in art healing are completed at the same time.

I learned and engaged in drama performances. In 2019, I started to understand art healing. At that time, I just used it as a branch of a drama to learn. I wanted to add the concept of drama healing to the drama I created. Slowly I found that some viewers and friends around me needed healing.

In July 2021, I officially established a workshop and did the first healing activity in that month. We are online recruitment participants, two hours of offline activities to solve the most basic internal rolls and anxiety issues. In the second game in August, the effect was getting better and better. Many people feedback that they noticed their problems in the process and found the direction of solution. This form continues.

I am doing workshops in the form of public welfare, and art treatment has not been licensed in China. Slowly, some customers accumulated, and they needed a more systematic long cycle treatment to start charging, about 800 yuan -1000 yuan an hour.

Before the epidemic, our healing was performed offline. Until March 2022, Shanghai started home. I started trying to do online healing. There are pure relaxation and treatment, once a week. At the end of March, I posted the recruitment information on my public account, and it soon exploded.

At first four or five, there were 20 or thirty people every day to apply for one -on -one consultation. At first I arranged 4 people a day, 45 minutes to 1 hour per person. After a few days of the call time, the strength was too strong, and my energy was limited. Later, the number of people daily was reduced. It was not until mid -to -late April that I finished the consultation of the group of people.

In fact, many people have always had bad emotions, but there are many things in busy life to transfer emotions. At this time, no professional people need to guide. But in fact their problems have not been formally solved. Suddenly the whole world has been quiet recently, and the various emotions and ideas in many people have appeared a little bit.

My online and online group healing is currently free. Only the next -to -one healing and some online institutional customized business charges. For example, some institutions find me for online healing for their students or employees. This is a charge. Everyone has 60 yuan per hour. I have already held several 20 people. Some agencies have proposed that they can cooperate with them to take some long -term courses later.

The extent that art healing is not well understood in China is not high, so what I currently do is trying and popular science. Use seed users to practice well. In the future, some series of courses may be launched.At this stage, making money is not what I mainly consider. It is considered to polish the business model. At present, the money I make in total is no more than 30,000 yuan.There is a method of self -healing at home for your reference.If you can't stop thinking about it when you encounter trouble, write it down, write what you think in your mind, and put it aside after writing it.Many people actually know that there are some things that cannot be solved or even needed, but emotions are where you are there. The process of writing is to face the problem, and it will express it.There is also to force yourself to go to bed early and get up early. If you ca n’t sleep well, people ’s control of emotions and events will become lower.

*The drawings and texts are derived from UNSPLASH.At the request of the interviewees, Zhou Jing, Liu Fan, iResearch, and Centennial were named.