Musk revealed that he was unique to 5%of the "robot", which was warned that he was leaked, causing criticism of experts!

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Musk revealed that he was unique to 5%of the "robot", which was warned that he was leaked, causing criticism of experts!

2022-05-16 00:05:32 21 ℃

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, as the richest man in the world, will attract global netizens' attention. Recently, Twitter has occupied the headlines of major technology websites. The latest news shows that Musk tried to reveal a large number of false accounts for Twitter, at least 5%of users were "robots" and were criticized by Twitter and experts.

Musk said that the latter had promised in the previous negotiations with Twitter that the robot (virtual human operating account) on the platform was less than 5%. To verify this, 100 fans were randomly selected as sample research. Specific operation steps, first ignore 1,000 fans in front of the platform, and then randomly draw 100 fans. At the same time, invite others to repeat this process to check how the number of fans of the specific robot is really lower than 5%.

Faced with Musk's approach, the Twitter legal department directly warned that "this is suspected of leaking the number of robot samples and violated the confidentiality agreement." I hope Musk will take the above remarks and stop the investigation. Seemingly unrelated third parties, Facebook co -founder Dastein Moscowitz also criticized Musk: This method is not random, and there are too few samples, there is a huge error space. I don't think the data of the Twitter team is a dangerous signal.

Professor Carl T. Bergst Romom of Washington University pointed out: Any small deviation may cause several orderly errors, and the deviation of such a survey is inevitable. The plan will only cause errors.

Faced with Twitter's warning and third -party criticism, Musk didn't seem to care about it, and he still expressed his views. Some analysts pointed out that all Marst's remarks are actually obstacles. The fundamental purpose is to promote the process of acquiring Twitter and increase their right to speak in the process. It seems that Musk has a "stupid" and unrealistic action, but the end result is often beneficial to him, so the person who thinks Musk is "stupid" is the one who should be laughed at. Musk is smarter than them. Too much.

To sort out the context of the matter, it can be found that Musk has prepared to acquire Twitter since last year. To this end, a series of secret movements have been carried out. It was not until all preparations in April of this year. Temporary intention. It was because Musk had done too many secret operations before, so the acquisition progressed very smoothly, but on May 13, it suddenly announced that the transaction was temporarily put on hold, because some details were waiting for discussion. The market value of 1/5.

This series of actions of Marst has been seen, and it is necessary to acquire Twitter. A series of episodes produced in the middle are its tricks, so that the market value of Twitter is lost and the right to speak in the negotiations. Then Lee got the maximum cake at the minimum cost. Of course, Musk's cleverness is that he did not lie, because Twitter and other social platforms do have a large number of false accounts, and the platform also relies on these water forces to do what they want, so there is no related third -party Facebook will be anxious. Jump out and accuse Musk, because it has made them feel dangerous.