The official announcement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences!Foreign media: ASML "show good" is useless

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The official announcement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences!Foreign media: ASML "show good" is useless

2022-05-16 06:02:37 22 ℃

Although ASML executives have publicly acknowledged that they could not ship the EUV light machine on the Chinese market because of some protocols, but ASML did not intend to really not really want the Chinese market. It used to show good to the Chinese market a few times. At the same time, from the previous thoughts that we could not create the light carved machine, even if we gave the drawings, it would not be possible to create an EUV light carved machine.

It can be seen that ASML is increasingly optimistic about China's self -developed lithography machine. But to be honest, it is not really optimistic, but ASML wants to supply it to the Chinese market, and may not even want to develop a self -developed light carved machine. After all, once we develop and develop, the impact on ASML is relatively large. That's why ASML will "show good", but it is still unable to ship the EUV lithography machine.

However, in the recent official announcement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, foreign media said that even if ASML is so "good" is useless. So what exactly did the Chinese Academy of Sciences announce?

It is understood that the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently released a recruitment information. This recruitment information is very interesting, because the recruitment positions involve many aspects such as the development of EUV light sources, pressing EUV light source control systems, EUV optical machine structures, and EUV optics. In summary, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has begun to develop the next step in the research and development of EUV light carved machines. We can think that this is the domineering announcement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the "ice -breaking" operation on the EUV lithography machine has officially begun.

After all, if there is no clue about the self -developed EUV lithography machine, there will be no such detail job recruitment. And even if you take back 10,000 steps, there is no more clue for the time being, but the Chinese Academy of Sciences can recruit so many positions about EUV lithography machines, and also starts the most critical step of self -developed EUV lithography machine. And this is also the first step of the "ice -breaking" EUV light carved machine.

It can also be a strong signal to be able to come out of such a critical step, that is, our country to independently develop the EUV lithography machine in China is not just talking, but really to do it down -to -earth. According to many technical breakthroughs in the light carved machines from many aspects of the previous many aspects, we can think that China's self -developed EUV light carved machine is very promising. Once it really appears in the market, ASML is useless anyway. Even if it is not developed now, ASML's good show cannot stop us from developing our own research and development.

In fact, the situation will be in today's situation, and ASML should bear a certain responsibility. First of all, ASML's own technology is not completely "self -developed", or in other words, their suppliers cannot be completely autonomous, so Acemai will get permits because of certain agreements and technologies in the United States. Ship in the Chinese market.

Secondly, the price of Astai's light carving machine may not be low. The price of the latest generation of light carvings was extremely high, and ordinary companies could not bear it at all. At this time, there is no enough right to speak and without the advantage in the price, ASML should have guess this step to today. Of course, it is not only the reason for ASML. Lao Mei still has to bear some responsibilities behind this, but ASML is not sober enough, or is unwilling to know that Lao Mei will not think of the interests of ASML.

I just do n’t know how to reverse the current situation in ASML? What do you think of this? Welcome to comment, like and share!