What is the difference between the "localization" service of Kuaishou?

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What is the difference between the "localization" service of Kuaishou?

2022-05-16 12:04:06 26 ℃

"Life is half of poetic, half of the fireworks, handling fireworks to make a living, and poetic love." Poetry and the reason why they are precious in the distance are because for most people, more than half of the life is citrus vinegar tea. The radius of fireworks in the world is a city.

In the era of graphic Internet, the same city service is the world of 58, rushing, and Meituan; in the era of video Internet, can Douyin and Kuaishou's "same city" service emerge? Intersection Video version of Xiaohongshu, Public Comment, BOSS Direct Appointment, Meituan, is it fragrant?

Comparison version: Douyin V20.4.0; Kuaishou V10.3.20.24977

Who is the same city with the city

In Douyin and Kuaishou, the "City" has a pretty eye -catching position at the top, and does not take whether you log in as a transfer.

Interestingly, in detail projects, there are many Douyin login status, and fast hands are seen in the login status. In the state of non -logging, the three of the four local projects of Douyin are related to the epidemic, namely "local epidemic", "case trajectory", and "nucleic acid testing". If you want to join the circle, you will ask for login first, which is also a ingenuity that attracts registration. After you join the circle, you can see the circle. Instead of the fast hand, the non -logging status is only "map" and "nearby recruitment", and the login status has two more "epidemic inquiries" and "hour list".

Douyin: Non -login (left) login (right) (right)

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Quick hand: Non -login (left) login (right) (right)

The two map positioning methods of the two are similar. Both are arranged according to the first letters. They also pushed a group of popular cities. Douyin used words. Then under each first letter, the two are large, and the place names are more. For example, Bayannaoer, Bayin Guo Leng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, and Pakistan, these names in the fast hands are not in Douyin.

Douyin (left) fast hand (right)

Douyin (left) fast hand (right)

Map positioning, Douyin defaults to the streets, you can choose to locate to the city or district; Quick hand is determined to be positioned to the city, you can choose to go to the district, and you cannot further detailed to the street.

Douyin (left) fast hand (right)

In addition, Kuaishou map emphasizes the function of "nearby people". You can view the nearby or popular UPs nearby, and Douyin has no such one.

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Douyin and fast hands are in the same city, but the direction is not the same.

Douyin is more capable of fireworks. It provides food, leisure and entertainment, play, accommodation and other life information. This similarity of video yellow pages is very conducive to the introduction of various businesses. As far as you are seen, no matter food or accommodation or tickets, after viewing, after viewing, after viewing You can buy it directly, and the chain is quite clear. The circle has just begun to do it, and it is not the scale.

The current circle is very small

Relatively speaking, Kuaishou is more poetic. On the one hand, help you find a nearby and acquaintances, on the one hand, use recruitment to solve the higher level of life.

In terms of roughly, the current Douyin is more like a video version of Meituan/Public Comment, and Kuaishou is like the binding body of BOSS direct hire and Momo/exploration.

Douyin's same city service: "food", "leisure and entertainment", "play", "beauty hairdressing", "accommodation", "local epidemic", "case trajectory", "nucleic acid detection", "circle"

Quick -handed city service: "Map", "nearby recruitment", "epidemic inquiry", "hour list"

After the specific experience, the epidemic section, Douyin directly connected to today's headlines, and cooperated with local treasures. Kuaishou cooperated with local treasures. In terms of page views and specific functions, the author prefers Douyin, especially the "case trajectory" query. You can query the action trajectory of the 7 -day, 14 -day, and all days in the number of days. Quite practical. The highlight of the fast -handed section is that the epidemic travel policy query is very intimate to contact the local health and epidemic prevention department directly.

Douyin (1-2) Quick Hand (the right) (the right)

Douyin's living information experience: a total of five categories: "food", "leisure and entertainment", "play", "beauty hairdressing", "accommodation". Douyin eats, drinks, and play fun list for reference. Of course, it is also a business opportunity.

Entering the homepage of Douyin City, it is a vertical video that hit the eye. The decline shows the specific information. The video is switched to the video. Basically, the replacement is all kinds of play and visit the store live broadcast. It will show the distance from your positioning address, which is quite intimate.

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After the fancy introduction of various beauty and handsome anchors, and the continuous visual impact of live video, supplemented by price discounts, the impulse to eat, drink, and fun can be easily stimulated. Compared to the past graphic grass, the video is obviously more advantageous. However, most of the grass in Douyin is a professional anchor rather than consumers, and the technique is slightly harder. If Douyin and the store can inspire the enthusiasm of ordinary consumers, the effect is more extraordinary than.

Quick -handed city service: "Maps", "nearby recruitment", "hourly list", of which the small list is a bit like a number, because in addition to the local list, popularity list, and game list, click in the default list is the first one on the list. Live videos, but because it is not a place of prosperity, it is likely that it does not attract you. For example, I clicked into the game live, not my dish.

Unlike the single -stream recommendation of the homepage of Douyin, the fast hand is a multi -video stream recommendation of two columns. Including the "nearby recruitment", there is also this problem. The recruitment companies seem to have all the four seas, which is a bit far from "nearby". "Map" followed the positioning, providing three dimensions in the nearby person, live broadcast, and popular recommendation. Edit search map

Recruitment is the focus of fast hands. In addition to the same city, there are also "finding a job" in the six columns of the "Homepage". Video direct recruitment, saving time and effort, especially in the context of the epidemic, is more secure. However, probably because it was in the early days, there was no occupation classification under these two sections, nor could they search for positions. They could only be brushed by continuously pulling down, some expenses. In addition, it is basically a unidirectional live broadcast of recruitment needs. Although you can comment and communicate, the communication of live broadcast comments cannot be one -to -one, and real interviews cannot be performed. Essence Also mentioned earlier, the "nearby recruitment" is not close enough, the ideal is full, and the reality still needs to work hard.

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Find a job (left) in the same city -recruitment (right) nearby (right)

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Summary of streaming media network: The big roads connect Rome, and I am glad that the two short video platforms of Douyin fast hand are in the "city" development. Regardless of the grass -breeding review or video recruitment, it has its unique attraction. As far as the current experience is concerned, Douyin is slightly better in practicality. But both are in the early stages of development, and there are still infinite possibilities in the future, let us continue to pay attention!