900 days of survival of practitioners from the country: selling houses, fortune tellers, and making emotions

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900 days of survival of practitioners from the country: selling houses, fortune tellers, and making emotions

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When domestic travelers are still worried about the bleak operations of Wuyi, the exit travelers have been far away from their destinations for more than two years. "Outbound travel can no longer be miserable. At present, it is completely stopped." Wen Er, the outbound tour leader who has been in the industry for 10 years.

In early 2020, the outbreak broke out. Then on January 24th, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a notice. From now on, the national travel agencies and online tourism companies have suspended the operating team tourism and "air ticket+hotel" products, including all team tours and "machine+wine" services, including outbound travel, Encountered pause.

Since then, domestic puppets have moved movements, such as the orderly opening tourist attractions on April 13, 2020, notification to resume cross -provincial team tour on July 14, 2020, and the current "fuse mechanism" of cross -provincial tourism. change. However, from the time of pressing the suspension key, it has never been "resurrected." For calculations, it has passed 843 days and 28 months.

"On the day when the outbound tour was suspended, it happened to be New Year's Eve. My lover and I flew to Italy according to the plan. Because of the work, my family and I had three or four travel opportunities each year. But that day, when the plane, my phone bombed my phone. It was the news of the pop -up group. "Ten years of employment, Chen, who was a sales director at a travel agency at the time, has always remembered the Caichang Scripture.

The epidemic came suddenly and rapidly, but everyone made a mistake. "At that time, we all thought that at most, it was a year and a half, and it would return to the same before." Chen Yi said.

Wen'er was more optimistic. "After I took a group of Spain to return to China, I encountered a suspension of exit. At that time, I thought it was a few months or half a year. I haven't had a Spring Festival at home for ten years, thinking that I can spend a festival with my parents. "

But the trend of the epidemic proves the error of everyone's judgment. "The development of things exceeds our imagination, and life has been greatly affected." Liang team, who is also the leader of outbound travel, said that the most direct one is the source of income.

"The nationwide tour guides and leaders have no basic salary. The income mainly depends on the subsidies of the group, and some commissions." Liang team introduced that when he stopped the outbound tour, there was no group belt, and the income was 0 yuan.

The Liang team's life in the past two years mainly depends on the previous savings. "At that time, we had a deposit of about one year (about 200,000 yuan). These two years were spent this part of deposit. The deposit must be bottomed out. "

Exit -visit practitioners must make a living in another way and turn to domestic travel is the choice of most people. For example, in the Liang team of Wuxi, Jiangsu, it brought the surrounding line. "It is mainly Zhejiang." Wen'er also began to bring a business group with "Kunming-Dali-Lijiang" under the invitation of a friend. Chen Yi's travel agency also switched to a domestic tour, "such as Macau, Yunnan, Chaoshan, etc."

However, domestic travel is also unstable. "In the summer of 2021, Nanjing Lukou International Airport caused spread due to the failure and control of immigration epidemic. Since then, our travel agencies have not even done domestic travel, and they have been stopped until now." Chen Yi said. "Recently, the domestic tour has stopped again, so the temporary staff who applied for epidemic prevention at the community police station." Liang team said. Wen'er's domestic tour has also been suspended since September 2021.

There are more outbound travel practitioners scattered in all walks of life.

In order to make a living, Chen Yi has tried other tasks such as houses and other jobs. After the domestic tour of the unit completely stopped in July 2021, he found a part -time job of a wedding company, miscellaneous, married the ceremony, and applied for a medicine in April this year. The company does sales.

"I have a colleague who is sending takeaway in KFC now." Chen Yi said. There are also outbound travel practitioners who sent takeaway and express delivery, and worked out the work of online car drivers and insurance sales. "It can be said that there will be tourists in the service of service in the society." Liang team bluntly said.

"If you can restart, people who travel will return to this industry." Chen Yi said. "We practitioners still love this industry. If we really recover, we will still return to this industry to serve every tourist." Liang team said. But no one knows what day the restart is.

"Our expectations from the beginning of the first few months, half a year, one year, two years, and now to 2025. But the restoration of the outbound tour can only be expected." Wen'er finally said.

Before the epidemic, I was busy until the axis to turn to 56 days

Wen'er became a led leader in 2011.

"I studied in the tourism management of the Second Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in Beijing. After graduating in 2009, I went to the public institution for a year. But because I didn't like the working environment at the time, I died naked and spent a year to get it for a year to get it for admission to it for a year. After the international leader's certificate, began to make a traveler leader. "

Outbound travel once had a more glorious appearance and higher threshold. "When I took the team certificate, Beijing was a two -track system for leaders and tour guides to take the test and issued a certificate separately. At that time, the leader's certificate was also difficult to test. He asked the university undergraduate and English level, and the pass rate was very low." Wen'er said.

After the Liang team did seven or eight years in China, I switched to outbound travel. However, the outbound tour can go to different places at different seasons, which is equivalent to avoiding the off -peak season. "Before the epidemic, the outbound tourism has maintained a good upward development momentum. According to the data, my country ’s outbound tourism began in 1983 Hong Kong and Macao’ s “visiting relatives” and border tourism. Before the epidemic began, according to the Cultural and Tourism Development Statistics of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the "Bulletin"), the number of Chinese outbound tourists in 2019 was 155 million, an increase of 3.3%over the same period last year.

From the perspective of the absolute number, outbound travel is not the main force of the tourism market. According to the "Bulletin", the number of domestic tourists throughout the year was 6.06 billion in 2019, and the number of outbound tourists was only 2.6%of domestic tourists.

But the ability to attract gold in outbound tourism is stronger. The "China Outbound Tourism Development Report 2020" released by the China Tourism Research Institute shows that in 2019, my country ’s outbound tourists spend more than $ 133.8 billion overseas, which is converted. Outbound tourists spend 895.48 US dollars per capita, equivalent to RMB 6177.47 (at the exchange rate in 2019). However, the 6006 million urban and rural residents spent 5.72 trillion yuan, and the per capita cost was 952.38 yuan.

For countries, Chinese tourists are also an important, even the first source of tourists. The National Bureau of Statistics said in a series of economic and social development achievements in the 40 years of reform and opening up in 2018 that in 1995, the number of people from my country ranked 17th in the world, entered the top ten in the world in 2003, and ranked ninth in the world. He ranks first in the world. From 2014 to 2016, he ranked first in the world and is the world's largest outbound tourism market.

In such a prosperous market, Wen'er and Liang team have spent many years of busy moment. "Before 2020, there were groups in Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, Middle East Africa, North America, South America, and Europe. Basically, as long as you build diplomatic relations with China, you can go. , I can also go, "the Liang team said.

"Before the epidemic, I spent almost every Spring Festival and spent with tourists in various places." Liang team recalled, "There are many groups and very hot. My longest record is 56 days. Basically, when I return to China, I will fly immediately and bring the next group. My lover and I are all outbound tour leaders. It is normal for the two to see it in one month. "

"In the past 10 years, I have not had a rest except that there is something or a bad state. I have not rest. The busiest time, I flew back from Moscow to Beijing in the morning. Flying to Russia again. Our Russian group is six nights and seven days. I tried to fly four times a month and turn around. The Spanish group is 13-15 days. I have a Spring Festival at home. "

Figure/2015 Wen'er led the team in the North Pole

Source/Wen'er provided

However, the income of the outbound tour leader is not high. "Before I ran the three major blocks of Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East Africa. My lover mainly ran Southeast Asia. Generally, European line income will be higher and Southeast Asia will be lower. 10,000 yuan, less than 300,000 yuan. "The Liang team said," The income of the ground will be a bit higher. "

In addition to busy, being a leader also means high pressure and even danger. "The leader is a very stressful job." Wen'er said, "Many people say, how good to be the leader, playing with money. But for us, from the moment the group travels, everything It is work. For 13 and 14 days in Europe, I basically have five hours of sleep a day, because before the guests have not got up, I have to communicate the restaurant and determine the route of the day of the day. The two -day line, restaurant and so on. "

In 10 years of employment, Wen'er also encountered the Thai Red Shirts, experiencing the Paris Big Bang and Independence of Spain Catalonia ... But whether it is glorious, busy and stress, all in January 2020 Stop abruptly.

To make a living, do everything to sell a house and the wedding ceremony

At the beginning of the epidemic, because "it was a few months, half a year", and it was rare to remove the high pressure of the leading team, most of the outbound tourists maintained optimism. "In the first half of the year, I belonged to the state of eating, drinking, and fun every day." Wener recalled.

But then the trend was not as expected, and the nervous emotions and the pressure of the economy began to float on the minds of practitioners. "After I can't get out for half a year, I feel the so -called economic pressure. Although I can't afford it or not, I will also be more free and do what I want to do. Can you guarantee his basic life status? "Wen'er said.

Finding another way is inevitable. "In June 2020, a friend started a domestic tour and brought some company's conference groups. He asked me if I would like to bring a group, and I agreed. First, because I only went out for half a year, I couldn't enter I still want to go back to the previous state of work. "Wen'er said.

So from June 2020, Wen'er basically brought two domestic groups every month to take the "Kunming-Dali-Lijiang" line. Until September 2021, the inter -provincial tour was stopped again. At present, Wen'er is inspecting a entrepreneurial project, "technical support for vegetable suppliers, but now because of the Beijing epidemic, the project is still on hold." I have done domestic travel for seven or eight years, so there are some familiar domestic travel agencies. But basically there is no fixed cooperative relationship, and you will pick up that kind. "

Chen Yi's twists and turns. "It was February 2020 when returning from Italy. At the beginning, there were still some matters to be handled by travel agencies, so I have been working at home. In fact, they are waiting for the development of the situation. Until March 2020, the outbreak of foreign outbreaks broke out. I plan to find a more insurance job. "

Chen Yi's first job was a house intermediary. "But because I was unwilling to teach my master, and the place of work was far away from home and too little rest, so I only did it for two months."

After that, Chen Yi also found other jobs, and lived a brief life for two months. Until August 2020, Chen Yi's travel agency switched to a domestic tour, "Calling me back to resume work." We sell better products. "

However, due to the epidemic and other factors, the domestic tour of the unit was not done. "When we were doing domestic tour, we encountered another situation in Italy. At that time, it was the Mid -Autumn Festival. The outbreak of the Macau epidemic broke out. In the days when I was traveling in Chaoshan, I buried my head to deal with the retreat. "

Until now, Chen Yi's travel agency has completely stopped work. "After stopping the work, I waited for another time and looked forward to resumption. But then I couldn't stay away, and I couldn't collect my life. The wedding company was miscellaneous, and it was eight or nine hours a day, and the income was 200 yuan. After a period of time, the person in charge asked me to try to do the ceremonial ceremony, so I experienced the examination, review, and the Shanghai epidemic. show."

Figure/Chen Yi Wedding Division Shouyi Show

Source/Chen Yi provided

In addition to the wedding, Chen Yi also worked in the cinema on the day of the cinema, 22 yuan an hour. A job sold for a pharmaceutical company, "Now the weekend ceremony, usually sells for pharmaceutical companies, eat dinner and sleep at a day when you go home."

Invisible future

In recent years, the global tourism industry has been hit.

Many travel agencies have fallen. "Although my travel agency has not closed down, it has not been opened for three years." Liang team said.

Outbound travel giant companies are also overwhelmed. On May 6, Caesar Travel (000796.SZ), one of the leading companies from the country, put on a "ST" hat, which seemed to be killed due to the main business.

According to the data report of Caesar Travel in 2020 and 2021, the total operating income of Caesar Trade achieved total operating income of 1.61 billion yuan in 2020, and net profit attributable to mothers-700 million yuan; in 2021, operating income was 940 million yuan, and the net profit attributable to the mother-6.9 100 million yuan. Another Zhongxin Tourism (002707.SZ), which is mainly out of the country, has also recently issued an inquiry letter by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Practitioners' lives are even worse. A Special Investigation Report on "Special Investigation Report of Tourism during the epidemic period" (hereinafter referred to as the "Special Research Report") released by Quanlian Tourism Chamber of Commerce and National Travel Industry Network in February 2022 shows that according to the survey data, 68.1%of practitioners are in a state of unemployment state. More than half of the unemployment for more than one year.

Like Wen'er, Chen Yi, and Liang, practitioners in other countries are also facing a problem of living.

"The tour guide must be affected. We will have the lowest guarantee issued by the government every month. But if we are not satisfied with the income, we can find another job. For example, some tour guides go to the hotel or restaurant." Deer said.

In terms of re -employment, tourists are also facing some difficulties. First of all, the "Special Research Report" shows that practitioners who have worked for more than 10 years are the main employees of tourism companies. This part of the practitioners is between 30-40 years old and the space for re-employment is relatively narrow. For example, the Liang team, Wen'er, and Chen Yi's lover that the Finance and Economics learned was 35 years old or above, and had been in the industry for more than ten years.

"Over the age, it is not easy to find a job." Chen kept saying, "My colleague who sent takeaway in KFC is 40 years old, and people who apply for security guards don't want it."

Secondly, the work experience of the tour guide is also difficult to apply in other work areas, and can only engage in work with lower thresholds. For example, sales, courier takeaway, and online car drivers have become more choices for their re -employment. The "Special Research Report" also shows that among the unemployed tourism practitioners who are actively making a living, making micro -business, self -media, live broadcasts, delivery, and selling insurance have become more people's choices.

Wen'er told Finance that some of the foreign tourism industry -related practitioners she knew, some of which are cargo in the same city, or cross -city ride, and will also explain the work of attractions. In addition You can travel to Europe, so you will also pick up some groups, such as Singapore. Many countries are currently actively restoring tourism and international tourism. According to incomplete statistics from the National Trade Network, as of May 9, more than 60%of countries and regions around the world have been opened or planned to relax international tourism. Recently Traveling restrictions and setting deadlines, fully reopening global passengers.

Hua Tian, ​​who had worked in a social society in France, told the Finance and Economics, "At present, the entire Europe has been released, and the tourism industry has performed very well." On May 7, China Aviation News Network quoted Luyou Club. Increasing travel demand, the reservation of European airlines and chain hotels is returning to the best level since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.

In Maldives Kaishu, Mina said, "Our main source is European and American tourists. Except for half a year in Europe and the United States for half a year in Europe and the United States, there are many tourists in other times in other times. In the first half of this year, Russia was the first A tourist army, but after Russia was involved in the war, the Russian flight was temporarily suspended and has not been restored. Now the Arab country around Maldives is the main passenger flow. "

Haru also said, "The local tourism industry has been restored." And quoted news reports telling Caijing that "51,3979 passengers traveled through Malta Airport in April, which marked the restoration of the number of passengers in the top 78.7%of the popular popularity (new crown virus). At the same time, "Malta's Tourism Bureau's goal is to attract 1.8 million tourists to Malta this year. This number is equivalent to the number of tourists in 2015."

But China is still cautious in China, the world's largest outbound tourism market. In February this year, it is reported that "the open country is coming" due to the expires of personal passports in China. But then many media verified that it was false news. For example, the upstream news verifies and reported that the relevant departments of the entry and exit management of 11 major cities across the country have stated that they should adhere to the principle of "unnecessary non -travel", and the entry and exit management department should not open the passport processing business without the need for non -emergency situations.

On April 13, 2020, the National Immigration Authority stated at a press conference on the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council that strictly controlled the issuance of entry and exit documents of various border areas to restrict non -necessary entry and exit activities such as tourism, visiting relatives, and visiting friends. Seeing that this statement and measures have not changed so far. On May 10, the National Immigration Administration's party group meeting still reiterated that strictly implemented a strict entry and exit policy.

It is also difficult to recover from related institutions to do business tourists in foreign countries. Hua Tian has now switched to baking. "Domestic is not open in China, and there is no way to do the ground connection agency specializing in Chinese business." Xiaodi, who originally operated a land -receiving club in Thailand, has also returned to China. "Because we only do China, we stopped flights in China, and no tourists came back, and the company was dissolved."

Tourists and practitioners are still looking forward to outbound travel, but no one knows what year hope is.

"The guests who had to be on the past two days sent me WeChat and told me that I dreamed of me. I was happy and happy to think of playing together. I also replied and looked forward to the spring flowers." Looking forward to it, but the fantasy is still not available, "How many years can you wait in life? Or first take care of your eyes and do something well."

*Topic diagrams and part of the text are derived from visual China.

*In the text, Chen Yi, Hua Tian, ​​Haru, and Xiaodi are pseudonym.

*Disclaimer: In any case, the information or opinions expressed in this article does not constitute investment advice to anyone.