How can I sing more and China -China stocks without any reason for no reason.

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How can I sing more and China -China stocks without any reason for no reason.

2022-05-19 18:18:36 19 ℃

Recently, the US stock market has fallen significantly, especially the Nasdaq index, which has entered the trend of technical bear markets. However, in recent years, Chinese stocks, which have been suppressed by the US market, have shown strong declining resistance. Taking the trend of the China Stock Index (US36966) as an example, after the index set a low of 267.02 points on March 15 this year, the index appeared as a rise in the past two months. On the contrary, the three major US stocks have recently reached a low point in recent years.

Why do Chinese stocks strengthen against the trend? This is obviously related to the optimism of foreign investors in the recent period of overseas investors, which has made Chinese stocks a shelter of foreign investors. And this optimistic about Chinese stocks has finally been reflected from the Wall Street giants.

On May 16th, the latest research report published by JPMorgan Chase suddenly "see more" on China's Internet technology stocks, collectively raising the rating and target price of China's Internet technology stocks. For example, the Tencent rating to "superposition", the target price is 470 Hong Kong dollars; Alibaba rating to "superpatient", the target price is 130 Hong Kong dollars; the Meituan rating is adjusted to "superpatient", the target price is 220 Hong Kong dollars; H -share rating to "neutral".

Behind the Morgan Chase singing Duozhong stocks, Wall Street's "top flow" institutions have taken out real gold and silver in the bottom of the bottom. Among them, JPMorgan Chase's flagship China Fund added in the first quarter, with a position of 1253%. As of the end of the first quarter,'s fourth largest heavy stocks were promoted to the fund, with a market value of US $ 212 million. In addition, the fund also has a small increase in Tencent and Alibaba.

At the same time, according to the latest holding report submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to the Bridge Water Fund, in the first quarter of 2022, Bridge Water Fund increased its holdings of 32.22 million shares of Alibabada, the highest record of the quarterly increase of its holdings in the quarter, and the increase in its holdings was 75%, the number of stocks rose to 7.48 million shares, the market value of the position reached 814 million US dollars, rose to the sixth largest heavy stock shares; increased its holdings of 2.2775 million shares, an increase of over 85%, and the number of shares rose to 49.394 million shares to 49.394 million shares. , The market value of holding the shareholding was 198 million US dollars; the increase in Baidu was 376,600 shares, an increase of 50%, and the market value of the holding of 149 million US dollars.

In addition to JP Morgan Chase and Bridge Water Fund, Fidelity International and Jinglin Assets also increased their positions sharply. Morning Star data shows that in March of this year, the China Consumer Power Fund under the International Consumer Power of Fidelity increased its holdings of Internet stocks such as Meituan and, with an increase of 20.27%and 10.22%respectively; the market value of the positions was US $ 180 million and US $ 139 million, respectively. Essence Netease, Shell, and are promoted to the first, second, and third heavy stock stocks of Jinglin assets, respectively.

As an investor, investors need to be vigilant for Wall Street giants to sing more, and be aware of this kind of singing or singing is a conspiracy. For example, on March 14 this year, the research report released by Morgan Chase's singing in the Singing China stocks, collectively lowered the rating and target price of Chinese stocks. Morgan Chase's singing of China Stocks on March 14 this year was a conspiracy.

However, Wall Street is huge to do it for Chinese stocks. This is a real gold and silver transaction. Therefore, this is worthy of the attention of investors. In particular, JP Morgan Chase has more and more singing. This time, it maintains the same words and deeds, which is even more worthy of investors' attention and thinking. It is said that there is no love in the world for no reason. In the context of the current decline in U.S. stocks, why do these Wall Street giants sing more and more common stocks? Of course there are reasons.

Under the pressure of all aspects of China Stocks, the stock price has fallen sharply in the past two years. In the past two years, the stock price has fallen sharply. The investment risks of Chinese stocks have been greatly released, and the value of investment is becoming more and more obvious. For example, the stock price of Ali (US stocks) fell from the highest level of October 2020 to the minimum of US $ 73.28 on March 15 this year, a decrease of 77.05%, which can be described as returning from the end point to the starting point. From the perspective of valuation, the valuations of these Chinese stocks represented by China Internet technology stocks have also entered a low level. For example, as of the closing of May 16, Tencent's PE has dropped to 12.23 times, which is the lowest valuation in ten years, and even the lowest water level since Tencent's listing. Therefore, it is obviously a good choice to buy these low -valued and investment risks.

Second, in recent years, the maximum factor factors for suppressing China -stock stocks are being excluded, and it is expected to be properly resolved. In recent years, the main factor in suppressing Chinese stocks is the "Law of Foreign Companies" released by the United States. According to this accounting law, if foreign listed companies have failed to submit a report requested by the accounting supervision committee of the U.S. listed company for three consecutive years, the SEC has the right to deliver it from the exchange. At present, the Sino -US regulatory authorities have maintained positive communication on this issue, and have held talks many times, and have made positive progress. The problem of this problem in China is expected to be resolved. Moreover, the representative companies of these Chinese stocks are also two preparations for red hearts. Some Chinese stocks have returned to the Hong Kong market, and some Chinese stocks are also prepared and planned to return to the Hong Kong market. Therefore, even if these Chinese stocks are delisted from the US market, they can also get the opportunity to go public in the A -share market or the Hong Kong market. The development of these Chinese stocks will not be affected.