At present, these 3 Motorola mobile phones are the most worth buying, the configuration is really fierce, netizens: real "Xiaomi"

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At present, these 3 Motorola mobile phones are the most worth buying, the configuration is really fierce, netizens: real "Xiaomi"

2022-05-19 18:22:20 12 ℃

When it comes to cost -effective mobile phones, everyone will think of the Xiaomi brand for the first time. Times have changed, and now the mobile phone competition is so fierce, everything has changed, and many mobile phone brands have begun to take the cost -effective route. Today, I show you a few Motorola mobile phones and tell you what is "the most worth buying."

There are many mobile phones with strong configurations on the market. Let's take a look at the Motorola's mobile phones. The cost -effectiveness and Xiaomi have a fight, which will definitely impress you. At present, these three Motorola mobile phones are the most worth buying. The configuration is really fierce. Netizens: True "Xiaomi"!

Part 1: Motorola S30

Where can the configuration of a thousand yuan mobile phone go? After all, the price is there, but this Motorola S30 is really unusual. The front of the phone uses a 6.8 -inch punch -screen direct screen, which supports 144Hz high refresh rate. It is smooth to control. In terms of hardware, Motorola S30 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, which is a flagship -level chip, and there is a LPDDR5+UFS3.1 combination. Do you say that performance is strong? In addition, there is a three -shot design of the 100 million pixel lens, which has a built -in 5000mAh battery capacity, and the flagship phone is just the same. This Motorola S30 can only be bought for 1799 yuan. The configuration is so fierce. It can be said that it is a thousand yuan "machine emperor". Do you say it is fragrant?

Part 2: Motorola S30 Champion Edition

This Motorola S30 champion version continues the configuration of the previous standard version of the mobile phone. The difference is that it has 512G storage space, which can be said to be its biggest highlight. You must know that mobile applications are becoming more and more popular now, and the space occupied by pictures and videos is also increasing. Many people will worry that their mobile phone storage space is not enough. Motorola's consideration is very thoughtful, providing 512G storage directly, and it is so cheap. It can be bought only 2499 yuan. It can be said that it is quite conscience. Because the Motorola S30 champion version has the Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, UFS 3.1 flash memory and LPDDR5 memory, 12GB+512GB configuration, is Xiaomi so fierce? Such configuration is directly called the "king" of the mobile phone industry. I think it is still worth buying.

Part 3: Motorola X30

It is also a fierce mobile phone than Xiaomi, saying that it is worth buying or too much. This phone is Motorola X30. To be honest, every aspect of this phone is taken care of. If you pay attention to performance, camera and memory size, this Motorola X30 is really worth buying! The price is not expensive. The starting price is 2399 yuan, not to mention how good it is, but the configuration is completely worthy of the price.

Let's take a look at the hardware configuration. The front of the Motorola X30 is a 6.7 -inch FHD+flexible OLED line screen, which supports the 144Hz refresh rate. The screen quality within 3,000 yuan can be regarded as the level of the first echelon. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8GEN1 processor, multi -thermal heat sensing technology, and it will not be hot for a long time, and it can also run smoothly. The camera is also remarkable. The rear 50 million wide -angle+50 million main camera+20 million depths are set. Two of the three cameras are the main camera level. Built -in 5000mAh battery, supports 68W cable fast charging, endurance and fast charging have no slot. In addition, it also supports NFC, OTG, mobile phone screening, supporting life level waterproof, etc. The configuration is really fierce, saying that it is worth buying.