Yumanou Agriculture: Who is the next leader?

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Yumanou Agriculture: Who is the next leader?

2022-05-19 18:18:11 10 ℃

Under the normalization of the epidemic, oidian beans are expected to become a strategic product for soybeans. Why do you say that? It is derived from the demand for protein, and protein is the key nutrition of antiviral. So how far is we to achieve protein freedom?

At least, there is still a certain distance.

As we all know, the main raw materials of protein in the past are derived from soybeans (the potential of oil deprars was ignored by many people), but the soybean industry in my country has the status quo of serious insufficient supply and demand. This point:

· Since 2021, my country's soybean supply market has shrunk, and the planting area and its output are declining. In 2021, the soybean planting area was 8,400 thousand hectares, a decrease of 1483,000 hectares from 2020, a decrease of 15%year -on -year; soybean output was 16.4 million tons, a decrease of 3.202 million tons from 2020, a year -on -year decrease of 16.33%.

· Affected by the global epidemic in 2021, the import volume of soybeans in my country has declined slightly, but the import amount does not decrease. In 2021, China's soybean imports reached 96.52 million tons, a year -on -year decrease of 3.8%; soybean imports were 53539.2 million US dollars, an increase of 35.4%year -on -year.

· At present, my country is the main consumer of soybeans in the world. With the increase in the demand for eggs, milk, soy products and edible vegetable oil, the demand for soybeans is also rising. In 2020, the demand for soybeans in China reached 119.852 million tons, an increase of 13.393 million tons from 2019, an increase of 12.5%year -on -year.

The above data must be thoughtful. In response to the current status of the soybean market, we urgently need a "new" soybean to replace soybeans to make up for this shortage.

When the food industry is changing, soybean is it the protagonist?

At present, "it is better to have no meat for a day, and there is no bean for a day" is already the norm of the market. Increasing the intake of soy foods has become a must -have for everyone. According to statistics, the annual demand for soy food tracks exceeds 160 billion, which is a well -deserved 100 billion -level track. And with the improvement of people's quality of life, consumers' awareness and demand for soy products are also increasing.

When I think about what raw materials are soy products, everyone must have the answer in their hearts. Indeed, soybeans are rich in protein, fatty acids, and vitamins.

But in the current bean tracks, it is not the "world" of soybeans.

From the perspective of edible oil food: soybeans are staggered, and other soybean ushered in development opportunities; common edible vegetable oil in life is mainly composed of soybean oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil, sesame oil and edible plant blending oil. Among them, soybean oil has always been favored by people because of its low price and has become the most important vegetable oil in China.

However, due to the restrictions on the area of ​​cultivated land in my country, the geographical space suitable for soybean growth is limited, resulting in the slow overall development of soybeans, and the level of soybean production is relatively backward than other countries. Related data shows that Brazilian soybean produces 236.67 kg/mu, US soybean produces 230.67 kg/mu, and my country's soybean production is only 130.16 kg/mu.

The production dilemma of soybeans has given room for other edible oils. Data show that my country ’s soybean oil consumption is 18.596 million tons, and rapeseed oil is followed by 15.13 million tons. It can be seen that the two are almost comparable. Rapeseed oil is also the lowest -saturated fatty acid edible vegetable oil discovered so far. Its nutritional value is richer than soybean oil.

In addition, Yakana will also have the number one "enemy" in the future soybeans. In an interview, Ms. Liu Haibo, the head of Jilin Provincial Yau Doudou Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that as a new type of oil crop, the production of oil is higher than that of soybeans, rapeseed, peanuts and other oil crops. For example, the selected breed of the Institute of Oil and Crops of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences "CNOOS 1", the yield per mu can reach 1000kg, the oil production is 170kg, which is 2 times of peanuts and 3 to 4 times the rape. king". Oil depression is also rich in protein and linoleic acid. Its edible fatty acids are reasonable and have high nutritional value.

From the perspective of functional health food: soybeans have stretched, and other beans are pursuing by victory; protein powder officially entered China in the 1990s. Later, due to the improvement of health cognition, the protein powder market was continuously expanded and improved. In fact, protein powder is a nutritional food supplement for specific people. It is a supplementary food as amino acids, which can provide necessary nutrition for different people to provide necessary nutrition due to lack of protein. Soy is widely sought after because of its rich protein, lecithin, minerals and vitamins, and is naturally sought after.

However, the current situation of the soybean market has to drive the industry's change. You can be said to be the key point of this change.

Maybe you may have heard this crop known as "underground walnuts", and may have heard that its comprehensive economy and environmental protection utilization value is no less valuable than soybeans. The same goes for facts. The tuber of oily dispenes is rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other elements. The data shows that the protein content of oily deeds is about 10%. The absorbing protein accounted for 70.59%, and the digestive rate was extremely high. Earlier, the Spanish country had used oil salad to replace soybeans to produce protein powder and health foods.

In addition, pea protein powder is also highly sought after by the market. Pea guarantee also contains all the amino acid components necessary for the human body, which is a full -cost protein. The nutritional price of peas' edible protein is relatively high and widely used. Among them, pea protein powder has a good effect on improving immunity, delaying aging, and inhibiting tumors. From this point of view, the protagonist soybean between the beans is ushered in many powerful competitors. In a sense, the appearance of these "latecomers" can alleviate the current situation of soybeans in my country and bring infinite possibilities to the soy food market.

New driving force for oil deprars or adult food capes

One conclusion is that no matter whether it is edible oil or the health food industry, it seems that Yakana can always be seen. The emergence of oil beans can just solve the problem of soybean replacement. In fact, it is only a microcosm of oil depression. Its real advantage is far more than that.

So what exactly is oil? What are the uses? Let's analyze them one by one.

First of all, let's explain what is oily Shadou; oil sayon ​​bean is also known as oil Sha Guo, Tiger Nuts, Tiger Bean, Emperor Almonds, Petaica, Iron Cycles, Underground Cheese, underground walnuts, etc. In terms of appearance, the shape of the oily bean is round, oval and irregular, and the texture is tough. Youyan Doudou is native to the Mediterranean region of Africa, and Spain is also the most developed country in Yayanou's industrialization. The cultivation of oily bean in my country can be traced back to the 1950s.

In 1952, Oy Doudou was introduced by the Beijing Botanical Garden of the Institute of Botanicals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 1960, it was introduced to domestic cultivation by Bulgaria. bean. In the 1970s, my country had set off the planting wave of oil depreciation. In 1976, the state also filmed the textbook "Oy Doudou" for the oil dismount.

Secondly, oily bean is widely used; compared with soybeans, oily beans have extremely rich downstream markets compared to other beans.

① The edible oil market: In fact, the amount of oil producing oil is quite high, and data shows that the oil output rate of oil depo can reach 32.5%-38.7%. Oymapa's edible oil is widely used in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa, and has also won the Gold Cup Award of the Second International Oil and Food Variety Expo. Due to its high output, high oil output, and high nutrient content, Yuman Doudou is also called "the king of oil" by agricultural experts from all over the world, and the market space is huge.

② Medicine and health care market: 80%of Yusha soybean oil comes from unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. Ayte acid belongs to the essential fatty acids required by the human body. Diseases, promoting metabolism, etc.

③ Fastener food: Earlier local companies used oil beans as the main body to deeply process them. Through the production process improvement and update, it was processed into edible snacks or drinks. And Jilin Provincial Yau Doudou Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Yuman Dou Agriculture) is directly positioned as a modern food industry company with a complete oil depreciation industry chain and many food and beverage brands. At present, its edible product line includes oil Bean bean cans, oily bean protein drinks, oily bean milk and so on.

④ Food processing raw materials: After the oil depression is squeezed, the cakes contain about 60%starch, 20%sugar, and 8%of the crude protein. After processing, it can be transformed into a high -quality protein feed for corn. It can be made into citrus sugar, which is used in food, fructose, and pastry. In addition, the gel quality characteristics (hardness, elasticity, adhesion, etc.) of oil deed starch are better than corn starch, which is an ideal slow digestive starch raw material.

⑤ Hybrid feed: At present, the development of animal husbandry in my country has accelerated, and animal products have grown rapidly, which has expanded the demand for the total amount of feed in animal husbandry. The oidian hybrid feed also provides a new market space for the mixed feed market. The oil depreciation has rich nutrition and the use value is relatively high. The grass production is also relatively high, providing a good guarantee for the development of animal husbandry.

Finally, the planting of oil depreciation; as a characteristic oil crop, oil depreciation has strong resistance to reverse resistance, high yield, easy planting, and barren resistance, which is suitable for sandy loam planting. In addition, because of its low demand for the soil, it can be planted in river beaches and abandoned wasteland. It can not compete with large field crops to effectively alleviate Chinese land resources, which is conducive to loose soil. Fixing sand, windproof, preventing soil loss, etc.

Since the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "National Planting Industry Structure Adjustment Plan" in 2016, after the new types of oil crops promoted by China as my country, companies in various places have developed the oil depreciation project. The data shows that as of 2021, my country Yau Shaoyou’s from the oily dismantling The planting area has reached 300,000 mu.

Among them, the actions of Yumanou's agriculture are particularly prominent. With the encouragement of national policies, it has developed ecological circulation agriculture and animal husbandry and environmental protection through high mechanized oil -implants. Related data show that the company uses Jilin Province in China and even the most wide and rich sandy land in the world. As of 2021, 100,000 acres of oil bean has been planted in Jilin, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places. At present, it can produce 200 tons of oily bean oil, 300,000 cans of oily bean nutrition powder, and 200 tons of oily bean wine.

When asked "assuming that the soybean gap is supplemented by the soybean soybean gap, China needs at least how much oil is oily bean", the company said that there is only 2 trillion mu of sand and earth marginal land in my country. Land planting oil plantation can solve the problem of 1.4 billion people in China, and no longer need to rely on imports. It is said that "the people take food as the sky." Speaking of this, it must be realized that the popularity of Yau Doudou is almost related to the primer of "eating" in my country. But then again, "The people take food as the sky" and the second half of the sentence "food is safe first", is it safe? Can it afford the heavy responsibility of replacing soybeans?

How many are the concessions for soybeans?

In the face of soybean's staggering difficulty, ox beans can achieve replacement soybeans? In fact, the long road of soybeans is long. If the soybeans are replaced, the following problems need to be solved:

Question 1: The variety is lacking and single; in fact, due to the non -sexual reproduction of oil, except for a small number of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and enterprises collected and created some species of quality resources, the overall planting resources of my country There are fewer varieties. Jilin Provincial Yau Doudou Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed and developed three varieties of breeding and breeding at Jilin Agricultural University. It is currently being approved by "Jiunong Petroleum 1", "Ji Nongyou 6", and "Heyousha 1".

Question 2: It is difficult to harvest and cost; the "difficult harvest" of Yumanou is a universal consensus in the industry. This is because the development of the oil dispenation machine has never reached the standard needs of field operations. In addition There is a problem of short harvesting period and prone to mildew, and the harvest of mechanization is always difficult to advance, resulting in a high cost of harvesting.

Question 3: Market development is not enough; currently the society's general awareness of oil dispenes is not enough. Although oil depreciation has high nutrition and health functions, due to insufficient market development, people's cognition of it needs to be strengthened. How to strengthen the promotion of oil depreciation is the fundamental way to break the bottleneck in the sales of oily dispenes.

In summary, the "upper road" of Yau Doudou is not smooth. However, there are two sides of everything, and the difficulties in front of you are not difficult. Youyan Doudou has started to solve the problem in both aspects.

On the one hand, choose to develop oil departments and experts such as the agricultural department, experts, etc.; Liu Haibo said: "Because of the development of oil depreciated in my country is still in the initial stage, it is slightly insufficient in terms of market share and brand awareness. The industrial chain of planting, cultivation, harvesting, and squeezing does not have a complete set of guidance plans, and enterprises need to continue to explore. "

Faced with the layers of Oy Doudou, they chose to cooperate with the agricultural department and professional experts to conduct research and development of planting, breeding and other technologies. In terms of breeding, the current variety has reached 70%of the domestic market. At the same time, the variety has the advantages of high oil output and large output, which is an industry advantage. At the same time, it also developed the brewed liquor, oil sacrifice, and oil bean -brewed liquor, oil bean milk drinks, etc.

On the other hand, improvement of mechanized equipment and efficient processing technology, forming the coordinated development of the entire industrial chain of Yumanou; in terms of harvesting, the company has invested a special harvesting machine for capital research and development. As of now, the company has invested about 100 million funds. After nearly 7 years of R & D and promotion, the relatively mature overall industrial chain has been formed, and the technology and supporting equipment of the processes of each link have been formed.

According to reports, as of now, through the company's+base+farmers' integration operation, 300,000 acres of production have been formed. The company has 100 advanced harvesting machinery, 40,000 square meters of collection and storage warehouses, and a whole set of air -drying equipment.

From this point of view, although my country is still in the period of R & D and promotion of Yau Doudou, and has not formed large -scale planting and sales channels, as long as more companies have devoted themselves to the research and development of the oil dispem industry, the oil sayersee is bean's industry The technology is mature and popular, so Presumably, the oil must surely usher in the vast market and fly into the home of ordinary people.

In the future, the series of derivatives of Yau Doudou will also be listed one after another, which will not only solve the problem of the difficulty of soybean supply in my country, but also become the key to my country's self -producing and self -sufficiency.

Therefore, the editor believes that after experiencing a series of technologies, Yumanou will definitely become a new "leader" who replaces soybeans on the bean food track.