Digital science and technology rich stage display with digital technology

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Digital science and technology rich stage display with digital technology

2022-06-23 00:10:24 13 ℃

The emergence of holographic projection has added a lot of new possibilities to the display, and a lot of new products have also been derived. The screen projection is one of them. It is widely used in stage performances with the characteristics of light and translucent imaging materials. , Changed the traditional exhibition of the past, giving people a bright overall feeling.

The realization of the screen projection needs to be displayed by projection, shooting lights, etc., and achieved a 360 -degree holographic screen display on the screen. Because the material of the screens is very slender, it is not easy to be discovered by the naked eye. This is also us with us. The "naked eye 3D" effect seen is a great visual impact for the audience.

In addition to the wonderful effect display, the screen projection can also play an atmosphere rendering. It is also because of its transparent characteristics. The audience can see the actor's dynamics behind the screen, and then produce a looming sense of haze. , Push the audience atmosphere to a climax.

In the process of stage performances, performers can also interact with the screen projection, which increases a bit of a sense of technology as a whole. When performers exercise on the stage, the content of the screen projection will also change. These are all unreasonable for the construction of traditional stage, and for this reason, its application has become more.

The above is the change brought by the screen projection to the stage. It gives life to the performance, and also makes the performance more new. At the same time, it can also attract more audiences to watch. Way.