"Treasure" sinks, "Gambling King" declines

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"Treasure" sinks, "Gambling King" declines

2022-06-23 00:08:50 11 ℃

The location of "God of Food" and "Infernal Affairs 2" is gone.

Author | Liu Xingzhi

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Source | Boxing Finance (ID: daxiongfan)

Once the world's largest sea restaurant sank on the way to Southeast Asia.

The Hong Kong Tsai Food Company announced on June 20 that its famous sea restaurant treasure seafood was encountered in the waters of the Xisha Islands on the 18th, and the rescue was unsuccessful. Finally, the water was flipped on the 19th and sank to the bottom of the sea.

This is the first time that Treasure Seafood is going to sea. This time, "walk away from a country" to Southeast Asia in order to find cheaper maintenance and berths.

Treasure Seafood Po has been opened for 46 years since its opening. It has carried collective memories of a generation of Hong Kong people. When the seafood crickets were dragged away from Hong Kong on June 14, many Hong Kong people went to Victoria Harbor to take pictures.

The mainland people may have heard of this boat, but most people have seen it. The classic Hong Kong films "God of Food" and "Infernal Affairs 2" have been here. The role of Xue Jiayan played by Xue Jiayan in "God of Food" is exactly eating "Ecstasy Rice" on this ship. · Zhou "also completed self -redemption on the ship.

It was the golden age of Hong Kong films. Treasure seafood became a bond connecting the good memories of the mainland and Hong Kong people in that era.

However, starting in 2020, treasure seafood crickets have stopped business due to the epidemic, and they have not recurred; earlier in 2013, treasure seafood crickets could not be eaten up.

It is worth noting that the life of the Melco Group that is backed by the treasure seafood is not good. Melco Group is a listed company under the "Gambling King" He Hongye family. Under the impact of the epidemic, Macau gaming and tourism revenue have fallen sharply. In 2020 and 2021, the company had a net loss of 5.3 billion yuan and 3.1 billion yuan, respectively.

In the statement, the Hong Kong Tsai Food Company stated that the water depth of the seafood shipwreck is over 1,000 meters, and it is very difficult to salvage. The collective memory of a generation has lost a entity that can be pinned.

From the beginning of the construction of the treasure seafood, there have been many rumors.

As a form of catering in Hong Kong, "Seafood" originated from the "singing hall" in Guangzhou, referring to the restaurant opened for fishermen. In the 1930s, Guangzhou immigrants raised the boom in the opening of the "Church Boat" in Hong Kong. With the development of Hong Kong, the "singing hall boat" business on the boat was sought after by the dealers Jiayou and evolved into later seafood.

In the 195th and 1960s, the prosperity of Hong Kong appeared, and it became a "Asian Four Little Dragons" in the 1970s. In the 1950s, the prosperity of Hong Kong drove the business of seafood to the prosperous business, and there were more than a dozen seafood crickets in the shelter.

One of them is called "Taibai Seafood", which is run by the Hong Kong merchant Wang Laoji. After the growing business of Taibai Seafood, in the late 1960s, Wang Laoji threw HK $ 14 million and wanted to build a largest seafood cricket, which is the later treasure seafood.

However, on October 30, 1971, 6 days before the opening, a fire broke out in the treasure seafood. The spread of the spread not only burned the seafood cricket, but also affected the nearby fishing boats, causing 32 people to die and 13 people disappeared.

Wang Laoji was unable to continue the shipbuilding. Gambler He Hongzhang and the rich Zheng Yutong took over, spent 32 million Hong Kong dollars to rebuild and transformed the treasure seafood, and opened with October 1976. On the day of the opening, the treasure seafood was free, which caused a sensation in Hong Kong.

Treasure Seafood Po is once known as "the world's largest sea food house", which looks like a crowd of seafood. In addition to the big, He Hongzhang also spent a lot of thoughts in design, such as the design of the lighting palace, the golden hall and dragon chair arranged on the second floor.

At the time of opening in the evening, the inside of the treasure seafood was golden and brilliant like daytime; looking at it from the outside, the treasure seafood was like a carved beam and painted sea palace, which stood tall. "The ship Yuming, the blue bird and the yellow dragon", the scenery that Wang Bo saw in Teng Wangge may not be the same.

In fact, water restaurants are not unique to Hong Kong. There are similar formats in Shanghai and Wuhan in the Mainland.

From the current perspective, the magnificent luxury style of treasure seafood is not mainstream, but in the 1970s and 1980s, the magnificent Chinese design style was sought after. Social celebrities have come, and tourists diners are endless, and even film directors have favored them.

In the 46 years of opening, the number of guests of Treasure Seafood has accumulated more than 30 million guests, including many international celebrities such as Elizabeth II Queen, Jimmy Carter, Tom Cruise, etc. And "007 Tie King Kong Golden Guns" has also been here, and treasure seafood crickets have become a symbol of Hong Kong and Hong Kong culture that is prosperous.

The fire before the opening seemed to laid a foreshadowing for the fate of the treasure seafood.

After the "Gambling King" took over, the treasure seafood was very red for a while, so in the 1980s, He Hongzhang acquired the neighboring Taibai Seafood and the Haijiao Palace. In 1997, He Xunlong's second son, He Yanlong, spent tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars to promote reform and refurbishment, and officially renamed Hong Kong's treasure seafood.

However, the following year, the Asian financial crisis was coming, and the "treasure kingdom" stopped business. The Haijiao Palace was forced to go away from the Philippines, and later presented to Qingdao due to poor management.

As early as 1993, He Hongzheng poured his left hand with his left hand and sold 86.68%of the Hong Kong Tsai Food Group's equity from Xinde Group to another company of the family. In 2001, He Hongzhang entrusted Melco International to He Yilong. When He Yilong took over, the International International, only the industry of Treasure Kingdom, had lost four years. He Yilong launched a number of measures after taking over, such as catering to customers to launch a rabbit girl performance. In his new year, in 2004, the sales of the treasure kingdom increased by 37%year -on -year. 31.

In addition to He Yilong's initiative to change, mainland tourists have also injected new vitality into the treasure seafood. During the SARS, the turnover of the treasure kingdom fell three quarters. However, in 2003, Hong Kong officially opened its freedom, and the "Infernal Affairs 2" released in the same year caused mainland tourists to check in.

"Infernal Affairs 2" movie screen, shot in treasure seafood 舫

But these small repairs only "renewed their lives" for treasure seafood, and did not allow it to return to its peak. Born in the 1970s, the treasure seafood pupae had lagged behind the times in the 21st century. The Hong Kong people who are keen to eat on the ship gradually aging, and the old facilities and decorations cannot attract young people, and the treasure seafood cricket gradually declines.

The same is the aging of the aging. He Hongzhang has a relationship with the treasure seafood, and has celebrated his birthday many times. In 2013, the 92 -year -old He Hongzhang celebrated his birthday on the treasure seafood. In the same year, the treasure kingdom began to enter. On the eve of the epidemic, the cumulative loss of treasure seafood has reached 100 million Hong Kong dollars.

In 2020, the new crown epidemic gave a heavy blow to the treasure seafood. In January 2020, the treasure seafood was layoff for half, and the business hours were significantly shortened. The external explanation said that "the new operation model will help retain this unique Hong Kong landmark." But just two months later, in March 2020, the treasure seafood was suspended and has not been resumed since then.

In fact, the opportunity to continue existing in another form. After the suspension, the treasure seafood cricket once reached a cooperation agreement with the SAR Government, and donated the ship to the Ocean Park for free as part of the "Yue Hong Kong Island South" plan. Regrettable.

The Hong Kong Tsai Food Group said earlier that the group had discussed with more than 10 enterprises and institutions and donated treasure seafood for free, but did not reach a consensus because its high maintenance costs. Behind the free donation, it was millions of HK $ million per year. Inspection and maintenance of maintenance and maintenance. After the death of the most preferred Treasure Seafood, the treasure seafood is a cumbersome, whether for the family or the potential to take over.

After many parties seemed to have failed to take over, in June this year, this fateful maritime restaurant once again appeared in the public's field of vision. It started the first and last sailing.

Treasure Seafood has a glorious history, which carries countless people's good memories of the golden age of Hong Kong, but its decline and sinking are not surprising.

Customers patronize maritime restaurants, more due to the needs of hunting and punching in, and ships are a differentiated player similar to restaurants. In fact, the shipwreck represented by Treasure Seafood Revisibility depends on business, especially the prosperity of tourism.

In Shanghai, the business model of Pujiang Tour Catering Shipping is similar to it. Some customers who have spent on the ship told Backeal Finance that their consumption purpose is not to eat, but to watch the river view; some people in Shanghai said that the cost -effective price ratio of the riverside restaurant is not cost -effective. High, only the New Year's Eve, birthday banquet and other scenes will think of patronage.

The impact of the epidemic on the tourism industry is not only manifested in the decrease in passenger flow. During this round of the Shanghai epidemic, Pujiang Touring Catering Plugs suspended its business and has not yet recovered.

Looking at the 46 -year history of Treasure Seafood, from 1998, 2003, and in 2020, each major crisis encountered in the crisis, there were objective factors that the Hong Kong economy and tourism were hit hard. It is behind the times and the cold winter of the industry. Under the common effect of these two major factors, the treasure seafood cricket finally slides to the abyss.

It is worth noting that the decline of the treasure seafood is just the tip of the iceberg of the He Hongzhang family.

When He Yilong took over the Melco Group in 2001, the treasure seafood cricket was still the company's main business; to this day, the Melco Group has become a business empire with investment banks and financial services. Hotel, casino.

For a few years, the total loss of treasure seafood is only 100 million Hong Kong dollars, and due to the epidemic, in 2020 and 20121, the Melco Group lost more than 8 billion yuan.

After the death of "Gambling King" He Hongzhang, He family can be described as "the house leaks all over the night". The treasure seafood sinking in the South China Sea is just a drop of water in this rain.

In May 2020, He Hongzhang died. Due to the failure of his will, the internal heritage of the family continued.

Heritage disputes coupled with the impact of the epidemic. Although the family members still have huge wealth, they have fallen out of the top richest circle of Hong Kong. In 2022, on the list of Forbes' "Hong Kong Rich in China", the three of the He family were on the list, namely the 28th place He Chaoqiong, the 33rd Liang Anqi and the 46th He Yilong.

Among them, He Chaoqiong and He Yilong are the children of Lan Qiong, the second wife of He Hongyi, and Liang Anqi is Mrs. He Hongzheng Four.From the results, the second wife Lan Qiongzhang became the biggest winner of this inheritance battle. Among the more than ten children of He Hongzhang, the two on the list belonged to the second wife Lan Qiongyi.The core business layout.However, according to media reports, a week before June 11 this year, a week ago, the treasure seafood sinking, Lan Qiongyi died of cancer at the age of 79 at the age of 79.

As the treasure seafood sinks in the voyage, there is one less imprint of He Hongzhang.

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