530 million people watched the "blackened" marketing, the store added 1792, and the honey snow ice city rushed more than

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530 million people watched the "blackened" marketing, the store added 1792, and the honey snow ice city rushed more than

2022-06-23 00:08:32 12 ℃

Wen/Zhao Jiahe


Honey Xue Bingcheng blackened?

When this topic suddenly rushed on the hot search on June 19, many netizens couldn't touch it. It was found that it turned out that the logo of Mixue Bingcheng on the takeaway platform all turned black.

The official Mixue Bingcheng also understood the psychology of the onlookers and began to dumb mystery. Not only did it release the top Weibo of "Sunday high temperature? Snow King's new skin?" When facing the questioning area's questioning of his white avatar, he also stated that "in the sunlight bath."

As more and more netizens joined the stalks, guessing the reasons for the darkening of the Honey Snow Ice City LOGO, the fermentation of the topic once reached its peak.

It was not until that night that Mi Xue Bingcheng officially announced the correct answer: picking mulberry and sunbathing. And this answer is also to lead to its own new listing "Zhizhi Sang" and "Mulberry Berryberg".

During the day, netizens who guess their heads for the correct answer to react, which was originally a marketing activity for new products.

This marketing is undoubtedly very successful. As of now, the topic of##has reached 530 million readings. Originally the official account with only two or three digits, the praise interactive amount of related Weibo Weibo also exceeded 200,000.

But behind the marketing results, the main move of Mixue Bingcheng is just to replace the platform avatar, which is undoubtedly the ultimate cost -effectiveness compared to burning the traffic shop channel. Not only that, although netizens already know everything behind it is a new product marketing, it does not produce a slightest resistance. On the contrary, it continues to make emoticons to go to the end.

Low -cost, high efficiency, the marketing level of "Moisturizing and Silent" of Honey Snow Ice City is once again discussed by the public. The little snowman wearing a crown, last time, reached the out of this degree, or the theme song that was popular all over the north and south of the river.

Last summer, Mi Xue Bingcheng uploaded a brand theme song MV at station B. With the popular melody of the American folk songs and the brainwashing lyrics of "You love me, I love you, the sweet snow city sweetness", the "virus" spread soon, becoming a popular "Snow King".

There is one thing in common in the two successful marketing: simple and even "earthy", but effective.

It is understood that the promoter behind Mixue Bingcheng Marketing is a marketing information company called Hua and Hua. Just like the theme song of Mixue Bingcheng and this "blackening", most of the cases of Hua and Hua are mainly "simple and rude" style, and are also nicknamed "advertising hooligan" by some people.

However, the company's charges are not low: a cooperative price starts 6 million per year, and the signing time is more than three years. Facts also prove that the money of Mixue Bingcheng has not been drifted. Although advertising marketing is a bit "low", it coincides with the sinking market tone of Mixue Bingcheng. The brand successfully launched a differentiated route.

The chairman of Hua and China also "stunned" when the plan was quilt: "You don't know what you missed. You say I Low, you don't know your own brains."

In addition, there is a saying that the marketing that has been tried and tried repeatedly is to continue to open the market for the expansion of its stores.

According to the AI ​​Finance News Agency, Mixue Bingcheng has opened 1,792 stores in the last 90 days, which is 2.85 times that of the second book and also burned Xiancao, which is 3.52 times that of the third place. The viral marketing is widely exported, and then the store is quickly expanded at the franchise system. The honey snow ice city that kills the tea track at a very low unit price now has signs of the sinking market.

But now the new tea track has not been hot, and has entered a calm period. From the horse rowing circle to the rational operation, it is the development strategy of most tea brands at present. Well -known brands such as tea and Lele Tea have even closed stores and withdrawn.

As a comparison, the cost of the rapid expansion of Mixue Bingcheng has begun to appear. Food safety rollover issues are common. There are already 2908 complaints on Mixue Bingcheng on the black cat complaint platform. At the same time, the long -term low prices have also caused many people to worry about their raw material costs.

Perhaps how to increase hard power at the same time before worrying about "marketing rollover" is the top priority of Mixue Bingcheng.