Elon Musk's 18 -year -old son wants to change his name, want to be recognized as a woman, and also cut off the relationship between father and son

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Elon Musk's 18 -year -old son wants to change his name, want to be recognized as a woman, and also cut off the relationship between father and son

2022-06-23 00:09:35 11 ℃

As the world's richest man, Elon Musk also seems to have experience in being a father. Now he has six sons and a daughter.

Musk could have seven sons, but the largest son, Neva-Alexander, died in 10 weeks. It is reported that in order to avoid tragedy, the first five sons of Musk were him and ex -wife. Canadian writer Jastein Wilson was born through "test tube technology". Griffin and Zeville were twins. , Damian, Saxon and Kay are trilogy, now 16 years old.

A few years ago, from time to time, the five boys followed their dads and appeared in the street shooting, but as Musk's reputation became greater and greater, these children gradually faded out of people's vision and lived their lives quietly. Musk rarely mentioned his five sons, and I don't know if it is intentional or more and more alienated.

According to June 20, local time of "TMZ", Zeville, one of Musk's twin sons (the blond boy in the photo, was taken in 2018), and submitted an application to the Los Angeles County Court. He wanted to give up his The well -known surname also wants to be recognized as a woman, from Xavier Musk to Vivian Jenna Wilson.

It is reported that in the documents he submitted, Zeville explained the reason why he wanted to change his name and renamed his surname, "Gender identity, and I no longer want to live with my biological father, or in any way, in any way, with my biological father in any way and form. relation". Obviously, Zeville's application is not only to be recognized as a woman, but also let the outside world see that there is a crack between him and the rich father, so he must cut off the relationship between father and son.

Whether Zeville can pay as expected will be seen after the hearing on the 24th.

It was really surprising that Musk's son to change this matter from "fundamentally", because the father and son did not show any discord before that, at least on the surface. Although Musk likes to talk, sometimes a little thing can arouse his desire to comment, but he has always kept his mouth like a bottle, especially his relationship with the five sons, which has remained silent.

Is it that Zeville wants to be recognized as a woman, and then turn over with his father? This is not easy to judge. After all, almost two years ago, Musk posted on social media that he supported transgender, but also supplemented "All these pronouns are aesthetic nightmares."

Cross -gender people are still very sensitive to referring to representatives. They do not like to be called "HE" or "She" that are originally or displayed in the original or performed. For outsiders who do not understand things, they use the so -called so -called so -called outsiders. After error pronouns, it is easy to annoy them. The most straightforward way is that when you know that the other party is a cross -sex person or is suspicious of the original gender, use "They" to refer to it is more secure, even if the other party is just one person.

I don't know if I feel that the five big sons are not close enough to himself, or they have not reached their ideals. The 2-year-old X baby (X æ A-XII) has become his "key training object", and sometimes a meeting will also be able to meet. Bringing, the love of spoils is also overflowing. According to X's biological mother, Canadian electronic music female singer Glems, "Musk is already training X to take over his business empire."