Zhenai.com upgraded product early warning function to help users improve the ability to improve network security and risk prevention

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Zhenai.com upgraded product early warning function to help users improve the ability to improve network security and risk prevention

2022-06-23 00:10:13 10 ℃

Recently, Zhenai's next -line Mercedes -in -law received a special member. According to her, a few days ago, I received a WeChat friend certification claiming to be Zhenai.com. When the agreement is guaranteed, the other party directly recommended four or five single men. The operation of thinking about it was still behind. The female member told the matchmaker that "After pushing the men's information, the other party began to help us contact us, asking about personal details such as my personal age, marriage status, household registration address, and deposit certificate. "The vulnerability operation made the female members doubtful, and then decided to go to the store to verify it in person.

Sure enough, the female member learned from the cherished online storemaker that it was not Zhen Ai.com, who contacted her on WeChat, but the "counterfeit" matchmaker. Zhenai.com's official matchmaker WeChat label with "@" company, while the scammers do not have the identification. At the same time, before the official opening of the service, Zhenai.com will sign a formal service contract with offline users. After completing the relevant information verification, the service store will designate a professional service matchmaker to contact the user to provide special services. Signing a service agreement is that there is a situation where the matchmaker recommends the opposite sex.

So how do these criminals contact Zhenai.com members? The relevant person in charge of Zhenai.com said, "During the processing process of user information, Zhenai.com will effectively encrypt and desensitize sensitive information without sharing user data for any third -party enterprise, but even so Will find Zhenai.com in other ways. " In this series of incidents, these so -called "treasure nets" lock the target to single users. They use some of the WeChat group to send friends to certify with some of the WeChat group on the WeChat platform. After passing the friend certification, the scammer will pull it step by step into the abyss.

In this regard, the person in charge said that the company has established a real -time decision -making engine within the company to achieve risk control grading. Different risk control management solutions are adopted for different levels of users, and a gang identification plan has been established to accurately crack down on the black and gray industry. Zhenai.com also actively promoted industry cooperation, united Tencent, Ali and other companies to achieve upstream and downstream combination.

Help to crack down on the clear network space, and return the user a real, safe and efficient dating environment. In recent years, Zhenai.com has played the technical advantages of the platform and took the initiative to sign a cooperation agreement with the 19 places such as Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chengdu, Suzhou and other places to set up a "combat control of new types of illegal criminal Internet online alliance" to assist the police to prevent combat online telecommunications. Fraud; and also promoting cooperation with Tencent's anti -fraud brain at the technical level, relying on its powerful AI modeling and big data analysis capabilities, establishing a multi -dimensional in -control, controlling control, controlling and controlling the core capabilities of "early warning, interception, and investigation" as its core capabilities. Comprehensive strike governance system.

Here, Zhenai.com has called on consumers to improve the ability to network security and risk prevention. Once in the process of making dating on the Internet, finding something wrong or questioning, you can contact the local cherished online online stores, or dial the official website to check the official website to verify the phone to verify the verification of the official website Essence

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