️ Technology Digital Performance Evening News [6.22]

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️ Technology Digital Performance Evening News [6.22]

2022-06-23 00:09:10 11 ℃

1⃣️ Apple: Apple plans to launch an annual return to school in the United States on Friday local time, while launching a new 13 -inch MacBook Pro equipped with M2 chips.

2⃣️ MediaTek: MediaTek 9000+ was officially released, using Cortex-X2 large core, and the frequency increased to 3.2GHz, which will be available in the third quarter.

3⃣️ Apple: MacBook Pro's new patent shows that it can integrate graphics tablets and iPhone wireless chargers.

4⃣️ Google: Google password manager will begin to provide device encryption functions on Android, iOS, and Chrome.

5⃣️ Apple: Apple released the Mac version of Safari Technology Preview 147, adding functions such as real -time text, web push password, and Safari Web expansion improvement.

6⃣️ Edge: Microsoft Edge browser will support network speed measurement, built -in calculators and unit conversion tools.

7⃣️ Android Auto: 9TO5GOOGLE reports that Google recently closed the mobile version of Android Auto, which will only support the screen of the vehicle.