Create a digital office space, and the Chengbi SPACIE launched the "Spacie Intelligent System"

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Create a digital office space, and the Chengbi SPACIE launched the "Spacie Intelligent System"

2022-06-23 06:15:49 12 ℃

On June 22, Beijing time, the SPACIE Joint Office of Chengguo Group launched the "Spacie Intelligent System", which uses digital management to solve the common pain points of the office scene, integrates technology into the daily office, and liberate the quality of the service resources of the space. Let the technology of technology be integrated into the service and empower the enterprise that settled in the joint office.

["Spacie Intelligent System" to open a new chapter of digital office]

The backward office method has become a constraints for corporate development. Whether it is joint office or traditional office buildings, it is difficult to maximize the level of office scenarios. Taking conference rooms with high frequency and strong needs as an example, energy waste and actual utilization rate are often low due to management problems. The "Spacie Intelligent System" uses infrared human body to identify the situation of the conference room. When there is no personnel in the conference room, it automatically starts the energy -saving mode and simultaneously releases vacant resources in the conference appointment system. In addition, through many years of joint office operation experience, SPACIE segment the meeting form: general meeting/video conference/screen -screen meeting, and realize the automatic pre -set function of the subdivided scenario through automatic operation and maintenance, which makes it essential Preparation of homework before the meeting is no longer cumbersome.

(Figure 1: Scene of Meeting in the SPACIE Intelligent Conference Room of Chenggui)

The "Spacie Intelligent System" independently developed by SPACIE SPACIE will also cover the access control system integration of office space and self -service appointment for corporate visitors. Let customers pass on all office scenarios flexibly and efficiently, logging in to the system through the mobile terminal or directly scan the code on the terminal screen and quickly book and pass quickly. In addition, the Chengbi SPACIE is committed to the spirit of detailed service, and also reflected on the user interface design side of the system. After dozens of adjustments and testing, users are intuitive and simple when operating.

(Figure 2: User interface design of the spacie intelligent system)

[Radiation space resources, maximize the efficiency of office buildings]

Liu Zheliang, the director of the SPACIE operation, said: Joint office has a positive role in promoting the entire real estate office building industry, enriching office rental products, and allowing office buildings to provide solutions for enterprises with different amounts of body. The "Spacie Intelligent System" launched this time is not only limited to enterprises that serve the joint office space, but also can maximize the office efficiency of the entire building as a hub for office buildings and joint office space resources.

[Pay attention to market demand, continue to upgrade "Spacie Smart System"]

SPACIE is always paying attention to market changes, and in response to the needs of multiple office scenarios, continuously improves the system. In the future, it is intended to increase the functions of cloud printing and lockers in the "Spacie Intelligent System", intelligently deal with fragmented needs, and provide customers with comprehensive detailed services and excellent office environments.

About Cheng Travel SPACIE

Cheng Traveling SPACIE is affiliated with Cheng Traveling Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. It is a joint office brand established by Chenglin Group in 2017 to pursue the core spirit of the Group's "optimizing space and creative value". SPACIE SPACIE focuses on providing different detailed operation services for enterprises; further empowering users with spatial design, meticulous services, IT, etc., and improving the productivity and comfort in the office scene. Allow all companies and entrepreneurs can easily settle in and focus on their own value.