Flutter Software builds a smart city with lightweight modeling

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Flutter Software builds a smart city with lightweight modeling

2022-06-23 06:16:14 10 ℃

The smart city is to make full use of the new generation of information technology in the city's high -level forms of urban informatization based on the next generation of innovation (Innovation 2.0) in all walks of life in cities, and realize the in -depth integration of informationization, industrialization and urbanization, which will help alleviate the "Great Great Great Great "Urban diseases" improve the quality of urbanization, achieve refined and dynamic management, and improve the effectiveness of urban management and improve the quality of citizens' lives.

The HT FOR Web products that use map fluttering software to construct a lightweight smart city 3D visualization scene. Through the conversion of three perspectives, we are more clear about the charm of digital smart cities in the 5G era. The three -dimensional visualization of HighTopo is a scene built by the designer's lightweight modeling. The model effect is mainly presented in the texture, combined with the powerful rendering capabilities of the HT engine, to ensure that the scene is loaded and running and running in the Web in the Web and ensured the scene in the Web and ensures the scene in the Web and ensures the scene in the Web and ensures the scene in the Web and ensures the scene. Excellent visualization effect.

Overall preview

At the first perspective, the city slowly emerged with the city center as the center of the city, and the city center was like the brain of the whole city. Smart cities are not just another statement of smart cities, or intelligent applications of information technology, but also include human intelligent participation, people -oriented, sustainable development and other connotations.

BIM is often used for the integration of building information, which not only contains geometric information, professional attributes and status information describing the building components, but also contains the status information of the non -component object, so the volume of the conventional BIM model file is relatively large. For the web loaded in real time, the model of hundreds of thousands of MB in real time is not practical. Although we do not recommend using BIM directly, we support BIM and can provide BIM features that import IFC formats, and use BIM information to reduce development costs in some scenarios.

In the second perspective, I passed through the building and meticulously felt the appearance of the city. Smart cities, such as the IoT infrastructure, cloud computing infrastructure, geographical space infrastructure and other new generation of information technology, as well as tools and methods of Wiki, social networks, FAB LAB, Living Lab, Comprehensive Integration Method, Network Motor Full Media Fusion Communication Terminal and other tools and methods Application, realizing a comprehensive and thorough perception, broadband, application of intelligent integration, and sustainable innovation characterized by user innovation, open innovation, mass innovation, and collaborative innovation.

Under the third perspective, a bird's eye view of the whole city will experience the incredible joy brought by the smart city. Through the visualization of Figure Flowing Software, create a panoramic space switch in the urban area to browse the effects of different scenarios in the urban area. The interface conducts inspection roaming on the entire scene of the urban area through a free perspective and a fixed line. The overall appearance, key areas, and facilities and equipment distribution of the city through roaming angles.

The systems in the city combine HT for Web's powerful visual engine technology to integrate the resources of each link, and display it on the three -dimensional visualization platform in an intuitive form, forming a multi -party information collaborative linkage between interconnection, interoperability, sharing and other systems between various systems. Create a complete, efficient and intelligent smart city operation management system, so that urban management achieves the purpose of reducing costs and efficiency.

"Shenzhen Digital Government and Smart City" 14th Five -Year Plan "proposed that by 2025, it will create a model for international new smart cities and the" digital China "city model to become a global digital pioneer city; by 2035, digital transformation drives production The results of methods, lifestyle and governance methods have become more significant, realize the leaps of digitalization to intelligentization, and comprehensively support the modernization of urban governance systems and governance capabilities, and become a global digital pioneer city with more competitive, innovative and influence.