Can the 20 cities explore the implementation of the "house ticket" resettlement policy, can it really effectively de -inventory?

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Can the 20 cities explore the implementation of the "house ticket" resettlement policy, can it really effectively de -inventory?

2022-06-23 12:46:27 12 ℃

While reducing the down payment and liberalizing purchase restrictions, the "house ticket" resettlement policy has re -entered the rivers and lakes, and the relevant policies have been introduced in many places to stimulate market demand and accelerate the recovery of the real estate industry. According to incomplete statistics from surging news, at least 20 cities have explored the implementation of "house tickets" policy since this year.

What is the "house ticket" resettlement?

The "house ticket" placement here usually refers to a supplement to the monetary compensation method of existing residential houses during the demolition and resettlement process. After the house ticket is quantified by the recruitment of the house resettlement of the house, the requisitioner will issue a settlement certificate to the requisitioned person to purchase a house. In other words, house tickets are not directly collected, but to buy a house with the house ticket and deduct the house.

Taking Zhengzhou as an example, the General Office of the People's Government of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Measures for the Implementation of Housing Task for the Reconstruction Project of Zhengzhou Greenhouses" on June 20. People compare the policy of currency resettlement and property rights exchange, transform the planned houses into currency, and issue a house ticket to the requisitioned person. Non -residential) a house resettlement method.

According to the policy, if the requisitioned person chooses a house ticket resettlement, the resettlement compensation rights shall be calculated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the house collection and compensation. The amount of the ticket is rewarded in cash for three months.

At the same time, the commercial housing purchased by the requisitioned house tickets does not count on the number of house purchases.

It can be seen that Zhengzhou is not the first city to introduce "house tickets". According to incomplete statistics from surging news, since this year, at least at least including Zhengzhou, Yixing, Jiangsu, Kaifeng, Henan, Nanjing, Jiangsu, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Longgang, Zhejiang Haining, Zhejiang Jinhua, Hubei Ezhou, Zhejiang Lishui, Ningbo, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Ningbo, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Zhejiang 20 cities such as Wenling, Henan Xuchang, Shao Wu, Fujian, Jiangsu Jiangyin, Jiangsu Jiangyin, Anhui Province, Jiangsu Changshu, Henan Xinyang, and Yibin in Sichuan explore the implementation of relevant "house tickets" resettlement policies.

Chen Wenjing, director of market research director of the Index Division of the Medium Finger Research Institute, pointed out that since this year, the optimization of urban policies has been continuously improved, but the current policy effects are not obvious, and only some hot cities market emotions have been repaired. The current market market is still in the deep adjustment period, and the inventory pressure is large. In order to reduce the backlog risk of inventory in the real estate market and the pressure of government funds, some local governments have re -launched house ticket resettlement measures.

What is the role of "house ticket"?

So, what is the role of "house ticket"?

Exploring "house tickets" resettlement is considered by local governments to be a big way to drive market demand and accelerate the recovery of the real estate industry.

Taking Shawu, Fujian as an example, the "Four benefits" issued by Shawu Housing and Urban -Rural Development Bureau's "Shawu City Opening House Tickets" mentioned that one of the highlights of the house ticket policy is to drive market demand. The house ticket further responds to the national property market de -inventory policy. It can be used to purchase new commercial housing or state -owned assets in Shawu City, which is limited to non -transfer, and the period of use and reward is 2 years. The interaction of the real estate market will not affect the purchase plan of the buying households who originally needed. At the same time, house ticket resettlement effectively reduces the pressure of compensation compensation for relocation, and can also make the resettlement flexible and benefit from the masses.

According to the data released by Shawu City, since May this year, Shawu City has completed the area of ​​56,900 square meters, of which the house ticket resettlement area is 36,300 square meters, and the house ticket resettlement accounts for 64%. It is expected to complete the annual relocation area of ​​580,000 square meters, the house ticket is settled by 390,000 square meters, the house ticket is reset to 67%. Taxes increased by 150 million yuan.

The situation of the "Implementation Measures for the Implementation Measures for the Implementation of Housing Housing Housing on the State -owned Land on Jiangyin City (Trial)" issued by Jiangyin Housing and Urban -Rural Development Bureau is mentioned that the current situation of the Jiangyin real estate industry is relatively severe, and the real estate industry The development is directly related to the development of many related industries. How to promote the predicament of the real estate industry has become an urgent and important issue to be solved. Recently, some surrounding cities have introduced house ticket resettlement policies to accelerate the recovery of the real estate industry. In order to accelerate the healthy development of Jiangyin's real estate industry, the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau referred to the practices of surrounding cities and combined with reality, and drafted the "Implementation Measures for the Implementation of Housing Housing Housing on State -owned Land on the State -owned Land on the State -owned Land on the State -owned Land (Trial)" (for review).

According to the "Implementation Measures for the Implementation of Housing Housing Housing on the State -owned Land on the State -owned Land on the State -owned Land on the State -owned Land on the State -owned Land (Trial)" issued by Jiangyin City on May 16 this year, the value of the house ticket includes: government monetary compensation housing tickets+house purchase preferential housing tickets Essence Preferential housing tickets = house purchase area × Turkish storage center and housing enterprise negotiations determined at the discount base price × 5%.

In the interpretation of the policy interpretation of the "Longgang City Housing Request Compensation Housing Task Power Implementation Measures (Trial)", the Longgang Urban and Rural Integration Construction Center stated that the purpose of formulating the policy is to enrich the resettlement compensation method and provide market -oriented housing sources To meet the diverse resettlement needs of the masses and improve the living environment; the second is to increase the speed of resettlement, shorten the transition period of the masses, and save government costs; the third is to promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market.

At present, some cities are also in the preparation of the "house ticket" resettlement policy. According to the official website of Kaifeng Housing and Urban -Rural Development Bureau, on June 20, the Kaifeng Housing Existence Office organized the "Implementation Measures for the Implementation of the Implementation of the Implementation of the State -owned Land Housing Housing Tickets for State -owned Land Houses" (draft for comments), and Ma Weidong, the director of the Kaifeng House Request Office At the meeting, the house ticket policy issued by Zhengzhou City was interpreted, and the relevant personnel of the Municipal Housing Requctning Office were required to summarize the issues raised at the meeting, and then continue to improve the policy.

Chen Xiao, a senior analyst at the Zhuge Housing Data Research Center, mentioned that in the face of the increase in downward pressure in the real estate industry, coupled with the repeated background of the epidemic, the property market is blocked, especially for the second and fourth -tier cities with high pressure on some inventory pressure The form of house tickets is resettled, and the house ticket can only be used to buy real estate, which reflects the determination to destock, and can achieve the effect of two strokes. On the one hand, it can complete the proper resettlement of the unsettled group to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the residents, and on the other hand, it plays a certain positive role in boosting market confidence and accelerated dehuminating. For developers, while promoting product dewlocation, the policy also puts forward requirements such as resettlement real estate, such as the completion of the existing house or the main body. The choice of methods, the legitimate rights and interests have been effectively guaranteed. For the entire real estate market, to a certain extent, it can help to revitalize the real estate market and achieve the effectiveness of de -inventory for cities with high degradation pressure. And how the effect is still to be inspected.

Can "house tickets" really effectively de -inventory?

Judging from the current exploration and implementation of related "house tickets" resettlement policies, some cities have realized "house tickets" to buy commercial housing.

According to the official website of Zhangjiagang Municipal Government, on June 18, Fenghuang Town took the lead in implementing a house ticket policy in Zhangjiagang City, allowing the relocated households to settle the resettlement house into a certain face, and to purchase commercial houses in the form of a house ticket through the form of a house ticket. On the same day, Mr. Zhang, who lives in Yangjiaqiao Village, Fenghuang Town, came to the office of the houses and households, and received the first house ticket in the city. "I used a large house and a household to resettle the house in Fengyu Jiangnan to buy a commercial house."

The staff of the house collection line of the Fenghuang Town Construction Management Bureau introduced, "The issue of this house ticket will last for one month, with the first batch of 300 cases, and the validity period is 3 months. Community. If the movement of the house is not purchased, the house ticket is invalid after the validity period expires, and the house ticket will still be resettled according to the original movement resettlement. "

Taking Yibin, Sichuan as an example, in January of this year, the Yibin Municipal Government Office issued the "Notice on Establishing a House Task System to Enrichment of Land Collection Housing Resettlement Compensation Method".

According to the "Yibin Daily" report, on June 2 this year, 20 households in the Sanjiang New District to be resettled by the people to receive a house ticket, marking the first pilot implementation of the house ticket resettlement system. According to the relevant person in charge of the Sanjiang New District, the first house ticket was issued, and two 1492 units of commercial and residential communities were launched. The people can be discussed in detail in accordance with their own conditions.

It can be seen that "house tickets" resettlement is not the product of the regulation of the property market in this round.

Taking the representative Ordos of Inner Mongolia as an example, due to the huge inventory of Ordos, the government has not approved new construction since 2011, and has concentrated on de -inventory. In order to invent inventory, East Sheng District, Ordos, launched a "house ticket" system in early 2016. At that time, the official title of "house ticket" was "Housing Exchange Volume of Dongsheng District, Ordos City", and there were 1 square meters, 2 square meters, 5 square meters, 10 square meters, 20 square meters, 50 square meters, 100 square meters 7 Planting face value.

So is the "house ticket" resettlement really valid for the inventory? From the perspective of industry insiders, the house ticket model can alleviate the stability of real estate and the pressure of destocking in the short term.

According to the Economic Daily, as of January 2016, the Ordos East Victory was built and under construction, but its residential area was 6.08 million square meters and 33,900 units. At the same time, there are 18,414 households in the unresolved shantytowns, with a construction area of ​​2.89 million square meters, and more than 70,000 shanty residents living in the "islands" with damaged infrastructure and serious safety hazards. However, as of the end of May of that year, the East Victory District had digested 1,3566 units and 1.84 million square meters, accounting for 40%of the residential inventory set, and 30%of the total area.

Li Yujia, chief researcher at the Guangdong Provincial Planning Housing Policy Research Center, said that after the opening of shed reforms and destocking in 2015, the Ordos property market gradually returned to the right track. Over the past 10 years, Ordos stopped land supply and eliminated the rotten tail buildings (such as shed changes) to pay for a large number of supplies. It was not until 2019 that Ordos's house price returned to the level 10 years ago, and the property market trading volume did not return to the highest peak in history in 2020.

Li Yujia said that in general, from the monetization resettlement of the shed reform to the house ticketing, it is the optimization adjustment of the policy, which is conducive to destocking and reducing the cost of shed reform. At the same time, the property market has entered a new era, and the demand for the demolished people is relatively large, including the selection of the area of ​​the residence, the quality of the house, the apartment type, the developer brand, etc. In the model of the house ticket, it can meet the differentiated needs of the demolished person.