Exam Stars won the most developed potential for development of the SaaS Fist Award in 2022

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Exam Stars won the most developed potential for development of the SaaS Fist Award in 2022

2022-06-23 18:04:29 6 ℃

On June 22, the "Ai Media New Economic Lecture Hall (4th) and 2022 China SaaS Industry Fist Awards Ceremony, hosted by the world -renowned third -party data minia research (Ai Media Consultation) "Online activities were successfully held. The event is carried out in the form of live broadcast. Through the interpretation of industry reports and awards ceremonies, focusing on the development status and future prospects of the SaaS industry, and commend the industry benchmark.

At the meeting, IIMEDIA Research authoritatively released the "2022 China SaaS Industry Fist Award" award list. The test star stood out among hundreds of running companies and won the "Most Development Potential SaaS Brand" award.

It is reported that the award focuses on live broadcasts, e -commerce, retail, finance, education, catering, beauty, medical care and other fields, and selects the SAAS brand with the most competitive, technological innovation, and investment value in various fields in various fields. The final result of the selection, through the comprehensive review of Ai Media's big data decision -making and intelligent analysis system, combined with massive netizens voting and nearly 100 authoritative expert think tanks.

The test star was established in 2014. It is a leading company focusing on the online examination. It is mainly based on SaaS, AI, and talent data to provide online examination training solutions for medium and large enterprises. The test star helps companies build a stable and efficient full -process online examination system, with 1000+ functional points such as question bank management, intelligent monitoring and cheating, intelligent judgment, training and learning Daily training and other examinations such as test scenarios. The test star proposed the concept of "serious examinations" in the industry, innovatively developed the intelligent monitoring center, three -way audio and video monitoring, creating a comprehensive anti -cheating system, ensuring serious and authoritative nature of the examination, and infinite value of talent screening and rating.

In 8 years, the test star provides a "cloud test+cloud supervision test" solution for a large number of enterprises, institutions, governments, schools, associations, etc. with its stable and efficient online examination services. As of now, more than 420,000 registered companies have been delivered, and a total of 1.1 million exams have been delivered, including many industry benchmark companies and well -known institutions. In 2021, the test star settled in Tencent Cloud Video V+Ecology and joined Tencent Cloud Music Video to release the "Cloud Defense Scheme serious examination plan".

With its high -quality online serious examination solution service, the test star has become the leader of the industry. This time, the "Most Development Potential SaaS Brand" award can be described as a real name.

In the future, the test star will also make full use of cloud audio and video technology to deepen more scenarios applications for the cloud anti -cheating test, create a stable and safe serious examination solution for more enterprises, and create a more fair and fair digital examination room environment.