Is the noodles made by a molding noodle machine delicious?

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Is the noodles made by a molding noodle machine delicious?

2022-06-23 18:04:19 7 ℃

Speaking of making noodle noodles, I believe that many old iron is familiar. Due to the emergence of mechanical automation, many old iron is still using traditional single -stick small noodle machines. Small single -stick noodle machines are also called small noodle machine equipment. With The market prosperous scene, many old iron is considering a molding noodle machine equipment, whether it is opening a store or a previous operator, but not much understanding of the one -type noodle machine. What is the difference, one by one for the old iron analysis.

How to process noodles of small single -stick noodles:

The processing method of the small single -stick noodle machine is similar to the traditional handmade method. Its processing method mainly relies on the single stick to repeatedly suppress the molding, repeatedly suppress it from thick to thin, and then suppress the thin thickness of the molding noodles. Noodles, the more this process, the more to five times, through the manual adjustment and operation, and then forming the noodles. This is the processing method of traditional single -stick noodles.

Method for forming a noodle machine for one -time molding machine:

With the birth of industrial automation equipment, many entrepreneurs prefer a molding noodle machine at a time. Take the three good small and one -type noodle machine as an example. The machine has four noodle sticks. The noodle stick is automatically pressed for molding. The processing process is automated, no need to repeatedly adjust artificially, and then forming the noodles, and the machine has automatic powder sprinkler and cutting, preventing the noodles from adhesion.

The difference between a small noodle machine and one molding:

The difference between a small noodle machine and a molding noodle machine is that the degree of mechanical automation. During the processing of the noodles of the Sanhao noodle machine, the noodles can be formed at one time without manual assistance. In the case, small noodle machines need to be artificially assisted. In the process of noodles, there are certain risks, after all, consisting of a noodle stick.

The noodles processed by the three good molding noodles, whether the quality or effect, is better than the effect of the molding machine. The main reason is that the machine is composed of multiple noodles, and in the process of molding, from thick to thin The suppression, and the suppression effect is not available in the single -stick noodle machine. Now one -type noodle machine also has automatic powder sprinkler and automatic cutting. The molding noodles are more powerful and chewy. This is the advantages and characteristics of automation equipment. In the process of making noodles, what problems encounter, welcome to communicate and discuss together.