Are you coming back before?Tencent Video "Menghua Record" finale: 18 yuan to watch in advance

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Are you coming back before?Tencent Video "Menghua Record" finale: 18 yuan to watch in advance

2022-06-23 18:04:06 6 ℃

On June 23, the Tencent TV series released the vertical finale poster on the official Weibo of "Menghua Record". The official official announced that it will start the finale on June 26th. For users to choose. It is reported that the play of the play should play the last episode on July 3 according to the normal paid membership.

In order to satisfy the curiosity of the audience, some film publishers usually choose to play movies that have not been released in advance in individual cinemas and film festivals. This method is commonly known as "dot". And this time the screening activity launched by Tencent Video is mainly for the online activities of members. Although it is online live, members can also choose to use the "back to play" to watch it repeatedly. There is a wonderful song. Judging from the official poster released by Tencent, this activity provides the "Gu Yue Shenghui Gift Pack" and "Covering Like a Real Gift Pack". In addition to the live broadcast and playback, it also includes a month of Tencent video members.

(Picture from: Weibo Tencent TV Series)

This subscription method was first started in 2019. In the then phenomenal hot broadcast drama "Chen Qing Order", Tencent Video provided this method when the ending was near the finale. This method has made many enthusiastic audiences move. After that, major platforms have opened this subscription method, and it was not until the end of 2021 that this method was stopped. In fact, the basis of advanced on -demand is that it must be a member of the platform first. In the case of collecting membership fees, it must be paid alone for the episode, which is also a place to dissatisfy the public.

(Picture from: Tencent Video Official Website)

Although advanced on -demand has brought a lot of benefits to the platform, it also makes piracy even more rampant. For members who do not want to pay advanced on -demand, according to the normal play rhythm, they can also watch a complete episode. However, one ahead of schedule is opened, but the illegal personnel can be published on the Internet from the sources of the film. The source of pirated films accelerated the pace of playback, so that the ordinary members of the platform "lag behind" the progress of the plot, which is chilling. Although the form of advanced on -demand is not desirable, the platform can provide consumers with a variety of payment methods by distinguishing between membership subscription system and separate buying system. To curb the crazy growth of pirated resources.