PréimederMafacial officially appeared at the IMCAS World Conference in Paris

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PréimederMafacial officially appeared at the IMCAS World Conference in Paris

2022-06-24 00:03:46 4 ℃

Préime Dermafacial officially appeared at the IMCAS World Conference in Paris ###

Recently, Sinclair, a wholly -owned subsidiary of East China Pharmaceutical, officially announced the launch of Préime Dermafacial at the Paris British Card International Plastic Surgery and Skin Anti -Aging Medical Conference (IMCAS World Conference) this year.

Préime Dermafacial is a smart beauty device, equipped with a new IoT (IoT) technology, which can confirm the standard effect of nursing and bring a good sense of experience to users. In May this year, Sinclair signed an exclusive license agreement with Ireland Ema Aesthetics to obtain the right of gléime dermafacial on the global distribution rights except Germany and the United Kingdom.

Préime Dermafacial focuses on the innovation of combined nursing methods. Through its advanced systems and technologies, it provides users with a customized and personalized care experience, focuses on efficient projects, extends a variety of skin care combinations, and is easy to operate. Based on the concept of "skin care experts, serving skin care experts", Préime Dermafacial is becoming an important skin platform for medical beauty clinics and beauty centers.

Sinclair CEO Miguel Pardos said at the IMCAS conference: "We are glad to participate in this year's IMCAS conference, and we look forward to our new brand design and products that can surprise everyone."

Préime Dermafacial will be listed in Europe and the United States in the second half of this year. East China Pharmaceutical will rely on Spain High Tech and Viora's strong sales team to combine the company's rich EBD product combination to accelerate the commercialization of Préime Dermafacial in the European and American markets. Préime Dermafacial plans to be listed in China in 2023. At that time, the product will also be effectively coordinated with Kuoxue Glacial SPA® and Reaction ™ products. The Chinese EBD team will actively promote the commercialization of the product in the domestic market and be the company's medical beauty EBD Business growth brings new momentum.

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