Text Shi Poke4/4S Experience: 6 -inch small body, easy to read anytime, anywhere

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Text Shi Poke4/4S Experience: 6 -inch small body, easy to read anytime, anywhere

2022-06-24 00:03:12 3 ℃

Some time ago, Wen Shi released two national -level smart readers Poke4 and Poke4s. Recently, we also received these two products for experience. Let me simply share with you.

The white model is poke4s, and the blue model is poke4

Wen Shi Poke4/4S still continues the 6 -inch screen. Although it is 6 -inch, because the screen ratio is close to 3: 4, it is larger than the ordinary 6.1 -inch mobile phone screen. It is also more suitable for showing more text and pictures. content. However, although it is the same screen, the screen resolution of the POKE4 is 1072 × 1448, and the Poke4s is a resolution of 1024 × 758. The glass is covered on the screen and border.

In addition, the difference between the two is also reflected in the storage size. Poke4 has 32GB of memory, and Poke4s is 16GB of memory. In terms of system And Poke4s does not.

In other respects, Poke4/4S uses Qualcomm 4-core processor, 2GB LPDDR4X memory specifications, and Android 11 operating systems. It is equipped with a USB-C interface with a weight of about 150g. The first feeling that these two readers give me is thin and small, holding it in my hands, which is very comfortable.

The Poke4/4S system of Wen Shi has five first -class menus in the book library, book city, storage, application and setting, but I do n’t know why the sorting of the two readers is different. Bookstore applications are directly used by JD.com, and you can log in to log in with WeChat or Jingdong APP. It is relatively simple and convenient.

In the application, in addition to its own dictionary, calculator, interoperability, clock and other functions, naturally you can download the third -party APP through the application market. The official provides five major APPs of reading, news, learning, tools and office. Hundreds of models, and they are all popular applications, such as WeChat reading, more viewing, starting points, today's headlines, Himalayan and other apps, and even WeChat, nails and other applications can also be downloaded. Obviously, Wen Shi Poke4/4s can not only be used for reading. If you think, it can also provide some Android tablet experience. Although it is limited by hardware performance, the experience may not be so good.

At the center of E-Ink, in addition to dark enhancement and light filtering function, Poke4/4S also provides four different levels of refresh rates, but the refresh rate and picture quality are not available, so if you just read it, then it is still still Just refresh it. If you go to the video and brush the webpage, it is more suitable for X refresh.

In the reading interface, Poke4/4S is also very good to use. The side suspension bars can quickly perform some operations. For the friends who are just getting started, they will not be able to touch the head and do not know how to use the function. For reading books, fonts, simplified, fonts, interval styles, and contrast can be adjusted, which can basically meet everyone's personalized needs.

I personally use WeChat to read more. After downloading WeChat reading, Poke4 can log in. After logging in, data such as books and collected articles in bookshelves in the mobile phone app will also be synchronized to Poke4. This experience is better. In addition, the adaptation of WeChat reading to Poke4 is also good. You can even open the floating window articles retained in the current WeChat. For example, when you see an excellent article when you brush the circle of friends, you can choose to open the setting floating window, and then wait for the time. You can continue reading on Poke4, and the experience is great.

When using Bilibili comics, POKE4 also made a lot of features to adapt. The comics were paved on a whole screen and looked very comfortable. The comics can also choose the reading mode, picture quality and single -double page options. In the double page state, the reader will become a horizontal screen reading mode. For me personally, using WeChat reading books, Bilibili comics to read comics, you can get a better reading experience on Poke4 than on your mobile phone.

The official stone official also launched a protective leather case for Poke4/4S, which is priced at 89 yuan. There will be some discounts with readers. This leather case supports dormant reminder. Opening the leather case can automatically awaken the reader. The texture of the leather case itself is very good, and the pattern is also very literary. It is suitable for the style of the scholar. The surface texture of the leather case is very good.

In terms of price, Wen Shi Poke4 is 999 yuan and Poke4s is 749 yuan. In general, the advantage of Wen Shi Poke4/4S is that 6 -inch is small and thin. It is very easy to read to read at any time. In addition Said, Wen Shi Poke4/4S electronic reader will be a good choice.

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