No need to insert card!Your mobile phone can also watch TV with traffic free of charge

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No need to insert card!Your mobile phone can also watch TV with traffic free of charge

2022-06-24 06:02:47 6 ℃

I don't know if everyone still remembers that in the era of cottage machines in the early years, there was a number of mobile phones that can directly watch TV?

At that time, this mobile phone that could watch TV was welcomed by many student groups. Many students were holding their mobile phones to watch the NBA broadcast in the bed, which can be regarded as a generation of "net red products" of the year.

The good news is that your mobile phone may also have this function later.

Some netizens in the homeland of communicators said that China Radio and Television, the fourth largest operator in China, will spread online TV shows through 5GNR broadcast technology. This is currently the latest TV broadcast technology that can use the traditional TV channel on TV with 5GNR technology on mobile smart terminals.

Even if the user's 5G mobile phone does not insert a phone card, you can watch the TV show.

It is understood that China Radio and Television has now realized the TV launch tower coverage and 5G cellular network coverage model. So far, 5GNR radio technology has completed the pilot pilot of radio and television launch towers in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and other places. Through this new way of spreading online and television, you can revitalize the radio and television launch tower and station resources.

Based on the existing TV tower and 5G signal base station, 5GNR broadcast technology can be deployed. For operators, the deployment cost of this technology is not high.

For the current 5G mobile phone users, 5GNR broadcast technology is undoubtedly equivalent to adding a new feature to your mobile phone. Of course, it is not clear whether China Radio and Television will launch special packages and tariffs for the service. In addition, the three traditional operators Mobile Unicom Telecom also deploy this technology, and there are currently no exact news.

At present, if you need to watch the genuine "TV channel" on the Internet, many of them still need to be subscribed and paid for members. In addition, for family users, many digital TVs and even traditional cable TVs also pay more than tens of dollars a month.

For most people now, the TV channel is no longer a rigid need. But many current episodes or variety shows, TV channels are still the first platform. The TV show between TV and mobile phones has not been fully opened. For example, the popular variety show of mango platforms, if you want to watch on your mobile phone, you have to buy a member of Mango TV.

After the 5GNR broadcast technology appears, users can also watch TV programs fixed on their mobile phones, which can be regarded as a solution to the needs of some users.

In addition, 5GNR broadcast technology will also help traditional TV channels to extend "small screens" like mobile phones. It will also bring improvement of program ratings, after all, there are more equipment that can "watch TV".

In some special circumstances, such as natural disasters, etc., with the help of 5GNR broadcast technology, the advantages of traffic do not require traffic. It can also make existing mobile phones play more role (similar to traditional FM radio). Under the extreme conditions that cannot be recovered in a short period of time, it is also a good case to accept the information of the official channel with the help of this function.

In short, I personally look forward to this technology launched by China Radio and Television.

However, it may take some time to enjoy this service. Because the comprehensive commercial use of China Radio and Television still advances steadily.

At the beginning of the month, China Radio and Television went online to test the official page of Duan Liang Number No. 192. Users only need to enter the name, ID number, and contact information on the relevant page to make an appointment. The page shows that the minimum consumption number is 6.9 yuan/month, the minimum is 24 months long, and the minimum pre -deposit is 50 yuan.

But soon, the official closed the page selection page. It is understood that although the core network of China Radio and Television 5G is basically completed, the work that realized interoperability with the three operators should not end. At the same time It will be released on ordinary users to ensure a good user experience.

Unlike the three major operators, the advantage of China Radio and Television lies in the traditional wired business. In the future, they will integrate wired, radio, innovative media and network integration in the basic business of mobile communication. Radio) and other aspects seeking breakthroughs and finding a set of business growth models suitable for itself.

Therefore, the ability of "watching TV on mobile phones" should be a "killer" function in its package and service after China Radio and Television. Although I see this feature, I will say: I do n’t watch the TV at home, why do I watch TV on my mobile phone?

So if it is this exclusive feature, plus a cheap fee package? Is there a lot of attractiveness at once?

I just do n’t know if China ’s radio e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -e -service will open a number to transfer to the network?