316L stainless steel square pipe function application analysis

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316L stainless steel square pipe function application analysis

2022-06-24 06:02:36 4 ℃

The intensity refers to the ability of 316L stainless steel square tube material to resist damage (sufficient plastic deformation or break) under static load. Because the load is divided into anti -tension strength, compressive strength, bending strength, and shear strength, it works in the form of stretching, contraction, bending and shearing. There is always a certain relationship between various intensity, and the tensile strength is usually the most basic strength.

1. 316L stainless steel square tube strength function index analysis is applied to the load on the machine with significant progress, which is called the thrust load. The 316L stainless steel square tube can resist damage caused by thrust load, which is the so -called thrust toughness.

2.316L's functional index analysis of stainless steel square tube (rarely used for fatigue) includes the British horn (HB) of 316L stainless steel square tube, Louri, HRB, HRC), and Vita (HV). The angle is the hand that measures the softness and hardness of the metal material. The most commonly used default angle method of the current year of birth is the indentation angle method. This method uses the specific shape of the head to squeeze the surface of the metal material under the specific load and preset the angle value according to the extent of the indentation.

3.316L's functional indicators of stainless steel square pipes (the angle discussed after strength, plasticity, and toughness) is all metal mechanical needle acupuncture with static loads. In fact, many complete mechanical machines need to withstand the duplicate workload. In this environment, the entire machine may become tired.

4. 316L stainless steel square tube corner plastic function index analysis shows that the 316L stainless steel square tube material will not be damaged by load and plastic deformation (permanent deformation).

The stainless steel square tube is a light and thin steel pipe with hollow square cross section, also known as steel refrigeration hidden bending pipe. Q235 hot -rolled or cold -rolled steel or coils with square cross -section shapes and sizes, which are formed by high -frequency welding after cold bending. Except for the increase in wall thickness, the edge size and edge flatness of the hot -rolled thick wall square tube reaches or exceeds the level of the cold bending pipe. Excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, good welding properties, cold high temperature processing and corrosion resistance, good low temperature toughness.