1.3 billion users!The world's largest hooligan software has been blocked, but Chinese computers are still evil?

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1.3 billion users!The world's largest hooligan software has been blocked, but Chinese computers are still evil?

2022-06-24 06:02:57 7 ℃

The user is as high as 1.3 billion! The world's largest hooligan software has been blocked, but stays in Chinese computers to do evil?

Asked what the biggest hooligan software in the computer is, many people will say "360", this software is installed and used by many domestic users, but it does not make our computer more secure and high, but also makes the computer more and more Card, it is even difficult to uninstall.

However, 360 is just the largest "rogue software" in China, and the world's largest rogue software is actually more fierce than 360.

First of all, what rogue attributes are 360: 360:

1. Dual -standard interception: 360 pop -up window interception will not actively intercept the advertisement of its own company, and there will be many "vulgar and disgusting" advertisements.

2. Admiral self -theft: 360 software management needs to purify the computer environment, but their own 360 game halls, news, finance, drivers and various plug -ins have been "hidden installation", making you invincible!

3. Malicious installation: 360 and Master Lu are embarrassed. If you install Master Lu on your computer, you will force you to install the 360 ​​drive master; if you do not uninstall these two software, you cannot install it through any other ways to install it. driver! Forced binding sales!

The world's largest hooligan software?

The world's largest hooligan software is Flash. This software has a number of users of up to 1.3 billion, but it has made itself blocked by himself.

Flash, as a software with up to 1.3 billion users, has become the most popular tool for hackers, because Flash has its own compiler, which can mobilize many local permissions on your computer, such as opening files, saving reading, and even modifying data, etc. ; Skidate hackers can even execute any code on your computer through Flash to damage or use your computer without knowing it.

And even without hackers attacking you, Flash may bring viruses to your computer. Because our domestic version of Flash will promote a large amount of spam advertisements for you, such as some "malignant advertisements", and some spam game advertisements.

It is ridiculous that Flash not only likes pop -up advertisements, but once you find that you intercepted it, it will "strike" directly, unless you install "the latest version of Flash", it will work again, but in this way It will be full of "small advertisements".

In addition, Flash itself is also a "virus" because its user protocol states that its company has the right to collect your information and use it. And if you do n’t agree with this agreement, you can also use the software, but many domestic video websites and games need Flash. If you do n’t install Flash, you may not be able to see videos and play some games.

It is because of Flash's extremely hooligan that it has been "global". Companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple have forced to delete it. Microsoft has released a system update to uninstall Flash, for fear that users will clean up this tumor.

But the most ruthless thing is that even Flash's parent company Adobe officially announced the suspension of support for Flash.

Seeing this many friends is puzzled. Since the parent company does not Flash, why can this software still stay on our Chinese computers and continue to do evil?

In fact, the reason is simple, that is, Flash was sold to our domestic Chongqing company that year, and became "domestic special version Flash". As long as this company is willing, Flash can exist on the market for a long time. So many people's computers are still flash.

The security environment of the domestic network is very worrying. Various browsers and small programs will trick you to install 2345, fast pressure and other hooligan software, and many advertisements and software even have viruses. Flash is a big tumor, but it is about to be completely removed, so when will 360 reflect and change yourself? Don't take the old road of Flash.