The United States issued new regulations, which is more serious than the chip "disconnection"?Foreign media: Ali regrets it!

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The United States issued new regulations, which is more serious than the chip "disconnection"?Foreign media: Ali regrets it!

2022-06-24 06:02:25 13 ℃

Guide: The United States issues new regulations, which is more serious than the chip "disconnection"? Foreign media: Ali regrets it!

As we all know, the United States is currently the only superpower in the world. The United States not only has strong development strength in the economic field, but also in the field of science and technology, the United States has also gone at the forefront of the world, especially in the fields of semiconductor chips and Internet technology. With a very high right to speak, after many times the chip rules are modified by Lao and the United States, it directly allows chip companies such as Qualcomm and Intel to make decisions. This has also had a huge impact on the development of domestic companies such as Huawei!

In the field of technology, Lao Mei has a high right to speak

It is worth mentioning that as my country develops rapidly in the field of science and Technology, Lao Mei has been trying to prepare ways. In addition to disconnecting the confession, Lao Mei has once again issued new regulations and will formulate "network security control controls "In accordance with this new regulations, American Internet technology giants will prohibit security vulnerabilities from technology companies in my country. It can be said that this is more serious than the" disconnection "of the chip!

The United States issued new regulations, which is more serious than the chip "disconnection"?

You know, as the birthplace of the global mobile Internet, the United States has always been the lead in the Internet field. At present, the Windows operating system we use is from Microsoft, and CAD/ED/PS and other each. The species industry design software is also clear from the United States, and the United States also has a huge network information security system such as databases and cloud computing. The use of these softwares needs to be updated at any time. After new regulations, this will undoubtedly directly affect the security of domestic network information software!

Foreign media: Ali regrets it!

Under the restrictions of the new regulations, after Microsoft, Google, and Apple and other American companies have discovered the security vulnerabilities and hidden dangers of software, they have not obtained relevant permits, and they will not be able to share with Chinese technology companies. This will not only affect the use of domestic users, but also seriously. It will also affect the information security of domestic users; and this approach of Lao Mei is undoubtedly helpless. You know, Chinese and other scientific and technological giants in my country have always been sharing network information security vulnerabilities from software companies in the United States. Nowadays Lao Mei killed a carbine, and the media also said: Ali regrets it!

As a giant company in the field of mobile Internet software in China, Ali's strength in the field of software research and development is also relatively strong. Earlier, Ali also announced that an engineer of Ali discovered LOG4J2 vulnerabilities. This is a high -risk vulnerability. For example, the report of the American developer Apache Kaishang Club also reported that it also helped American companies recover a lot of losses; Ali helped American companies to avoid major cyber loopholes, but these American companies played a rake. Now they do not share the loopholes for us. Presumably Ali is regretful now!

In this era of the popularization of the mobile Internet, it is very important to know that the security of network information is very important, and this new rule of Lao Mei is undoubtedly a serious thing than the "chip" disconnection, but naturally we will not sit still; in China and my country There are also many technology giants in network information security. We believe that with the continuous efforts of domestic technology companies, we will also make advanced domestic network security products. At that time After finding it, after all, the market that is lost is difficult to go back! I don't know what do you think about this?