What are the seven most developed cities in artificial intelligence in China?

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What are the seven most developed cities in artificial intelligence in China?

2022-06-24 06:03:14 13 ℃

Under the leadership of technology, artificial intelligence has become a new engine of the contemporary digital economy. Some relevant data show that by 2030 artificial intelligence technology will bring 14%of GDP.

With the in -depth development of artificial intelligence technology, a large number of scenarios need to be applied to AI technology. Not only such urban infrastructure construction, smart industries, and smart cities development require the support of artificial intelligence technology.

Horizon -Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider

The horizon is due to the concept of forward -looking soft and hard combination. The independent research and development of the horizon and the edge artificial intelligence chips and solutions that have the ultimate effect and efficient and flexible and flexible and flexible and flexible and flexible and flexible and flexible solutions can be provided for intelligent driving and a wider intelligent IoT field. A comprehensive empowerment services including enrichment of algorithm IP and open tool chain.

Momenta -m m m m m m

Momenta is a self -driving company, which is committed to large -scale autonomous driving with breakthrough artificial intelligence technology. At present, the efficient and automated closed loop of data accumulation and algorithm iteration has formed a unique advantage of driving -driving scale.

Aixin Yuanzhi -AI Visual Chip R & D and Basic Computing Power Platform

Aixin Yuanzhi focuses on the development of high -performance, low -power artificial intelligence visual processor chips, and independently develops neural network processors that are accelerated by reasoning. Including large computing power and ultra -low power consumption, the company enhances the picture quality through neural networks to support multiple AI visual tasks such as object detection and face recognition.

Shangtang Technology -Deep Learning Platform Developer

Shangtang Technology mainly attacked full -stack artificial intelligence capabilities, covering key technical fields such as perception of intelligent, decision -making intelligence, intelligent content generation and intelligent content enhancement. At the same time, it includes key capabilities including AI chips, AI sensors and AI computing power infrastructure.

Mu Xi Integrated Circuit -High -performance GPU chip and other integrated circuit developers

Mu Xi High Performance is committed to providing high -performance GPU chips and solutions for heterogeneous computing. It is currently in many frontiers such as AI reasoning, AI training, high -performance data analysis, scientific computing, data centers, cloud games, and Yuan universe. The application prospects can provide strong computing power support for the development of the digital economy.

Geometric partners -automatic/unmanned driving

Established at the end of October 2018, geometric partners are a high -tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of autonomous driving related software and hardware products. The company provides software and hardware integration systems and overall solutions based on machine-sensing and deep learning at the L2-L4 stage.

Deep to technology -artificial intelligence ultrasound technology developer

Founded in 2018, it was founded by the University of Columbia University and Chinese ultrasound experts. It is currently the main focus on leading deep learning, marginal computing, image processing and other technologies to create "small medical equipment, AI auxiliary diagnosis, remote diagnosis, and diagnosis, and Medical services "digital health services.

Hesai Technology -Lidar Makers

Hesai Technology is committed to being "the eye of the robot". It is a global autonomous driving and senior auxiliary driving (ADAS) laser radar brand in the top 15 autonomous driving companies in the world. Main radar.

Wenyuan Zhixing -Car Autonomous Driving System R & D

Wenyuan Zhixing is committed to creating new species, new models, and new experiences for travel and freight for smart cities. Wenyuan Zhixing already has a L4 -level autonomous driving solution and is an enterprise OEM/first -level supplier in the industry's top self -driving technology research and development capabilities.

Xiaopeng Automobile -Smart Car Design and Manufacturer

Xiaopeng Automobile is a technology company focusing on future travel. At present, there are more than 10,000 employees worldwide, and a large -scale, diversified, and self -study team has been formed. It has always adhered to saturated research and development investment and built the core capabilities of full -studded in the whole stack. Today, Xiaopeng Automobile has become China. One of the leading smart electric vehicle companies.

The seven most developed cities in Chinese artificial intelligence are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Suzhou. Due to too much content, it has been divided into two chapters.