The top ten MCU manufacturers in the world, NXP/Microchip/Ruisa Electronics ranks the top three!

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The top ten MCU manufacturers in the world, NXP/Microchip/Ruisa Electronics ranks the top three!

2022-06-24 06:03:03 10 ℃

Recently, the semiconductor research institution ICINSIGHTS announced the ranking of the top ten MCU manufacturers in the world in 2021, namely NXP, Microchip, Ruisa Electronics, Italian Semiconductor, Bingfei, Dezhou Instruments, New Tang, Rom, Samsung and Toshiba.

Judging from the proportion of market share, MCU manufacturers show a head monopoly pattern. Among them, the top five MCU manufacturers accounted for 82.1%, and the 6-10 market share accounted for 11.4%. The market share of other MCU suppliers in 2021 was only 6.5%.

The report states that single -chip microcontrollers currently used in embedded control and computing functions are everywhere, and they are continued to be designed into more systems. Most of the new growth of MCUs is also promoted by embedded automation and sensors.

In fact, since 2019, MCU sales have fallen by 7%due to weak global economy; in 2020, it has fallen by 2%due to the new crown virus crisis.

Under the background of the global lack of core lack in 2021, MCU sales ushered in a rebound, an increase of 27%year -on -year, reaching a record of $ 20.2 billion, the highest growth rate of the MCU market since 2000; ASP) also climbed 12%this year, the highest annual increase since the mid -1990s. However, due to production capacity restrictions, MCU shipments increased by only 13%in 2021 to about 31.2 billion units.

It is understood that the MCU products of Ruisa Electronics can provide a variety of memory and packaging options, which have the advantages of fast, high reliability, and low cost; and are equipped with a strong support system Essence Specific products include RL78 16-bit MCU, RX 32-bit MCU, RA 32-bit MCU, RH850 32-bit MCU, R-CAR series SOC, etc.

The MCU of another MUC manufacturer Roma's Lapis Technology uses unique low -power technology. The product lineup covers 8, 16, and 32 -bit. , Social infrastructure equipment and other fields.

At present, both Ruisa Electronics and Rom -related MCU products can be browsed on the world to obtain product information and expert technical support.

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