Liu Yang Channel: How to get the result faster in community operations?

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Liu Yang Channel: How to get the result faster in community operations?

2022-06-24 06:02:13 4 ℃

Many of the lecturers of the mentor group lamented that they were super valuable and instantly understood the truth behind many big coffee lecturers outside.

But there are a small number of people who have neither perception nor speaking.

I believe that such a scene, everyone who is doing community operations has encountered.

After learning, some people can realize hundreds of thousands and millions in a few days. Some people still have no money.

Pull these scenes back to the school days.

Dozens of students in a class, some have obtained key schools, have successful academic studies, some grades, and general schools have been tested.

The same teacher, the same teaching, the same method, the same environment, the results are different!

Why is there such a situation?


I will share the essential reason with you from a scientific perspective.

A stone, a glass bottle, a plate, ....... All non -life objects, their fate is passive.

And objects with life characteristics may avoid when facing danger.

For example: The two people walk on the road and will choose to meet constantly because of experience prediction, that is, you let me, I let you phenomenon.

For another example, we can not be hit by a car on the road, and it is also experienced forecast telling us not to cross the road.



The emergence of these phenomena is that life knows how to predict.

Some people started to say. Life knows how to predict. What does it have to do with my learning and no results?

In fact, if you want to analyze this problem thoroughly, you must start from here.

Because the perception and behavior of all people starts from the prediction of people.

So where do people predict the ability to come from?

At the beginning, human prediction ability is experience prediction.

Later, with civilization and knowledge, knowledge iterative formed of the driving force for human progress.

Through experience, we know what kind of behavior will occur after.

For example: We have been doing communities since 18 years. Through the release of a copy of the copywriting, three months realized 800W. This is the process of process. In the future, we do other social matrix. As long as we do the content value library, the same recruitment link is issued, and the result can basically predict what the result is.

To put it bluntly, it is the causal cycle. What causes naturally bring?

But the results that happened in the past did not represent the future.

All experience predictions are just reappearing in the brain.

Therefore, when you understand these situations, you can understand why some people learn a knowledge point and go to obedient photos to perform execution and get results.

Some people, after studying, because of the recovery of the brain, when the results of the study are different, or when they are not consistent, they will stop executing.

In this way, from the perspective of the lecturer, his actual results will be involved with experience prediction.

This is the limitations of experience prediction.

It is necessary to continuously enter more angle experience in order to refine the results of experience prediction.

Therefore, many people will fall into the predicament of continuous learning. This is the cost and risk of experience prediction.

Therefore, when we master the function of the brain, we can know it clearly. Why is Xiaobai more easy to get results after learning.

And those who learn professional households, or more experienced people may not be able to do the results as follows.

So how to avoid the risk of experience prediction?

1. Keep a state of zero.

Only when people continue to zero can people be performed better.

This is a deep experience in my personal growth. Only after maintaining the mentality of zero, will it not be limited to experience forecasts.

2. Use action to verify and think.

No matter what you learn, go to action first, and use action to verify thinking, instead of learning to verify thinking.

In this world, knowledge cannot be learned. So the result of verifying thinking is to learn refugees.

Go to work first and do well. It is a result. Use this result to verify the knowledge you learned, and then think about how to act. This is a virtuous circle.

When you understand that the brain will reproduce according to memory, and the root cause of experience prediction, we must avoid falling into the limitations of experience forecasting.

Use zero -return and action to improve the limitations of experience prediction.

Therefore, whether knowledge is paid or entrepreneurial, people with results are people who continue to act. Continuously enter various experiences, reasons, prediction results can be more accurate.

This is the formation of the sixth sense.

In this way, you understand that all routines in this world are prepared for smart people.

When you have a pit, you have to understand that it is not that others want to pit you, but the transaction design process of others, just adapt to your experience forecast.

All behaviors and decisions are the result of experience prediction. Whether it is good or bad, it is only a must.

In order to not be trapped in the risk of experience prediction, only to improve wisdom, use wisdom to control the mind of the brain, and avoid the risks brought by experience prediction. Laitin Chan Club "Three wealth Women's Wisdom" will comprehensively improve the content of the input with 5000+ wisdom women.