Video number: The anchor has no professional qualifications, and the title will be broadcast live; the volume of VR shipments by Meta will be lowered, and Goer's stock price flashes; Apple opens the official account number

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Video number: The anchor has no professional qualifications, and the title will be broadcast live; the volume of VR shipments by Meta will be lowered, and Goer's stock price flashes; Apple opens the official account number

2022-06-24 06:02:45 6 ℃

The WeChat video number is required to apply for some live accounts, and no relevant qualifications will be punished

Beijing time June 22 news, according to the Science and Technology Board Daily, the State Administration of Radio and Television and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism jointly issued the "Code for Conduct of Cyber ​​Anchor Behavior", which requires a higher professional level (such as medical, financial finance, law , Education) Live content, anchors should obtain the corresponding practice qualifications.

In this regard, the WeChat video number team responded to the reporter of "Science and Technology Board Daily" that the platform completes the certification and provides relevant qualification certification for the platform's accounts that require higher professional levels (such as medical, financial finance, law, education, etc.). For related qualifications, the platform will be dealt with according to the degree of violations, breaking live broadcasts, restricting recommendations, and deducting credit points. (Source: Sohu Technology)

The state intends to ban third -party platforms from participating in drug network sales directly: Ali Health, JD Health and other stock prices have plummeted

According to news on June 22, today's Hong Kong stocks Internet medical stocks have plummeted collectively. As of the close, Jingdong's health stock price fell 14.83%, Ali's health stock price fell 13.85%, and Ping An Good Doctor's stock price fell 5.95%.

A few days ago, the State Drug Administration's "Implementation Regulations of the People's Republic of China (Draft for Revised Draft Consultation)" issued by the State Drug Administration, the public solicitation opinion that lasted a month has officially cut off. Article 83 of the newly added stipulates that third -party platform providers shall not directly participate in drug network sales activities.

The third -party platform provider of the pharmaceutical network transaction shall record the pharmaceutical supervision and management department of the people's governments of the local province, autonomous region, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and shall not provide related services for drug network sales without filing. (Source: TechWeb)

It is rumored that British forced ARM is listed in London, and British Prime Minister spokesman denies

Beijing time on June 22, a spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he did not know that the government had any plans to try to force the chip design company ARM to be listed in London.

Earlier, the British "Financial Times" reported that government officials are considering forcing ARM to go public in London. On Wednesday, local time, when asked if the government would use new national security power to try to force SoftBank's ARM to be listed in London, "Johnson's spokesman said:" I don't know if there is any plan to do this. "

ARM is headquartered in the UK, designed by the company's chip architecture for about 95% of smartphones worldwide. Before Softbank acquired ARM for $ 32 billion, ARM has been listed in London and New York. In February this year, when Nvidia failed to acquire ARM transactions, SoftBank announced that it would plan to re -list ARM before March 2023. SoftBank CEO Sun Zhengyi said at the time that ARM may be listed on Nasdaq in the United States, not Britain. (Source: Sina Technology)

Apple opens a jitter number: Encourage Chinese users to shoot with iPhone

On June 22, Apple officially settled in Douyin, registered the official account of Douyin "Apple", and launched the topic of "shooting with iPhone". As of now, the account has nearly 500,000 fans.

The profile of Apple's official account is: "Take the see the good -looking ones. Join# Use iPhone to shoot together." The four works published are also video of iPhone. At the same time The world.

Apple said that he will be committed to creating an creative paradise that everyone can create. Use video shooting to see the world through a unique perspective to cultivate local emerging creative forces. (Source: Sohu Technology)

Foxconn considers producing electric vehicles in India

According to news on June 22, according to people familiar with the matter, Foxconn considers the production of electric vehicles in India, which is part of the company's supply chain to China to make its supply chain diversified plan.

People familiar with the matter said that in addition to Vietnam and Indonesia, Honghua, a subsidiary of Foxconn, may consider production in India. In February last year, Foxconn and Fiske signed an agreement to jointly develop an electric vehicle. According to the agreement, Foxconn will produce this electric vehicle. This car will be mass -produced from the fourth quarter of 2023. It is expected that the annual output will exceed 250,000 units. (Source: pingwest)

It is rumored that Meta is lowered by 40% VR equipment. The expected shipment is expected, and Goer's stock price crashes

News on June 22, Beijing time, Tianfeng International Securities Analyst Guo Mingzheng posted on social media that the expansion of Meta's hardware/head display slowed down, which reduced the expected shipments in 2022 (from 1000 from 1000 -1 million units to 7-8 million units), in addition, Meta delayed all the headsets/AR/MR hardware projects after 2024.

Affected by this news, Goer's shares flashed and fell after the opening. As of press time, it was reported at 34.09 yuan/share, and the latest market value was about 116.5 billion yuan.

IDC data shows that the global AR/VR heads of the world in 2021 reached 11.23 million units, an increase of 92.1%year -on -year. Among them, the VR header showed 10.95 million units, and the Oculus share reached 80%. (Source: Netease Technology) Twitter cooperates with Shopify to try water social e -commerce

For exclusive news, Twitter announced today that it will be partners with e -commerce SaaS giant Shopify. Shopify merchants will be able to connect their stores to Twitter in a more convenient way and use Twitter's e -commerce platform Twitter Shopping for marketing and publicity.

This cooperation will start with the US merchant. Shopify sellers can find Twitter at the application store in the background of the store. You can connect the Shopify store with the merchant's Twitter account in just a few times. For example, Twitter SHOPS can add a store display area to the merchant's Twitter's personal homepage to display up to 50 products.

Of course, thanks to the blessing of Shopify, the sales data of the Twitter e -commerce interface will also be synchronized with the independent station, and the seller can perform one -stop management. (Source: pingwest)

Decathlon releases concept Electric bicycle: wireless unlocking, battery life 90 kilometers

News on June 23, a few days ago, Decathlon announced a conceptual electric bicycle Magic Bike. This bicycle supports KEYLESS Go wireless unlocked. When the nearby key or mobile phone is detected, it will be unlocked automatically. As for the body skeleton, its battery pack is lighter than traditional electric bicycles. Users can customize up to 3 battery packs and provide a range of 90 kilometers long. In addition, the charger can be stored on the bicycle frame, which is convenient for charging during the journey.

Magic Bike is not a performance car. Its motor can achieve a maximum of 25 km/h. According to domestic standards, it is just a new national standard standard. At the same time, it is equipped with pedals, which can also ride when it is out of power. In addition, this electric bicycle is also equipped with alarm system, LED headlights and other configurations. (Source: Quick Technology)

The official announcement of the Beijing Global Resort, the search heat instantly rose to the number one national scenic spot

News on June 22, more than a month after the closed garden, on the afternoon of June 22, the official announcement of the Beijing Global Resort, the Universal Studios Hotel is planned to open to the guests at noon on June 24, and Beijing Global City Avenue opened at noon on the same day. Business. The most watched Beijing Universal Studios Theme Park is scheduled to be officially opened on June 25, and ticket sales start at 0am on June 23.

After the news was released, on the platform to go, the search popularity of the Beijing Global Resort increased by 6 times instantly to the top of the national scenic spot; %.

Where to go, the sales volume of national theme park tickets from June 1st to June 22nd increased by more than 90% from the same period in May. During the summer, the sales volume of the national theme parks can generally account for more than 30 % of the ticket volume of the national scenic spots, while the two theme resorts of Beijing Global+Shanghai Disney have contributed 20 % of the national theme parks. (Source: Titanium Media)

*Picture source: Visual China

Live trailer

The past 618 has just been a lot deserted than in previous years, and the enthusiasm of consumers' "buying and buying" has also retreated.

But most people may not notice that technological innovation around wrapping logistics is still developing rapidly.

The AGV independent guidance robot was reported as a manifestation of logistics technology. Now that AMR's autonomous mobile robot is gradually replacing the status of AGV robots with its advantages, it has become a more intelligent "porter".

The era of AMR is coming. There are also many startups that have been popular with capital in this field. Syrius Torch is one of the attractive families.

On the development path, Syrius Torch is somewhat different. He first made a robotic giant's Japanese market, and then returned to China after accumulating experience. Jiang Chao, the founder and CEO of this company, is the head of the original Google Google X laboratory Project Tango project. This background seems to have different ways to think with some entrepreneurs in the same field.

At 8 o'clock tonight (June 23), we invited Jiang Chao to talk about the development and future of AMR's autonomous mobile robots.

We will talk:

1. The challenges and pits that robots have encountered in their entrepreneurship

2. How is AMR's current technology maturity? Will it replace AGV?

3. The underlying thinking of AMR robotic products

4. The development and future of the AMR industry

Welcome to make an appointment, come and watch!

Company Profile:

Syrius Torch was established in 2018. It is the earliest domestic enterprise focusing on the research and development of Software and hardware and cloud services focusing on AMR (independent mobile robots).In August 2021, Syrius Junxing received more than $ 20 million in Series B financing led by byte beating.In December 2020, Syrius Torch was selected as the most potential start -ups (The 50 Most Promising Startups), the most potential start -ups of Silicon Valley.Special thanks: This issue of live guests is recommended by Zhencheng Investment.

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