Whether the Ding Dust Dust Ding Ding Ding Dingdao "Ding -increase" in the Ningde Times can return

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Whether the Ding Dust Dust Ding Ding Ding Dingdao "Ding -increase" in the Ningde Times can return

2022-06-24 12:42:48 12 ℃

The orientation of the Ningde Times, which has attracted the attention of the market, finally settled on June 22. According to the fixed increase disclosed on June 22 of Ningde Times, the Ningde Times added 110 million A shares this time, with a issuance price of 410 yuan/share and a total fundraising of nearly 45 billion yuan. The maximum refinancing project of the board market's maximum refinancing project, the entire market inquiry method and the full subscription of cash in cash.

As the largest refinancing project in the A -share market since the registration system, it is inevitable that the fixed increase in Ningde Times has attracted attention. In fact, the initially announced financing plan of the Ningde Times was as high as 58.2 billion yuan, which was 13.2 billion yuan higher than the last actual financing of 45 billion yuan. It can be seen that the final refinancing plan in Ningde Times has made adjustments. Otherwise, the scale of re -financing in Ningde Times will be larger.

The reason why the scale of re -financing has been reduced is obviously that there is a lot to do with the market's accusations on Ningde Times. Once the company's fixed increase plan was launched, it was accused of "money" by market public opinion. On the one hand, the re -financing amount is as high as 58.2 billion yuan, becoming the largest recycling project for the A -share market for cash in cash; on the other hand, it is more important that the Ningde era is not bad. When the fixed increase plan was launched in August last year, the company's currency funds held at the end of June last year reached 74.687 billion yuan, which could completely cover the needs of the company's re -financing projects. At the moment of the formal implementation, at the end of the first quarter of this year, the currency funds of the Ningde era were as high as 100.290 billion yuan. Therefore, the Ningde era was not bad, and its re -financing was completely unnecessary. The company's re -financing is completely a kind of "mother's cold". The company believes that the company's funds cannot fully meet the demand for funds in the future. Therefore, the fixed increase in Ningde Times was deeply burned on the mark of "circle money".

However, although the fixed increase in Ningde Times was considered "circle money" by many investors, its fixed increase was still sought after by the market. After all, for many investors, they are more concerned about whether their investment can make money. As for whether the determination of listed companies is reasonable, they are not very concerned. In fact, this mentality of investors has made some "money" behaviors of listed companies succeed. This is the fixed increase in Ningde Times, and from the results of the fixed increase announced in the Ningde era, the "fixed increase group" members of the Ningde Times are quite luxurious. The 22 institutions participating in the directional additions are almost all of them are the "fixed tape on the market in the market in the market. "". A number of well -known institutions including JP Morgan Stanley, Morgan Chase, Guotai Junan Securities, Taikang Assets, Ruiyuan Fund, and Gao Yan have participated in the directional addition of Ningde Times.

The "Dingguang Group" in the Ningde Times is indeed luxurious, but does this mean that these well -known institutions can make a profit in the fixed increase in the Ningde era? This is actually uncertain. They may not only make a profit, but they may also lose money. The participation of these luxurious "fixed -increase groups" does not guarantee that they can make money. The only benefit is that they can "bold each other." In fact, the phenomenon of losing losses in the fixed increase in listed companies is not uncommon. And this loss is the best punishment to blindly participate in the "fixed -increase group".

Taking the fixed increase of UFIDA network as an example, on January 26 this year, the fixed increase disclosed by UFIDA Network showed that the total amount of funds raised by non -public offering of stocks was 5.298 billion yuan, and the issuance price was 31.95 yuan/share. This fixed increase finally determined 17 issues, including head private equity Gao Yi assets, Gao Yan, well -known Niu San Ge Weidong, E Fund Fund, Wanjia Fund, CICC) and Shen Wanhongyuan. Among them, Gao Yan received the most shares, with a total of 312.989 million shares, with a amount of nearly 1 billion yuan.

However, after the announcement of the fixed increase results, the stock price of UFIDA has fallen all the way, once fell to 16.53 yuan/share, a record low at the stage. Even though the stock price has rebounded recently, the closing price on June 23 was only 19.96 yuan, which has decreased by 11.99 yuan from the fixed increase, which means Gao Yan, floating loss reached 375 million yuan. It can be seen that even if well -known institutions participate in directional issuance, there will be a situation of investment losses.

So, what will happen to the fate of the "Ding -increase" in the Ningde Times? Perhaps its destiny is not as miserable as UFIDA's "Ding -increase". After all, the new energy of the Ningde era is on the market of the market. This hotspot will often be hyped by the market. This makes the stock price of Ningde Times not lonely and will often be hyped by the market.

But it is not advisable to have too much hope for the stock price of Ningde Times. After all, the stock price of the Ningde era has not been low, and it has been stir -fired in the past two years. The investment value of the company's stock has been full of the market. In this case, there is still some difficulties to continue to greatly pull the stock price of Ningde.

In particular, the company's first quarter report showed that the profitability of the Ningde era was crisis, and the company faced the dilemma of "increasing income and not increasing profit".In the first quarter of this year, the company's revenue was 48.68 billion yuan, an increase of 153.97%year -on -year; net profit was 1.493 billion yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 23.62%.The reason for the decline in the company's net profit was mainly due to the rapid rise in the prices of some upstream materials, which made the company's operating costs significantly increased, reaching 41.627 billion yuan in the first quarter, a year -on -year increase of nearly double.And this problem is obviously not what the company wants to solve it.This will become an important factor that plagues the stock price of Ningde Times.Therefore, the "fixed -increase group" participating in the Ningde Times Dingdang has a great possibility of profitability in half a year (6 months for sale), but there are still some difficulties to obtain huge profits.The Ningde Times was the biggest beneficiary of this fixed increase, and the fate of the Ningde Times "fixed increase group" was also in the hands of the market.