Ali small G to knock on the door to send express, and the Jingdong's unmanned car at the door to fight it?

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Ali small G to knock on the door to send express, and the Jingdong's unmanned car at the door to fight it?

2016-09-06 10:02:39 1009 ℃

Since Amazon tried UAV delivery, each electricity suppliers, logistics companies are invariably solve the logistics last mile of the hope lies in the robot body. Just last week, the Alibaba and the Jingdong has launched its own distribution robot / unmanned vehicle.

September 1st, the rookie logistics released a section of the introduction of video, announced its own end of the formal delivery robot. A few hours later, Ali's old rival Jingdong also announced the launch of its free research and development of unmanned delivery vehicles.

Image: Sina Technology

Similar to the small G, the Jingdong's unmanned delivery vehicles can be carried out in accordance with the destination path planning, and has the recognition of traffic lights, avoid congestion sections and other functions. However, unlike the delivery of small G is used, unmanned delivery vehicles arrived at the designated location, by the user to take the program.

Delivery robots have precedent in foreign countries. The British star trek Technology (Starship Technologies) in the last year it launched the six round of the delivery robot a small size, can be about 40 pounds to 1.6 km from the hands of users, and then ran back to their own warehouse charge.

How to use it?

According to the official introduction of rookie logistics, as long as the user through the mobile phone client to a small G service demand, he and TMS (transportation management system) optimal distribution route planning docking, goods will be delivered to the designated location, the user can scan through the electronic receipt.

Picture from: in Asia Tech

The Jingdong in the unmanned vehicle arrived at the designated location, will notify the user through the Jingdong client, mobile phone short message mode, the user input code to open the warehouse in the delivery of unmanned vehicle, remove the parcel.

Practical application problems

The launch of a small G, not the first test the water robot delivery project. At the beginning of last year, Ali had cooperation with tact courier, tested UAV delivery service. In the test, the four aircraft will be delivered to the courier logistics, but the "last mile" still need to express.

Picture from: Xabes

Compared to the air traffic control, the weight of small, short duration of the UAV, Ali's small G and Jingdong's unmanned distribution car seems to be more practical. However, in practical applications, may also face a lot of problems, such as the robot / distribution vehicle anti-theft, possible traffic accidents, no car on the road, etc.......

Some netizens joked that after may receive such information: your express courier was damaged when crossing the road, is for you to help me a replacement; > _< was stuck in the elevator......