From the cleaners to Standford, artificial intelligence goddess scientist Li Feifei the way counter attack

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From the cleaners to Standford, artificial intelligence goddess scientist Li Feifei the way counter attack

2016-11-27 19:23:00 1227 ℃

Last Tuesday, Google announced a message: it has successfully invited Chinese artificial intelligence community female scientist Li Feifei, has become one of the responsible person of the cloud computing department.

For a time, the technology industry big brothers have speculated that Google in the field of artificial intelligence, must soon have a big action.

Because, Li Feifei really is too cattle!

This is a AI (Artificial Intelligence) sectorNo one knowsName. She is an associate professor at the Stanford University, director of the artificial intelligence laboratory, published in the first class computer journals published a total of more than 100 academic papers.

sheGreatest contribution, is the leading graphics recognition project, attracting hundreds of top institutions, including Google, Facebook, Amazon and other technology giants, and jointly push forward the boundaries of machine intelligence.

Also and,She is very young. Born in 1976, Li Feifei, only 33 years old, he won the Standford's tenure as a professor, not only is the only woman in the Standford AI laboratory, but also the youngest professor of computer science.

However, you absolutely can not think: such a beauty of learning tyrants behind, but hidden behind a rather legendary inspirational life.

Do cleaners, restaurants, cashier, open the laundry...... Can you relate these nouns to her?

Li Feifei's parents are senior intellectuals, embracing a pursuit of academic dreams of the heart, they bravely in the last century in 90s, a 16 year old, came to New Jersey Delta town of Parsippany.

However, they are utterly ignorant of english.

Therefore, the light is Li Feifei's admission was experienced a series of setbacks. She was in the town government, education departments, many high school running for several months, very easy to enter a local school in the middle of the school.

After admission, how to earn money to support themselves has become a big problem. Her parents can only find a camera repair, supermarket cashier job, meager income is far from enough to support the family and tuition, Li Feifei had to share a lot of energy, in the struggle between the Chinatown China restaurant, odd jobs everywhere.

At this time, from the United States university entrance, only 2 years time. If you want to enter a good university, Li Feifei not only in poor learning time, master English quickly, but also to come up with a very good report card, the only way to get the top university scholarship. Otherwise, to their family can not afford the high tuition fees, is the famous American private.

The most difficult time, she only sleeps 4 hours a day, with work and study.

Li Feifei did it. When she graduated from high school, she received the whole offer of the Department of computer science at the Princeton University.

In fact, her success in the famous town. There is a newspaper devoted to her story, the title is "the American Dream" come true! "

Princeton's academic life is happy to fly for li. Here, she is exposed to a large number of talented people, completely different from the Chinatown restaurant. But her parents still live a hard life in Parsippany.

Li Feifei was keenly aware of the opportunities in the market, she decided to borrow money to buy a laundry, to the parents. She then had a double life, Monday to Friday, she is a Princeton student, desperately trying to absorb knowledge; Saturday to Sunday, she walked out of the lab, wearing a white apron, to the laundry.

Afterwards, she said with a smile: "I love Princeton very much, but I also love the laundry, the lack of any one of them, now I have no."

In 1999, she graduated from Princeton with the highest honor. At that time, the famous bull market, Wall Street financial professionals can go sideways in the world. Many investment banks and consulting firms have sent the invitation to her, the annual salary of hundreds of thousands of eyes with extreme ease.

This since came to the United States, the economic pressure on the good girl, but rarely a rebel. She decided to go to Tibet for a year after the study of Tibetan medicine, to study at California Institute of Technology PhD.

When we look at Li Feifei's life today, we will find that this kind of passion and hard work of the heart, and always run through the track of her behavior. Just as after graduation, she chose the less popular image recognition as the research direction.

Image recognition technology, is the development of artificial intelligence on the road a peak. In simple terms, it is to teach computers to talk. You know, "see" and "know" is not the same. For example, you can tell the computer, "the cat" is with a round face and body fat, two pointed ears, and a long tail.

But, if the picture is like this?

A 3 year old child can be identified from the picture, the cat, but the computer can not do.

Li Feifei studied for a long time, there is no breakthrough. A good professor advised her to change the direction, in order to get a tenure (lifelong faculty: in western universities, the tenure is equivalent to a lifetime occupation career are guaranteed).

Of course she didn't agree. One day, Li Feifei suddenly realized that because the human eye can get an image every 200 milliseconds, a 3 year old child may have been the last hundred million times the image recognition training, is the computer's geometric scale.

That is, the key lies in the amount of self training.

Li Feifei immediately began to grab a huge amount of photos from the twitter, they are all labeled, the training of computer machine learning. Machine learning (learning machine), is to give a certain algorithm, so that the computer to learn their own.

This process is hard. Today, machine learning has been a hot concept, in 2007, Li Feifei's laboratory lack of manpower, but also to apply for less than the funds. The most difficult time, she wanted to re open the laundry, to raise funds for the experiment.

She found a solution from the platform of the Amazon platform, so that users around the world to label the picture together. At the time, Li Feifei's research project, was once the world's largest employer of the package platform.

A large database of hitherto unknown built, this is the famous ImageNet. But Li Feifei did not One loves what is his own. open source ImageNet database, and each laboratory for academic and business circles of the transfer. Image recognition technology has developed rapidly, and now has been able to identify most of the photos in the object, but also with a high degree of fitting of human language, they are described.

Due to the outstanding academic achievements, Li Feifei received a lot of social activities of the invitation. She had received York Times New interview, also boarded the TED stage, about the development of graphics recognition technology behind the story. [background reply key words "Li Feifei", can see this section of TED speech]

Li Feifei also organized the annual ImageNet challenge, inviting Google and other technology giants to participate, to promote the exchange of image recognition and artificial intelligence fields.Lulu incidentallyLast year, Baidu for cheating in this contest, was suspended for a year......

Image recognition technology can bring us a what kind of world?

The first is a science fiction movie a variety of cool scenes, such as Tom Cruise through the camera screen, search for terrorists, such as "smart apartment just need to brush face will be able to open the door.

A glance like a big white so that you know where you are sick of intelligent robots will also be nothing difficult:

Realeyes, a London based start-up, can identify the facial emotions you see when you see advertisements, and from then on, you'll be more targeted at advertising.

Li Feifei said that the current image recognition and artificial intelligence, is only equivalent to a baby 3 years old children. And from 3 years old to 10 years old process, is the difficulty and key of AI technology.

AI development in the future, will be given to the industrial sector, which is the reason she joined Google.

Lulu understanding many of the studies of artificial intelligence and machine learning, who also refused to accept who. Can talk about Li Feifei, are invariably she is regarded as the goddess.

If you know Li Feifei this way, is such a capricious but invincible came the words, they probably...... Will be more AI to engage with the goddess hell-bent. This is really my pleasure.

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