Liu Wei covers the training hall, the player unified clothing, the venue is also near

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Liu Wei covers the training hall, the player unified clothing, the venue is also near

2021-11-25 00:35:24 17 ℃

Time to the female row of league, all teams have basically completed the adaptive training of the venue. After the previous gave us the athlete restaurant, Liu Wei also took us in the social media to the athlete training hall, and let We are close to the women's volleyball players, the usual training life, Liu Wei contains light green short sleeves with black shorts, plus a red handbag, there is no sense of violation, from the hotel where they live The training hall only takes a two-minute walk, very convenient, for the player, at least not in the game after the boat, this is a training hall and the hotel's distance when the Games.

The door to the training hall is introduced into the venue of the eye. All hundreds of players will conduct strength training here, while the equipment is more comprehensive, basically able to meet all players, and we amazed Discover, not only Liu Yu, basically all players wear light green training suit, it seems that this should be organized, of course, some athletes wear red clothes, Liu Wei contains ridicule " Don't recognize anyone. Site training is not like power training, because this is limited, this is queued until 7:00 in the evening is training, but some teams are still training.

However, due to the place where the south is located, they are training short sleeves. In such an environment, they are still comfortable, we can understand why the competition is selected in this Jiangmen. Unlike the past, the training of the previous athletes is actually a mysterious. Since the whole exercise, Liu Wei has a good mood, often sharing training and daily daily in social platform, close the distance of players and fans, joining Tianjin Liu Wei The goal is also a champion. After all, it is already in the end of your career. Although there is no gourmest in the Olympics, you can get the National Games championship is also good, I hope she is good luck.