From 13 in 1, take the initiative to surrender, to the single section 18 band team insurance reversal!Lakers finally awakened the strongest

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From 13 in 1, take the initiative to surrender, to the single section 18 band team insurance reversal!Lakers finally awakened the strongest

2021-11-25 00:35:16 15 ℃

Beijing time on November 24, today at the end of an NBA regular season, the Lakers lost to the Knicks 100 to 106, after the game, the Lakers only to 9 wins and 10 losses record ranked ninth in the West, and winning again fell below 50%, not only that, the game the Lakers trailed by 25 points, according to statistics, the Lakers six times already this season 25 points behind last season was a total of six times, in addition according to statistics, the Lakers this season, there are a number of rows of data in the last several Union.

Where the margin of points the Lakers ranked 24th in the league in offensive efficiency ranked 25th in the league in defensive efficiency ranked 20th league, averaging 28 points allowed in the league, averaging 29 turnovers in the league, averaging three-point field goals in the league 20. In addition, in the season so far in 19 games, they have one-third of the sessions are over 25+ points behind in the race. Although these data so that now the Lakers still looks very bad, but it does not mean the team does not have any surprises.

The biggest surprise is undoubtedly less prestige state is getting warmer, in today's game, because James was suspended for poor sick eyebrows operational status, the Lakers almost tantamount led Wei less alone, and Westbrook also played hard enough gas, the audience played 37 minutes, 18 shots 10, wherein the pointers 6 from 3, 9 penalty shots 8, H-31 at points 13 rebounds and 10 assists 2 steals, especially in the third quarter, Westbrook single alone under the H-18 points to lead the Lakers horn counter-offensive, the second half scored 25 points, almost led to complete reversal.

Although the Lakers eventually regret losing, it must be admitted, Viagra is the game we want to see less and less prestige, playing confident, I lose it lose tougher. Post-match interview, eyebrows also direct, said: "Whatever the reason, we need to come up with the kind of performance he finished, because that would help us no matter who is in the field, Russ needs to continue doing what he is doing. doing his own. each field before the game I told him, 'do not do to others, be yourself. that is what we introduced to you.' I think a lot of the time he played very passive, began to pass, look for other teammates, that's fine, but he lost the rhythm a little bit so he can do the same thing for his teammates while maintaining aggressive. "

The Lakers need now is certainly less of such prestige as this confident, less aggressive and full of prestige, is in the past that can perform miracles in the face of adversity, bring endless possibilities for the Lakers less prestige. In fact, the Lakers do not necessarily need to be restored Westbrook year's MVP level, but the Lakers still need a confident, strong belief in Westbrook, rather than a timid in the face of adversity, frustrated, take the initiative to throw in the towel less prestige.

And this little prestige, defeat to the Lakers Portland Trail Blazers in a few days ago appeared in that game due to injury, James, eyebrows early exit due to illness, the same alone led Westbrook and this has demonstrated the game completely different face, that game Westbrook 13 shots in an 8 points 9 rebounds and 6 assists, poor state on the one hand, the most difficult to accept is that Viagra was less attitude before the game hit the first section two, Westbrook has been not want to play, looks to abandon the race, take the initiative to throw in the towel.

Lose confidence Westbrook is undoubtedly disappointing, past him whether it is good or bad, will make every effort to fight to the last moment, but the number of self-confidence this season, Westbrook appeared too little, which is anxious fans one of the reasons, but now, the best Westbrook seems to return, the last two games, although the Lakers made only 1 win and 1 loss record, but Westbrook played very well, a total of 39 shots in game 2 20, boom under 57 points 22 rebounds and 20 assists, not only extraordinarily high efficiency and very courageous dare spell, do not give up.

Against the Pistons, James III was ejected, the Lakers behind, adversity Westbrook points out, the fourth single detonation 16 points led the reversal to win. The game, the Lakers trailed by 25 points, James sidelined, thick eyebrows sick poor state, Westbrook still do not give up, led the third quarter onslaught launched, regardless of the outcome, Westbrook has now regained confidence , Viagra became the Lakers fans want less. If we can continue to go on, and so the Lakers Big Three fit again, perhaps this team will be quite different.