Hot discussion Xu Liang set up training courses!I tears, angered, acknowledgment: indeed a bit

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Hot discussion Xu Liang set up training courses!I tears, angered, acknowledgment: indeed a bit

2021-11-25 00:35:04 20 ℃

Recently, the foreigners' feet of Xu Liang talked about the training class of the New China Football Association Class A Class A Coach, and crying on the spot. This registration has been registered, and 24 people have been enrolled. After the test is completed, there is no such thing as the current registration conditions, I feel that I will have myself. After the list, the list was released, he couldn't stand it, and there was a tear between the live broadcast.

This matter has triggered a lot of repercussions. The next day, Xu Liang also said that he didn't know more than 10 people, and did not heard that it was even after opening the information. Not in line with, you will see it here. In addition to Zhang Xiaofei, Liu Jianqing, etc.

Xu Liang's straight tears, angered unfair, which also triggered the hot discussion of football:

Zhao Yu: Looked at the Admission Conditions and List of the A-Level Trainer Training Class, Xu Liang registered, did not be admitted, it is really a bit. . .

Xu Jiang: It should be a card 4, no in the professional club echelon, then no priority is preferred because the short national team experience, the last 6-7 is not in line! However, don't have to be too urgent, good food is not afraid.

Sports Media Han Bai said why not let go of casual registration, he said: Mainly the A-class and professional coaches are too few, want to teach the coaching course, not casually, no one can go. But Xu Liang's qualifications are also derived, and the middle age is not clear, do not dare to comment.

Sports reporter Thailand Dapeng: Unfortunate, there should be Xu Liang.

It is clear that Xu Liang is still supported by this matter, and Xu Liang himself said that he still cultivated in the football team, but each registration is assessed. In the condition, Xu Liang is in line with age requirements, excellent professional athletes, etc., but he did not work in the current professional club, of course, these are not a must-have condition, one of the conditions for priority. More conditions are satisfied, and the results are also settled, and many of the people who have been selected are not compliant, which is also a place where Xu Guang is difficult.

Of course, this matter is not a speculation. I don't want to pay attention. After that, I have passed, after all, all things are not smooth, I will continue to cheer.