NBA latest ranking!Warrior Net Billet, Lakers don't return to the front eight, rocket 15

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NBA latest ranking!Warrior Net Billet, Lakers don't return to the front eight, rocket 15

2021-11-25 00:33:43 17 ℃

On November 24th, the NBA regular season continued, and the Lakers did not have a 25-point big reversal without the James final, and regret lost to Yasis. Hiro led the heat and defeating the piston, the gold double gun broke out the trailer to defeat the Nuggets, and the hull and the season were not enemy. Next, let's take a look at the latest rankings of the NBA East and the West:

Warrior Netition;

The Warriors have achieved 4 consensus in the near future, and their record is 15 wins and 2 losses, 88.2% of the winning rate alliance. Under the leadership of the library, Vilins and Poor, the Warriors fierce, the Currican is currently a second place, the season is completely rising, the next month Cleg returns, the Warriors will usher in the strongest lineup. The Nets have achieved 3 consecutive victories, because the performance of the heat, Wizards and Bulls and other teams are not very stable, so this wave of winning, let the basket nets on the easternmost position. Even if there is no Owen, the Net Net is also a popular candidate team who wins.

The lake is missing and returning to the front.

The Lakers are very a pity today, they have lost 25 points behind the road, but they will spread the gap under the leadership of 18 points in Wei Shao, but unfortunately, the last section does not limit the three-pointer of Quickli, lost 6 points. This James career is the first time because of the ban, in 19 years, the first time. At the same time, the brother is also involved in the disease. After the game, Wogel has said that he does not want to participate in the competition. Such a lubricious winning win, because the Nuggets also lost the ball, so the Lakers missed the opportunity to return to the top eight.

The Blazers 4 wins the rise;

This season's pioneers were very unstable, and the start of the game, Lillad's three-pointers were poor, but in the near future, they got a wave of 4 consecutive victories. After defeating the Nuggets, the rankings were ranked. Such performance is also the fans want to see, the trailers have such strength, and they need to be more stable.

Rocket 15 joint bullet bottom;

The rocket is currently 15 games, their record is 1 win and 16 losses, alliance bottoms. Previously, foreign media predicted that the rocket of this season will only get 7 victories and create the worst record in NBA history. For the rocket during the reconstruction, don't expect the shock playoffs, more still doing new people, but their performance is indeed. The longest losing record of the Rockets is 20 links. It is clear that it will continue to work hard if you don't want to create an embarrassing record.

Heat refuses to link;

The last lost to Qiji, after being revengened by the opponent, the heat rankings decline, today's Miss Pistra is also a non-small test for the heat, after all, before the lives, there are some defeat the Lakers. In the game, Hero's play is very eye-catching. He is successful to win the victory and avoid it. In this way, the record of the heat is coming to 12 wins and 6 losses, and the heat of the first heat is in the back, the gap is still not big. This season's thermal lineup is significantly reinforced, and they are very likely to achieve good results, and they also look forward to their next performance.

Buck eagle wins;

At present, the Bucks have won 4 consecutive victories. They defeated the Lakers after the three giants, and then they were so unbeaten. At the last game, they were 31 points of great winning magic, and even the letters of the brothers won. After the experience was not complete, the Buck finally ushered in the outbreak and returned to the front eight. The old eagle has previously waved, once fell to the third in the eastern part, but in the last five games, the Yuansheng will restore the vitality under the leadership of Tercha, and 50% of the winning rate is temporary.