Congratulations on the basket 3 game!Ade 14, 10 cut 21 + 11, two battles 45 + 18, Durant Best Help

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Congratulations on the basket 3 game!Ade 14, 10 cut 21 + 11, two battles 45 + 18, Durant Best Help

2021-11-25 00:32:55 18 ℃

On November 23, Beijing time, NBA regular season, the brigade, which is the second pair of two days in 5 days. The first half of this habitat has established a 11-point advantage with 4 people to score the double performance, and it is said that Durant half a 4th downturn, so in the second half of the basket, Mills and Xiuxi Thomas are running three points in the outside. Help the basket online 32-19 score is superior. The final basket 117-112 reversed defeat the knight and won 3 consecutive victories.

This game is subject to the knight in two respects. The first is that the offensive Durant is restricted. In the first half, the next half of the knight is only 11 in the first half, and Harden is needed to tide the organization. This forces the Net off-attack ends continued to be sluggish. Fortunately, in the second half of the basket character players, Mills and Thomas have a three-pointed three-point 12, 7 cuts 28 points, and relieve the air at the air offensive end.

The knight is in front of the bucket. It is the inner line, Makarin and Allen's double tower halfway. In the face of the suppression of the knight double tower, Nash can only rely on the 36-year-old veteran Aldridge, this 36-year-old old will shoot around 14 11 to win 21 points 11 rebounds, gain the first single game 20 +10. Ade's play mainly in the second half of the basket network reversed, the entire second half shot 8 6 won 12 points and 8 rebounds, the basket network has been reversed by Aude.

Re-re-joining the Net Today, the 36-year-old Ade almost played the level of the peak, only 20.9 minutes, but it could contribute to the data of 13 minutes and 5 rebounds, and the three-pointer intermediate rate is as high as 43%, and the additional field is 1.2 Cap, whether it is an offense or defense, is the first inner line level of the basket. Recently, the Net Representative Nets had a rising knight. The Adedu became a problem that the opponent could not solve, and the first game was cut down 24 points and 7 rebounds. Plus this 21 points and 11 rebounds. Two games were 22.5 points 9 rebounds. Despite the thickness of the knight inner talents, Nash has Ade, and one person will make the knight's internal advantages disappear.

Nowadays, this basket is in an urgent need of Aldridge. In order to form Durant and Harden, the three giants of Harden, Ou Wen sacrificed the internal thickness and height, compared with Griffin, Ade's height Ok, protect the penalty area more powerful when you are in the 5th. Even if Ade career never protects the basket, this basket is no better choice, and Ade needs a ribbennet. In addition, due to the delay of Owen, Ade also needs to force the offensive, and when Durant and Harden offensive downturn, Ade needs to come forward. In the future, I entered the playoffs, and I believe that Aldridge's role will be larger.

(Lin Xiaoyu)