Nearly 5 battles three points 24 4!You are smashed by Titak, 35 years old will bomb 24 + 4, the Lakers 3 times wrong

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Nearly 5 battles three points 24 4!You are smashed by Titak, 35 years old will bomb 24 + 4, the Lakers 3 times wrong

2021-11-25 00:34:56 15 ℃

On November 24, Beijing time, in a NBA regular season ended today, the Lakers lost 100 to 106 Nix, this game Lakers star Brang James was lacking in wounded, Davis strikes, leading to the Lakers At the beginning, it was passively, the first quarter was backward after 36 to 20, and the lakeside behind the game was 25 points behind the game. Despite the big counterattack of the Lakers in the second half, 31 points in Wei Shao Single The performance of the rebound 10 assists is quite high, and the problem of the Lakers is also very obvious.

After a series of exchanges and recruits, many people think that the Lakers have completed the upgrade, but now, the Lakers' role players, the strength is still not enough, especially recently, except in Anthony, the Lakers did not Any role player can say that it is excellent, including Hordon Tak, which has just come back, compared with the hot performance when you have just returned, can only be described in the nearest game.

All game, Tarren Hordon-Tucko, in 29 minutes, 8 shots 0, three points 2 in 0, only 2 rebounds 4 assists 2 mistakes 1 cover, according to statistics, in the past 3 games, Hordon - The Tak Farm was 30 minutes, and only 3.3 points of 3.3 rebounds were only 3.7 times. A total of 4 goals were only hit. The shot hit rate was only 14.8%, including three-point ball integration 5. More embarrassing, in the past 3 games, Hordon-Tuck was only 10 points, but sent 11 fouls.

These bad data will combine Tak to 3 years of 30.78 million contracts. Many people are saying that the Lakers' management is confused. Is this money to leave Karuo? More importantly, the current value of Tak's trading is being hit by himself. It's so playing, the Lakers can only smash in their own hands, and many fans also said that there is no progress for several consecutive years. I have not been looking forward to Tak.

But in fact, there is still a player in the Lakers in the Lakers, which is more disappointed, that is, the defender Wayne Elington, this is a hoping of the Lakers by the Lakers during the tour, once the birth of the Lakers first The defender of the defender, the status of this season really distressed. In this game, Elington was played 17 minutes, and only 4 points and 1 rebound. The three-point ball integration is only 4 in 4, which can be said to have no triple threat.

The original Lakers should be expected that Elington and Anthony become a foreign flat plate station. After the Elington completion, the Lakers once give him enough trust and time, but Elington is not grasped, which also leads to the Lakers. Very lack of 3D players, this is why, many players are regrettable for the Lakers to miss Jeff Green again in the offset season.

In another game today, the Nuggets are not 100-199, but the Nuggets Jeff Green performs excellent performance, 34 minutes, 16 shots, three of them, 3, 3, free throw 3 shots 3, get 24 points 4 rebounds 3 assists 3 blocks. Since the season, the 35-year-old Green Farm can still get 9.2 points 2.6 rebound 1.1 assists, and the state of recent games is more better and better, it is one of the best of the Lakers.

In fact, after the Jazz is cut off from the 2019-2020 season, Green has turned into the rocket, basket network, and Nuggets and other teams. This lakes have three opportunities to use a basic salary to sign him, many media and fans also once Looking forward to the Lakers do so, but the Lake Management has never been regarded as a gravary. As a result, Green once used his performance proved that he was, and the Lakeman missed a high-quality front line again.